Minecraft Composter [A-Z Epic Guide] 2023

Written By FarhanMax

I know it will be ironic if I say that Minecraft updated a unique and USEFUL trashcan.

But here’s the catch:


This Amazing trashcan can do some awesome things no block can do in Minecraft.

Minecraft Composter is EXACTLY! the useful block I am talking about right now.

What is a Minecraft Composter?

Minecraft’s composter is a block that serves well as a farmer villager’s block and converts organic foods like tomato, papaya seeds, potatoes, etc. into Bone Meals. The composter is a renewable, flammable, and also a stackable block. An empty composter has a signal strength of Zero.

Continue Reading, As I’ll show you the easiest steps to make a composter and automate it.

PRO TIP: Use a Minecraft Command Block for getting any item easily.

What Does a Composter Do in Minecraft?

Composters in Minecraft are used to recycle food items into bone meals. The only composts that can’t be used in a composter are bamboo, poisonous potatoes, dead bushes, nether wart, meat, and fish. Except for these few ingredients, you can compost everything in the Composter.

When you put any composts in a composter, the composts will turn into bone meals leaving from the top only. The bone meal will leave from the top only because the interior is hollow and all the borders are sealed except the top.

And so, you have to place the composts from the top as well as collect it. You will notice a few stacks of layers whenever you place composts over and over again. The stack volume percentage depends on the ingredients given.

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There are percentages on every item on what amount the organics can go up to a level in the Composter.

The seagrass has a 10% chance of leveling up the composts when added to the composter. You can say that all beans except cocoa beans have a 10% leveling up ability.

Cactus, melon slices, sugarcane, tall grass, and vines have a 20% ability to raise the level of the composter.


Baked Potatoes, bread, cookies have 80% chances and cake and pumpkin pies have a 100% chance of leveling up the level of the composter.

Well, try composting a pumpkin and seagrass and compare how many times you have to right-click. You will understand the difference very soon enough.

I don’t know why the bamboo can’t be composted. The bamboo block is a great block to be composted. I just hope that Minecraft upgrades its Composters quickly.

The composter barrel can interact with hoppers. So no more wasting time on putting composts again and again. Just attach the Composter with a hopper.

Frankly speaking, I Don’t like the composter at all. It’s a trashcan as I said. You just recycle plant materials into bone meals. Composter surely works like a decomposer.

Here are the things a Composter can do in Minecraft:

1. Use the Composter as a wooden fuel in the Blast Furnace. You can get 6 smelted items or cooked food items if you use 4 composters as fuel.

2. Get bone meals without getting close to skeletons.

3. Bone Meal setup farm can be made using the composters in Minecraft.

4. If you connect composter with hopper to something like kelp farm, cactus farm, or some other fuel sources then, you got bone meals forever.

5. Use composter on an Iron farm or a village breeding purpose to add fuel to your Minecraft game.

The Composter can be broken with an axe. However, you can use any tools to break it. One interesting thing about the composter mc is that, when you fill-up the composter with Organic plant materials, the whole portion gets empty and turned into a bone meal with a blink of an eye.


However, there is no light coming out from the Composter after adding organic fuels into it.

Sadly, the composter will catch fire if it’s in contact with lava. So, forget about making any composter near lava. Of course, you don’t want to burn up all your gardening’s. Would you?

The Composter Recipe is also very simple. You can memorize or note down the sequence of crafting if you want. I will get back to you later with this topic.

Where can I find a composter in Minecraft?

You can easily get a composter Minecraft on Village farms. Composters are very commonly seen in Farms. Where there is a farm involved, you will get a composter. The farmers use them as a workstation between 2000 ticks and 9000 ticks.

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How to Make a Composter in Minecraft

The composter recipe in Minecraft is very easy and requires few raw ingredients.

Many minecraft players have been asking me how to make composter and now there patience should be over.

If you want to use command in Minecraft then here is the command for getting a composter :

/give @p composter 100

Clear your surroundings by using the Minecraft kill commands to stay away from hostile mobs.

If you want to know how to make a composter Minecraft then, you need these resources:

  • Oak planks
  • Oak fences

Actually, to be more specific, you just need 4 oak logs.

Here are the steps to make a composter Minecraft easily:

1. Gather Oak Logs and convert them into Oak Planks to make the Composter

The most important step to make the composter Minecraft is to get oak logs.

Here are the ways you can get oak logs in Minecraft:

1. Find an oak tree in the Forests and hold an axe in hand.

2. Cut down the oak tree using the axe.

3. Chop down the tree trunk.

4. Gather the Oak Logs. After you gather the oak logs, put them in the crafting table.

You need 4 oak logs. Drop the oak logs in the crafting table and you will get 4 oak planks.

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2. Make Oak Fences to shape the Minecraft Composter

Take the 2 oak planks and place them side by side to get a stick.

You need 4 sticks in order to make a composter.

Now put 2 sets of 2 sticks sidewise along with 2 sets of 2 oak planks to get the oak fences. So, you will end up with 6 oak fences to make the composter.

Simply make the oak fences like the chart box below:

2 oak planks2 sticks2 oak planks
2 oak planks2 sticks2 oak planks

After you make the oak fences, finish the composter recipe.

