How to Make Potion of Weakness| Minecraft Tutorial(2023)

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As I have played Minecraft for nearly a decade, I know the exact ways to use any potion wisely.

Among all the Minecraft Potions, potion of weakness stands first in my priority list.

What is a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft?

Weakness Potion is a Minecraft potion when applied, provides a weak effect, reducing the attack damage by 0.5 for 1:30 seconds. Minecraft’s weakness potions can be applied to mobs, villagers, and also the player itself.


I am guessing, you may not know how to brew the weakness potion and use it wisely.

Relax. That’s where I am going to help you.

So, open up your Minecraft Brewing Machine and get ready, as I am about to show you everything you need to know about the Minecraft weakness potions.

Quick TIP: Use the Command Block to get any potions in seconds!!!

How to Make a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

For making the potion, you will need three key ingredients like some blaze powder, some glass bottles filled with water, and a fermented spider eye.

You can find the key ingredients very easily for brewing the weakness potion in Minecraft.

And, in this guide, I will tell you step by step on how to make a weakness potion in Minecraft very easily.

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So, here are the steps to make a weakness potion in Minecraft:

1. Find a Potion Brewing Stand

For making the weakness potion, you need to find a brewing stand. Without the brewing stand, you cannot make any potions.

You can find the brewing stand in village temples. Brewing stands are also found in the basement of igloos.


In the basement of igloos, you will find a brewing stand with a splash weakness potion in it. And in village temples, you will find the stand without potions.

Once you found the brewing stand, place it in the ground and right-click on the stand to open it.

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2. Activate the Brewing Stand using Blaze Powder

You can get the blaze powder by opening the Minecraft craft table and placing one blaze rod.

For getting a blaze rod, you need to go to the nether as the only place to find a blaze rod is in the nether.

Once you got the blaze powder, place it in the inventory or just simply place it in the left space of the brewing table.


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3. Add Items in the Brewing Stand

For making the weakness potion, additionally, you have to add two more items. One is Glass Bottle filled with water and the other is the fermented spider eye.

To obtain a glass bottle, you need to open up your crafting table and place 3 glasses. You will get the glass bottle. Now, go to a nearby water source and fill the glass bottle.


Now, for the fermented spider eye, you will need to follow a handful of steps.

Open the crafting table and place sugarcane to obtain sugar.

Now open the crafting table once more and place the spider eye in the middle, and the obtain sugar and a brown mushroom at the bottom squares to get the fermented spider eye.

After obtaining the proper ingredients, go to the brewing stand, and start the brewing process.

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4. Start Brewing The Weakness Potion in Minecraft

Place the blaze powder at the left box, 3 water bottles at the bottom boxes, and the fermented spider eye at the top box.

Now, wait for the brewing to end. Check the downward faced arrow to assure yourself that the brewing has started. Wait for a minute and you will get the Minecraft potion.

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How to Make a Splash Potion in Minecraft

Converting a potion into a splash potion in Minecraft is very easy and also effective because the splash potion is a throwable weapon and also affects mobs and players around a specific coverage area.

Normally potions are used for drinking purpose and on the other hand, splash potions are used for throwing purpose.

You may want to know how to brew a splash weakness potion.

Here are the steps to make a splash potion in Minecraft:

  1. Gather the required ingredients (blaze powder, water bottle, fermented spider eye) to brew the potion.
  2. Add the weakness potion into the brewing stand again with the blaze powder as fuel.
  3. Add gunpowder at the top box and wait until the splash potion is made.

So, in short, the recipe is:

Gun powder + Potion of Weakness = Splash Potion of Weakness.

Get all the potion ingredients from a buried treasure or a spawn chunk easily.

Why Brewing a Minecraft Splash Potion is Important?

Minecraft Splash potion reduces the melee damage when applied to a specific coverage zone. If the splash drink and a golden apple are used on a zombie villager, then the potion will cure the zombie villager turning him back to a normal villager.

For making a golden apple, you have to open the craft table and place an apple in the middle surrounding the apple with golds.

Potion brewing is not a complicated method. Rather, you can brew any potions using this same method. And also convert it into splash potions using the same method as well.

The melee damage to whom the potion is applied will reduce their damage by 4 for 1 minute 30 seconds. So, it is a great way to slow down your enemies giving them a tough fight. Check the Minecraft difficulty level to realize the perfect difference between damages.


The Splash potion in Minecraft can also be effectively used against mobs because it allows the player to disrupt the effect potions.

Once you get the hang of making potions, it’s just a matter of experience and experimentation with which ingredients you are going to make a new potion.

If you want to increase the time duration of the weakness potion, brew the potion with again with a Redstone placed at the top box.

The weakness potion is available in all Minecraft versions. However, there are other ways  rather than brewing weakness potion. To make your foe weak, you can also use this brewing potion.

Nevertheless, some mandatory items are needed to make the potion and also convert the potion into splash potion (More on that later).

Like the awkward potion, the weakness potion in Minecraft is actually one of the only two potions where water is used along with other ingredients for distillation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to get the weakness potion using minecraft commands?

Answer: Use the command /give @p potion {potion:”minecraft:weakness”} 10 to get the weakness potion.

Question: What does the weakness potion do in Minecraft?

Answer: Weakness Potion lowers the melee damage by 4 folds for 1:30 minutes. Brew the potion with gunpowder to make it a throwable splash potion.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft potion of weakness along with its splash form is easy to brew. You just need the main ingredients and follow the steps in order.

It just needs a couple of minutes to make a potion in Minecraft.

For me:

The brewing mechanism is very good and the potion can also be used for multiple purposes.

So what are you waiting for? Start Brewing the potion.

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