Montraal Fortnite Settings and Gaming Accessories

Want to build an awesome Fortnite gameplay like Mongraal from the Faze Clan?

I bet you have seen Mongraal using his Deadshot Aim and fast editing skills.

However, you might not know about Mongraal Settings and Keybinds.


Don’t worry, as in this post, you will get to know all about Mongraal settings and Mongraal Gaming peripherals.

Additionally, you will get to know about his gaming setup and Stream Setup as well.

​Who is Kyle Mongraal jackson?

Mongraal is one of the best Pro Fortnite Player and also a Twitch streamer. He lives in UK and his best Fortnite Building Skills and Deadshot Aim made him so renowned.

Mongraal is actually the best player of Faze Clan.

His Fortnite skills gave a tough competition to Sen Bugha, the champion of Fortnite World Cup.


For more information let me tell you that:

Faze clan is one of the best gaming clans in UK.

This 15 year old boy is a new aspirations for many pro Fortnite player seekers.

In fact:

His amazing Deadshot Aim shocked many Fortnite lovers.

Nevertheless, Mongraal Jackson gave a tough competition for Bugha Sens in the 2019 Fortnite World Cup.

You will be amazed to know that:

Mongraal has the best fortnite settings according to some pro Fortnite players.

It is of no doubt that:

Mongraal Fortnite Settings are hugely demanded and so, I am going to tell you all the detailed information about the Mongraal Settings and the gears he uses during his gameplay.

But before that,

Let me tell you about the gadgets and gears recommended by Mongraal for using his ultimate Deadshot Aim.

Mongraal Gears and Mongraal Gaming PC Set

Mongraal Settings won't be of any use if you don't have the Ultimate Mongraal Gears. Mongraal uses a cool setup for playing Fortnite and of course for his streaming purpose also.

So, you might ask:

Which Gears Kyle Mongraal uses for playing Fortnite?

Mongraal uses ACER XF250Q Monitor, STEELSERIES APEX PRO TKL Keyboard and LOGITECH G402 Mouse with a HYPERX CLOUD II Headset.

Seems amazing right?

You can buy these gears at a very cheap rate.

Here is a complete list of Mongraal Setup for playing Fortnite:

Notice that:

Mongraal uses various brands model for his Pro Fortnite gameplay.

Also Mongral gaming gears are worth buying.

You can head to the links provided above to check the current prize and buy these amazing gears.

Trust me. With these gaming gears and Mongraal Fortnite Settings your overall gameplay will change in no time.

Mongraal Fortnite Settings

Mongraal settings are one of the most easiest settings to adapt if you want to become a Pro Fortnite player. 

If you want to be the best Fortnite player then, you should definitely use Mongraal Settings for Fortnite game.

But keep in mind that:

Mongraal Fortnite settings can be easily used if you have the Mongraal Gaming Gears.

It will be a problematic issue if you have other PC Specs of different configuration.

So, here are the prosettings Fortnite Kyle Mongraal Jackson uses:

Mongraal Fortnite Keybinds

First of all, you should know which keybinds are used by Mongraal for crouching, firing, building floors and walls, Sprint etc.







Build Wall

Mouse 5

Use Button


Building Edit


Build Floor

Mouse DPI Button


Left Ctrl

Harvesting Tool


Build Stairs

Mouse 4


Left Alt

HUD Scale


Build Roof

Left Shift





Build Trap



Mouse Wheel

Weapon Slots

2, Q, 3, F, X

Now that you know which keybinds Mongraal uses, it's time to change the Mouse Settings. 

Mongraal Mouse Settings and DPI Change


Mongraal uses LOGITECH G402 Gaming Mouse whose sensitivity and DPI are listed below to help you play Fortnite even better.

Trust me:

You will be amazed to see your gameplay improvements:

Mouse Settings


Mouse DPI


Mouse X- Axis Sensitivity


Mouse Y- Axis Sensitivity


Mouse Scope Sensitivity


Mouse Targeting Sensitivity


Mouse Polling Rate (Hz)

900 Hz

Mongraal Fortnite Graphics And Video Settings

For playing a Pro Fortnite Gameplay, Mongraal Settings are worth it.

Though you may find it difficult in the first few weeks.

But once you adapt with the settings, you are good to go.

You can use these Mongraal Fortnite Settings to become a pro Fortnite player.

Graphics And Video Settings


Graphics And Video Settings


Graphics And Video Settings




Motion Blur




Screen Resolution


MultiThread Rendering


Post Processing


Frame Rate

240 FPS

Color Blind Mode

Deuteranope 10

View Distance












Interface Contrast


Mainly these are the secrets of Mongraal Settings. Mongraal uses these pro Fortnite settings for an amazing Deadshot gameplay.

As a Fortnite fan, you also love to watch the stream of Mongraal.

I personally watch his twitch streams.

Mongraal's twitch Stream is very eye catching and also attention grabing for his audiences.

You will be amazed to know that:

The Stream Setup of Mongraal is simple yet powerful. And so, you can easily buy them at a cheap rate.

And now i will show you the Mongraal stream setup accessories.

Mongraal Stream Accessories

Kyle Mongraal Jackson uses different branded gears for his Twitch Stream.

Here is a list of the Stream Gears kyle Mongraal uses:


Question: What Mouse Sensitivity Does Mongraal use?

Answer: Mongraal uses a Mouse With DPI 780, X-axis and Y-axis sensitivity 5% with a scope sensitivity of 26%.

Question: What is the best color blind mode for fortnite game?

Answer: Protanope 10 and Deuteranope 10 are the best Color Blind mode for Fortnite game. Pro Fortnite player Mongraal uses Deuteranope 10 as the color blind mode.

Question: Which mechanical Keyboard Mongraal uses?

Answer: Mongraal uses STEELSERIES APEX PRO TKL mechanical keyboard. This keyboard along with some sensitivity changes helps him aim the best.

Question: What Gaming Mouse does Mongraal use 2020?

Answer: Mongraal uses the LOGITECH G402 series gaming mouse.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of fortnite players, but almost few have amazing skills.

Mongraal proved his gaming skills everytime in his twitch streams and also in the competitions.

For becoming a pro fortnite player, you can adapt Mongraal's Fortnite Settings.

I bet you won't regret if you follow Kyle Mongraal jackson's Fortnite gameplay.

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