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3. Get the Composter Ready

After you made oak fences, you now have oak planks and oak fences. So, place the 3 oak planks at the bottom and 2+2 oak fences sidewise to get the composter.

Here is a quick look through on how will the composter Minecraft recipe look like:

Oak FenceCellOak Fence
Oak FenceCellOak Fence
Oak PlanksOak PlanksOak Planks

Just as the crafting table, you have to remember the crafting methods to make composter recipe Minecraft.

Also, you have to remember that you can use any other woods except oak woods. You can also use spruce woods, Birch planks, jungle planks, acacia planks, etc.

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How to use a Composter in Minecraft

A composter in Minecraft is just like a Trash Bin. When you put proper ingredients into it, the composter will compost the items and give you something fruitful.

It seems a bit ironic to use an Effective trash bin.

However, using a composter is very easy. You just need to know the types of composts that can be used in the Composter for composting.

If you want to know how to use composter then, here are the ways to use the composter Minecraft:

1. Place the composter in the plain field and don’t let it come in contact with any flammable substance.

2. Grab some composts like seeds, tomatoes, potatoes, cake, and pumpkin, and so on.

3. Right-click on the top hollow space of the Composter.

4. Add layers to the compost a couple of times until you see some white layers above the composter.

5. Click one more time to get the bone meals.

6. Collect and place the Bone Meals to the Inventory.

You should know which composts can be used in Minecraft to add the layers to the composter.

Some composts have 10%, 20%, 50%, 100% chances of leveling up the composter Minecraft.

Here is the list of the composts that can be used in the Minecraft:

Seagrass, wheat seeds, beetroot seeds, dried kelp, leaves, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, saplings, sweet berries, and so on.Cactus, melon slices, sugarcane, tall grass and vinesBaked Potatoes, Bread, cookiesCake, Pumpkin Pies

NB: Bamboo, poisonous potatoes, dead bushes, nether wart, meat, and fish can never be composted in a Composter. So, it would be a waste of time if you add these organic composts in the composter.

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You can add a hopper at the top of the composter.

The hopper will save your time and also help you avoid placing the composts again and again. So, I think that it’s a great way to use the composter.

Besides, you can also use the composter  in Iron farms and village breeding purposes.

Wherever there is a farm, use the composter Minecraft to effectively use up the composts.

But sad for Xbox 360 and PS3 users. You cannot get the composter if you are playing on these two devices.

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How to Automate a Composter in Minecraft

Composters need time when composts are being added. And also composters usually need to be refilled after bone meals are collected.

It’s really tough when it comes to refilling the composters every time.


You can make the manual composter, a Minecraft automatic composter.

To make an auto composter Minecraft, you will need four-item blocks:

  • Hopper
  • Chest
  • Composter
  • Compost Items

To make a manual composter automatic, you definitely need a hopper.

It’s really simple. Remember the steps clearly to make an automatic composter.

Here are the ways to automate a Minecraft Composter:

1. Place a Composter in the plain Fields.

2. Place a chest sidewise to the composter.

3. Go to your inventory and place the hopper above the composter.

4. Add compostable items to the hopper and leave it.

5. The Composter will automatically run and you don’t have to refill the composter also.

But one major problem for making an automatic composter is that:

The Minecraft auto composter needs a lot of raw ingredients.

These raw ingredients are expensive also. But the good news is the auto composter is worth the choice.

So, now what are you waiting for? Make your own auto composter real quick.

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9 Secret Things to Know About Composter 

You should know some hidden things about the composter which will come in handy if you are playing Minecraft for a long period.

Here are all the things you need to know about the composter Minecraft:

1. Composter takes more time to compost the given items to it.

2. The white layer you see above the composter is the white smoke as composting develops heat, white smokes gather up at the top of the composter.

3. Composting values start from 0 and end up in 100. The more composting value, the less effort it takes to add layers to the composter using the composts.

4. Composters were added in Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, and PlayStation 4 Edition only. Ps3 and XBOX 360 players cant use the composter Minecraft.

5. It is possible to stand inside the composter just like the cauldrons.

6. Composters are the easiest tool to get bone meals without killing skeletons.

7. A composter has a hardness of 0.6 and so it can be easily broken with an axe.

8. It act as a power source for the Redstone comparators. You can use this Redstone  to activate rails in Minecraft.

9. A composter can be used as a fuel in Furnace to smelt items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does a composter work in Minecraft?

Answer: A Minecraft composter works when composts are being added to the composter. The composts include organic plant seeds, fruit seeds, and so on. The composter heats the composts and turns all the excess composts into bone meals.

Question: How to craft a composter in Minecraft?

Answer: Place the oak fences and oak planks sequentially to get the composter in Minecraft.

Question: Can a Hopper be used with a Minecraft Composter?

Answer: Yes, a hopper can be used with a composter to make the composter fully automatic.

Final Thoughts

A composter is a great block when it comes to gathering bone meals without killing the annoying skeletons. However, this block needs upgrading. The design of the composter is as simple as a wooden box.

It should be illuminated and strong enough. The composter itself generates heat while composting but it can’t stand flame. That’s the worst part ever.

Do mention in the comment if you think that the composter is worth the expenses.

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