Pokemon Unite Voice Chat Warning [Reasons & Fix 2021]

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Just after finishing a match in Pokemon Unite, you get a warning regarding the voice chat abuse.

The warning tells you you could be restricted from the voice chat feature due to inappropriate use.

The worst thing is, you have not done anything wrong or have not used the voice chat feature at all.

Are you in a similar situation? If so, you do not need to worry.

You are not the only one. It happened with other gamers too.


I will explain to you every detail regarding the warning.

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Why does Pokemon Unite give its players a voice chat warning?

Pokemon Unite gives its players a voice chat warning upon getting reported by players for voice chat abuse. The player gets a warning not to repeat the same again. But, a lot of gamers have received the warning due to a faulty report system.

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What Is A Voice Chat Warning In Pokemon Unite?

In Pokemon Unite, a voice chat warning is a message sent to any player from the game authority that warns the player regarding voice chat abuse. It tells the player to stop inappropriate use of the voice chat. Otherwise, the player might get banned completely.

Pokemon Unite took the mobile gaming world to storm in recent times. It is a massive success across Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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As Pokemon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, communication is a must. Teammates need to communicate with each other and play the most efficient game.

To help the players, Pokemon Unite has a built-in voice chat feature. You can use the voice chat feature to talk with your teammates within a match.

As with any game, Pokemon Unite has some pesky players who will try to abuse these communication methods.

Whether someone loses the match against you or is just harsh for no reason, might say inappropriate words to you through the voice chat.

So there needs to be a reporting system to help other players report the abuser.


As a lot of children play the game, a practical report system is mandatory. That’s where the voice chat warning comes in.

If single or multiple players report a player for inappropriate use of the voice chat feature; the latter gets a warning on their screen.

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After a match has been finished, a warning will pop up that will say something like as follows:

“Outgoing voice chat is meant to make battles with your teammates more enjoyable. Repeated inappropriate use of voice chat may lead to it being restricted. Please see our Terms of Use and Code of Conduct by checking Settings > System Settings.

Your use of voice chat has been restricted due to reports received from other players. Note that repeated violations may lead to restrictions of some game functions, including Suspending or terminating your access to the game. Please see our Terms of Use and Code of Conduct by checking Settings > System Settings.”

The warning tells the gamer to avoid using the voice chat as a tool for inappropriate behavior and read the terms of service.

If many players report the same person, the voice chat feature will be snatched away too.

Moreover, repetition of the same behavior will lead to a complete suspension from the game.

Therefore, Pokemon Unite is pretty strict about those who abuse the voice chat feature.

But here’s the strange case:

A lot of users are reporting that they are getting the voice chat warning without any misconduct. Most of them even denied using the voice chat in the first place, let alone abusing it.

Since the complaints are enormous in number, it is enough to believe that there is something wrong with the report system.

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How Do You Receive A Voice Chat Warning In Pokemon Unite?

Just like most games, Pokemon Unite has a reporting system too to keep the gaming environment clean.

However, there are gamers who take advantage of that to abuse other players. Such is the case with the Pokemon Unite voice chat warning.

Whether you use voice chat or not, sometimes you might receive a voice chat warning saying you have misused the voice chat feature.

Hence, it is clear that you can get a false warning without you doing anything wrong.


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It seems that you can receive a warning if multiple players report you. The shocking fact is, the reports do not go through a checking system. Instead, you get a warning immediately.

So there is no validity check of these false reports, which creates a chance for gamers to abuse the report system.

Someone can target you and get you reported from multiple players. Then you will receive a warning, and the game authority will take your voice chat feature away.

The incident happens a lot after you have won a match. The losing team may take the loss personally and use the voice chat report system to put your account in danger.

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As such, multiple users have reported that they receive a warning a short time after they have won a match.

On the other hand, these false warnings seem to have little to no effect on the profile.

Here are some facts about getting false voice chat warnings:

  1. You can get a warning even if you do not use the voice chat or microphone. Pokemon Unite does not have a way to check if you were using the voice chat feature or not.
  2. Though your voice chat feature will get disabled after a warning, you will not see a reduction in the fair play points.
  3. You can receive the warning multiple times if multiple teams report you. In such cases, you have a greater chance of getting banned, as reported by some users. But there are also some instances where a player gets suspended after multiple warnings. So it’s quite a mess.
  4. Almost none get banned through a single warning. So it seems like the whole warning system is a glitch or just a notification that some people have reported to you.

In a nutshell, Pokemon Unite has a buggy and ineffective report system where random players can report you for voice chat abuse without you doing anything wrong. And these reports will go through the system and send you a warning without any investigation from the games’ side.

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Can You Do Anything To Stop Getting Voice Chat Warning In Pokemon Unite?

Sadly, there is nothing much to do to stop receiving the voice chat warning in Pokemon Unite. As the report system is flawed and not reviewed before sending a warning, you can get a warning even if you do not use the voice chat, let one abuse through it.

The Pokemon Unite voice chat warning system is critically flawed. Enemies can report you after losing a match to get you false warnings.

When you receive a warning, your voice chat feature gets disabled. Upon multiple warnings, your account might get banned permanently.

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It is pretty frustrating, as you can invest real money to buy in-game items. And everyone is spending their valuable time to climb up the rank.

As of now, if you get the false warning, you can try to reach out to the Pokemon Unite support. Sadly, they are not communicative and helpful enough on this matter.

Some gamers have reported that going public about it through mentioning the Pokemon Unite Twitter account is an excellent way to catch attention. Though it might not be your ideal solution, you can try this method if contacting support does not help.

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Do people use Pokemon Unite voice chat?

Yes, people use Pokemon Unite voice chat to communicate with teammates during a match. However, there are some prerequisites before gamers can use the voice chat feature.

How do I turn off voice chat in Unite?

To turn off voice chat in Pokemon Unite, go to the sidebar, go to Settings, find Audio, turn off Voice.

How do you quick chat in Pokemon Unite?

To access the quick chat in Pokemon Unite, you need to use the quick chat prompts available on the right of the screen during a match.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon Unite is a wonderful game to play with friends. It has a considerable number of players and is quite enjoyable.

However, the game has its own set of issues. One such issue is the voice chat warning issue.

You can get misreported by other players and get a warning based on that. Upon multiple warnings, your account might get suspended permanently.

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