How To Make Compass In Minecraft [Step by Step Guide 2022]

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Are you looking for the best guide to know about the making process of the compass in Minecraft? You are in the right place, then.

In this post, I will show you the best way to make a compass and use a compass in your Minecraft world.

Don’t miss any part and precisely follow the tutorial.

So why the delay? Let’s get started.


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Supported Platforms

Platform Supported
Java Edition (PC/Mac)Yes
Pocket Edition (PE)Yes
Xbox 360Yes
Xbox OneYes
Wii UYes
Nintendo SwitchYes
Windows 10 EditionYes
Education EditionYes

In the following Minecraft editions, a compass is available:

Required Materials for Crafting Compass


To craft a compass, you will need these items:

  • 4x Iron Ingots
  • 1x Redstone Dust

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Where to Find Crafting Compass Materials?

Get a Redstone Dust

The most common method of extracting Redstone Dust is by drilling deeper into a mountain. Redstone Dust looks like a grey stone with red spots.

Get Iron Ingots

You need four Iron Ingots for crafting a compass, but you do not find this item naturally. So, you need to craft to get Iron Ingots.

However, to create an Iron Ingot, first, you have to mine Iron Ore. In Minecraft, you can easily find out Iron Ore in the mountains area.


Follow these steps to create Iron Ingot:

  1. Open the Furnace Menu.
  2. Add an Iron Ore and
  3. Add Fuel to create Iron Ingot.

After the process, you have successfully got an Iron Ingot. Repeat this process four times and get four Iron ingots.

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How to Make a Compass in Minecraft

Compass is a valuable item in Minecraft. In Minecraft, a compass is used to guide the player back to their initial spawn spot.

In Minecraft, a compass is a helpful tool for navigating the open world. With a compass in Minecraft, you can go anywhere and visit various places. The compass will help you to go and visit the right direction.

However, a compass is used to create advanced materials like maps that help you find your base when you stay too far from your base or get lost.

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Compass Crafting Recipe

You are ready to start crafting a compass when you have four Iron Ingots and one Redstone Dust. Also, you need to create your crafting table if you have not created it yet.

After making or collecting all of your necessary materials and components, you are ready to start crafting your compass.

So, let’s start crafting your compass and see the compass recipe.

Get the loots by searching buried treasures and spawn chunks.

Here are the steps to make a compass in your Minecraft:

  1. Open your 3*3 Crafting grid table.
  2. Add Redstone Dust in the center of the middle row.
  3. Place one Iron Ingots in the middlebox of the first row.
  4. Place two Iron Ingots in the first and last box of the second row.
  5. Place one Iron Ingots in the middlebox of the last or third row.


Note: Make sure the Iron Ingots and Redstone Dust are placed in the exact pattern as I mentioned.

You have now successfully created a compass in Minecraft! Place your compass in your inventory so that you can use it later. So, this is the compass crafting recipe in Minecraft.

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What a Compass Does In Minecraft?

When you search for villages, fight mobs, or gather resources, you may get lost in Minecraft and need to return to your World spawn point. This time, you can use a compass to help you.

In Minecraft, it’s common for players to become lost and wander off. You can get back quickly on track when you get lost if you use a compass.

To operate a compass does not require any further effort. The compass will always point in the direction of your world spawn after you create it. You will need to make a lodestone if you want to shift where your compass points.

So, add a compass to your inventory before exploring the Overworld, and you will always be able to return to the world spawn point.

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How to Find Your World Spawn Point Using a Compass

A compass is relatively simple to use. Simply drag and drop the compass onto your Hotbar. By default, your compass will point in the direction of the world spawn point.

Keep track of crucial landmarks by using numerous Compasses with Lodestones. When a Compass is used on a Lodestone, it will point to the Lodestone. It is important to remember that the Compass will stop working if the Lodestone is broken.

Start walking in the direction of the arrow, which should now be pointing up. As the compass brings you back to the world spawn point, you will soon discover your home.

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How To Make Paper In Minecraft

In Minecraft, paper is a valuable resource for making a variety of valuable items. It is a versatile material used in everyday life for anything from packaging to books to crafts.

Although paper is not functional on its own, it is necessary for a variety of crafting processes. It is required for advanced-level materials to be created. If you do not have papers, you will not progress to the next stage of creating and enchanting.

Now I will go through the resources you will need and the recipe for making paper in Minecraft.

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Required Materials For Crafting Paper

You will need the following materials to make paper:

  • 3x Sugar Cane


Sugar cane is a non-craftable ingredient in Minecraft. In Minecraft, sugar cane is commonly found in the game around lakes, rivers, and oceans.

To make paper, you will need to obtain sugar cane by exploring your Minecraft world. It is a versatile component that is used to create a variety of items.

Collecting sugar cane is not a good idea every time. You can start your sugar cane farm. You will need to collect and harvest sugar in your home area to start a sugar farm.

Let’s look at the process of making paper.

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Crafting Paper Recipe

Making a paper in Minecraft is a simple process. You need to follow the instructions carefully to create paper successfully.

Follow the steps below to create papers:

  1. Open your 3*3 crafting grid area table in your Minecraft world.
  2. Place three sugar cane in the second row.

After crafting, the three pieces of paper can be seen on the right side of the crafting table. Move it in your inventory for later use. You have now successfully made paper in Minecraft.

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How to Make a Map in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the map is essential to explore your world in a better way. You can see your base area and surrounding area on the map.

There are two types of maps in Minecraft: normal maps and locator maps. In Minecraft, the normal maps display only an area, whereas the locator maps present an area with a compass.

Locator Map

Here are the resources you’ll need to make a locator map:

  • 8x Paper
  • 1x Compass

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Follow these steps to make a locator map in Minecraft:

  1. Open your Minecraft 3*3 Crafting grid table.
  2. Place the compass in the center of the second row.
  3. Place eight papers in the remaining eight boxes of the craft table.
  4. Move the locator map in your inventory to use in your game.


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Normal Map

Here are some required materials for creating a normal map:

  • Nine Paper

Follow the steps below to make a map:

  1. Open 3*3 Crafting grid table in your Minecraft.
  2. Fill the craft table with nine papers.
  3. Move the map in your inventory after successfully making a map.

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Final Thoughts

In Minecraft, a compass is a helpful tool for navigating the Minecraft world. It is a valuable item in Minecraft that guides the player back to their initial spawn spot.

You can go anywhere and visit different areas in Minecraft with a compass. The compass will take you to the correct location.

If you follow my instructions, you can easily create a compass and explore your Minecraft world. You can also create a book and map, which is also required of you.

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