Minecraft Stonecutter- Craft​ing Made Easy?

Do you want to know how to craft slabs and Ladders quickly and efficiently?

As a Minecrafter, I know how important it is to maintain the time duration in survival mode.


For easing your Minecraft progress, I am going to show you everything you need to know about the Minecraft stonecutter.

Do recall that you can also craft slabs and all other designed stone bricks using the crafting table.

But it won’t be that be efficient enough. In this post you will get to know about:

  • The efficiency of the block
  • How to get a stone cutter in Minecraft
  • How to easily make a stone cutter in Minecraft
  • The quickest recipe
  • And finally, some important things about this block.

So let's get started.

What is a Stonecutter in Minecraft?

The stonecutter in Minecraft is a unique block used to craft different variations of stone blocks into smaller and more precise amounts than the original crafting method. Besides, the stone cutter can be used instead of the normal crafting.

Feel lucky because:

This block can be found very easily in stonemason houses in your nearby villages.


But you have to keep in mind that:

You need a pickaxe to mine this item very fast. If you don’t use a pickaxe then the mining will be slow which will destroy the block without dropping any items.

I personally think that this block is a great alternative against a crafting table in Minecraft.

You should know the hardness of this block is 3.5 and it can cut wooden stone, iron, diamond, netherites, gold stones, and so on.

In fact, the stone cutter can be used on mostly stone related blocks.

What I mostly like about this block in Minecraft is that it allows you to skip certain steps of crafting.

For example:

If you open up your crafting table and put a stone block and if you want to turn it into a chiseled stone brick then you would need multiple steps.

But hold on.

If you use this block then you can skip those steps because it directly turns the stone block into chiseled stone bricks.

But I feel sorry for those who are using Xbox 360 and PS3.

You guys should know that stone-cutter is not available in those versions.

Anyways moving ahead.

In this post, I will provide you the items that can be used in the cutter mc but for now, let's move on to the next topic.

What Does a Stone cutter Do in Minecraft?

The stone cutter in Minecraft produces a variation of stone related products which includes some polished stones, stone slabs, Ladders, stone stairs, and so on.

Nevertheless, in Minecraft, it can also be used for creating composites.

The block is very easy to use. Just as simple as the crafting table.

In short:

Stone cutters will help you save your valuable time by crafting variant stone blocks easily.

You may wonder:

Is a stone cutter really effective or not?

Let me give you a simple example of answering the question.

If you open up your crafting table and try to make 4 stone stairs you will need 6 stones. On the other hand, if you use this block, you will get the same stairs in the ratio of 1:1. That means, one stone stair for each stone.

Again it is a two-step process to make stone stairs. First, you have to make stone bricks then you will get stone brick stairs. But with the help of this block, you can get the stone brick stair in just one simple step.

Seems pretty cool right?

I thought that the converted stone stairs can also change forms if placed in the cutter. But I almost forgot that it’s just a cutter, not a gluer.

How to Get the Stonecutter in Minecraft

Stonecutters generally spawn in mason villages. You can get this block above the Minecraft versions 1.14.


You may feel that this block is a bit useless because the item makes stone block crafting easier but it's more expensive than the normal crafting method.

In fact, crafting it should be less expensive. This block in Minecraft is only useful for making Ladders and chiseled stone bricks. Whereas for other blocks there aren’t that many differences in timings.

The main difference is within the number of steps.

The cutter is the best time-saver block but, I think Minecraft should update this block and also make it a resource saver as well.

I know it sounds ridiculous. But trust me, you can use this block in various different ways also. More on that later.

But first, you need to know where you can find this.

Feel lucky because:

The stonecutter in Minecraft can be very easily found in nearby villages. Also, you can make your own using stones and an iron ingot.

The recipe is very popular nowadays. I will get back to you with this topic after some time.

So, if you want to make different layouts from stones or blocks you can use the main feature.

Also, you don't have to remember the exact crafting recipe each time you make a different layout like stairs, fences, walls, or ladders.

Okay, I forgot to add one more information about this block.

If you break this block from a Stone MASON village then you will get one block. But you have to use a pickaxe. If you don’t use a pickaxe then the stone cutter won’t drop any item.

So, here are the ways to get a stonecutter easily in Minecraft:

1. Get the Item from a Nearby Village

The stone cutter can be found in village Mason’s house. The best step to get it is by holding the pickaxe and mining it inside Mason’s house.

NB: you don’t have to bribe the Villager so chill bro.

This step is the best step. However, if you cannot find any  in Masons village, then don’t worry at all. You can make it manually.

This manual method of making one requires some ingredients. So read the recipe very carefully.

2. Use the Minecraft Commands to Get the Stonecutter in Minecraft

Minecraft give commands is an easy way to get this item.

However, this command may not work on certain editions.

/give @p stonecutter 1

Although you can manually make one, this block can also be found using this simple command.

3. Manually make a Stone cutter Using the Crafting Table

The step to this recipe is very easy. You just need 3 stones and 1 iron ingot. This is the simplest recipe so far. It’s basically a one-step recipe.

For the detailed step let’s move on.

How to Make a Minecraft Stonecutter 

The stonecutter Minecraft recipe is very simple and requires only 2 ingredients. You can smelt irons to get ingots and also make 3 smooth stones by smelting 3 cobblestones using the blast furnace.


This machinery block is functional in almost all versions. So, what are you waiting for?

Grab the ingredients and make one.

Here are the steps to make a Stone cutter in Minecraft:

1. Gather Cobblestones to Make Stone cutter in Minecraft

Cobblestones can easily be found in any Minecraft region. You can mine cobblestones with a pickaxe. After finding the cobblestones, aim at the furnace and place the cobblestones.

This is the initial ingredient of the recipe.

After that, follow the next step.

2. Make Smooth Stones Using The Minecraft Cobblestones

Place the cobblestones by aiming at the furnace and wait until it smelts.

The smelted ore will turn into a smooth stone.

Gather those smooth stones.

3. Smelt Iron Ores to make the Block

Iron ores can easily be smelt using a furnace or a blast furnace.

Place the iron ores and smelt them until you get the iron ingot.

So, actually, there are 4 ingredients for this recipe.

These are the furnace, brewing stand, iron ingots, and smooth stones.

After getting all the ingredients, assemble the items to complete the recipe.

How to Use the Minecraft Stone cutter 

To make it, you need some cobblestones and some iron ingots.

Using it is very easy. You need to place the item on a smooth surface.

Here are the ways to use the this block in Minecraft:

1. Place the block  in the ground.

2. Open the item and place the stone you want to modify.

3. Convert the stones into your desired variation and place the item in the inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the point of a Stone cutter in MInecraft?

Answer: A stonecutter is used to make stone related blocks that used to take much longer time when made in normal crafter.

Question: When was the Stone cutter added to Minecraft?

Answer: The stonecutter in Minecraft was added on a Minecraft version 0.6.0.

Final Thoughts

Normal Crafting Table takes a bunch of time compared to the Minecraft stonecutter. 

However, some downsides made this block less used by fans.

Do mention in the comment section what you think about the stone cutter in Minecraft and what new features should be added within it.

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