How to Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

NVidia Control Panel Missing is a common problem faced by most NVidia graphics card users.

Tired of finding it anyway?


No worries, I have found out an easy way to fix this problem.

And in this post I'm going to share with you how to find out and restore NVidia Control Panel on your computer.

So, let's get started.

What Is Nvidia Control Panel

Nvidia control panel is an app by which you can configure your graphics card's settings to get your desired gaming experience.

This is a great app for the NVIDIA graphics card users.

This app contains a lot of sliders, drop-down menus and check boxes to configure your graphics card settings.


And the interesting thing is:

These are the setting that brings the most out of your GPU. That means, having the perfect settings will giver you the perfect results.

But some user face a problem with this app. That is, they can't find the app.

Disappearing of this valuable app is nothing but a disaster for the Gamers.

Why My Nvidia Control Panel Is Missing?

Nvidia Control Panel seems to disappear for several reasons but two of the most prime reasons are:

  1. Faulty drivers 
  2. Using a second(non admin) account  on your computer.

You may ask:

Will reinstalling the drivers and using one account fix the issue completely?

My  answer will be:

No, it won't. 

You'll need to take some more approches to fix this problem. Keep reading.

It's pretty simple process and it won't take you too long to fix it.

Easiest Way To Fix Nvidia Control Panel Is Missing

Here are 5 steps to fix this problem of "Nvidia Control Panel is Missing":

I have explained how to do all these steps so that it becomes easier for you to fix the problem.

The best way will be if your go through all these steps and check if the problem is solved or not.

Good luck and let's get right into the steps.

Step 1: Reboot Nvidia Services

I've given this step in the first position as this fix works for most of the people. Here's what you need to do:

1. At first, search Run and open it.

2. Now type services.msc there and hit Enter.

3. In the Services window you will find Nvidia services. Right click on it  and open properties.

4. In the General tab, choose the Startup Type to automatic.

5. Click on stop and then click on start to reboot the nvidia services.

Now you can check if this step worked fot you or not.


On the other hand,If this step didn't work then don't worry the next step surely will.

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Step 2: Create Shortcut From Its Directory

It's a very easy task to create a shortcut to it from this directory and pin it to start menu

Here are the required steps:

1. Simply go to C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Control Panel Client\

2. Find nvcplui.exe and right click on it then select Create Shortcut. 

3. Once a shortcut file is created you can copy it to your desktop or you can also right click on it and select Pin to Taskbar to get easy access to it.

And it's done

Step 3: Add Desktop Context Menu

This is the simplest fix for this problem.

The first thing you need to do is open the control panel by searching for it. then choose the view option above to show large icons and then click on the NVIDIA Control Panel entry.

When the nvidia control panel opens you'll need to click on Desktop/View and check mark the Add Desktop Context Menu option.

Now, you'll see that Control Panel will appears in the context menu afresh.

Step 4: Uninstall and Reinstall the Drivers


Updating your graphics card's drivers regularly helps you a lot. This simple fix can solve your issues very easily.

That's why you need to update your GPU drivers on a regular basis.

Not sure about how to do it?

Don't you worry. Here are the required steps:

1. Hit the "Windows" + "R" key to open the Run window.

2. type devmgmt.msc in the writing box and click OK to open the Device Manager window.

3. Select Display adapters and then right click on NVIDIA Geforce and click on update driver software.

4. Then choose search automatically for updated driver software.

5. After all updates are complete make sure to restart your PC.

Step 5: Using Display Driver Uninstaller

Here are the steps you need to follow to fix the problem:

1. At first download Display Driver Uninstaller or DDU app (version or above) and install it.

2. Run the app and choose safe mode.

3. Now, click on the NVIDIA software and Drivers and choose Clean and Restart.

4. You'll need to remove all the check marks except the GPU Driver and PhysX then select Clean Install.

5. After it's done click on Finish and then restart your PC.

Again If you are interested to locate the screenshot folder of your steam and you want to make custom thumbnails then here's our separated guide on how to access steam screenshot folder.

Final Thoughts

NVIDIA control panel is a wonderful app for the Gamers.

It tend to have some issues but that's nothing like a major problem.

In the post I've given several fixes for the problem "NVidia Control Panel Missing" on your computer.

Hopefully these solutions worked for you. Stay tuned with us for awesome tech blog and tutorials.

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