​How to make a Jack o‘Lantern in Minecraft

Do you want to make your Halloween fun playing Minecraft?

Try crafting Jack o‘Lantern in Minecraft.


Don’t know how? Then this post is surely for you.

In this post, I will be demonstrating how to craft a Jack o‘Lantern in Minecraft easily.

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What Is a Jack o‘Lantern in Minecraft?

Jack o‘Lanterns or craved pumpkins are the special solid blocks updated in Minecraft for Halloween special.

You might have several questions regarding Jack o‘Lanterns.

But hold on a bit. I will answer them all.

Jack o‘Lanterns are made using a pumpkin and a torch.

Simple isn’t it?

Here’s the kicker:

Jack o‘Lanterns differ from torch as their light radius is far better than a torch.


Want to know more?

Jack o‘Lanterns can work underwater too.

Sounds amazing right?

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Why to craft Jack o‘Lanterns in Minecraft?

Well, Jack o‘Lanterns can be used for various purposes.

Here are the most prominent reason to craft a Jack o‘Lantern.

  1. Jack o‘Lanterns can be used as a Glowstone underwater unlike torches.
  2. They are easy to make and quite effective too.
  3. Jack o‘Lanterns will melt all snow and ice surrounding it unless you create a snow golem.

Materials needed to craft Jack o‘Lanterns

Crafting Jack o‘Lanterns are as simple as eating a piece of cake.

Trust me, it is really easy to craft.

All you need is two materials.

One is a torch and the other is a Pumpkin.

Yes, that’s it.

These are the only two things needed to craft a cool Jack o‘Lantern in Minecraft.

So for now, let’s get to know how to craft Jack o‘Lanterns easily.

Methods to craft Jack o‘Lanterns in Minecraft


Like I said it before, Crafting a Jack o’lantern is very easy.

Follow the steps below to craft a Jack o’Lantern right now:

1.Open the Crafting Menu

First things first, you have to open the crafting table so that you have the 3x3 crafting grid.

Then, Follow the next step.

2.Add Items to make a Jack o'Lantern

After opening the crafting grid, you will need two things to make a jack o'lantern.

Place 1 carved pumpkin in the first row of the middle box and 1 torch in the second row in the 3x3 crafting grid.

You have filled the crafting area with the exact pattern as I have told.

The jack o'lantern will appear in the box to the right after you finished placing the materials right.


3.Move the Jack o'Lantern to Inventory

This is the final step for crafting Jack o’Lantern.

You need to move the new item to your inventory once you have crafted a jack o'lantern.

That’s all.

Now you know how to craft a Jack o’Lantern easily.

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Question: What are the materials needed for crafting Carved Pumpkin in Minecraft?

Answer: You will need a torch and a pumpkin to craft a craved pumpkin in minecraft.

Question: How to get a Carved Pumpkin in Minecraft?

Answer: Here are the steps to make a Carved Pumpkin in Minecraft:
1. Find a Pumpkin Plant
2. Now, hold shears in your hand by selecting them in the hotbar
3. Use the shears to dig up the pumpkin.
4. Pick up the Carved Pumpkin

Final Thoughts

Jack o’Lanternsa re easy to craft and useful as well.

So, craft one cool Jack o’Lantern now using the steps I provided in this post.

Trust me, you will sure be amazed using the Jack O’Lantern.

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