[Latest version V.2022] Download Logitech G Hub Windows, Mac

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Logitech G Hub app is a software to custom Logitech G mice, keyboards, speakers, headsets, and other peripherals efficiently.

You can easily set and change the various settings and lightings of your Logitech gaming peripherals with the software.

I have used the software for a vast amount of time, and I can assure you that it is a handy app for you to use.

Continue reading to grab every bit of information about the software. Also, there is a one-click link for downloading the G hub software on your PC.

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What is Logitech G Hub software?

Logitech gaming software is an official software from Logitech that lets you customize the Logitech mice, keyboards, headset, and other peripherals you use. The app helps you set every aspect of the devices you want to operate efficiently and change the lighting for them.

G hub is a successor of the gaming app from Logitech. The app has an easy user interface for you to custom the peripherals to your needs.

Also, Download Logitech gaming software to customize Logitech G mice, keyboards, speakers, headsets, and other peripherals efficiently.

The app allows you to properly engage your PC’s peripherals by customizing their commands and having a smooth gaming experience. You can create a custom set of commands and change their lighting to your needs.

Logitech G hub Download 64 bit

Logitech g hub app is a user-friendly software that is easy to download and is compatible with the previous windows. Here are some of the features and the download link.logitech-g-hub-download

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Download Logitech G Hub Windows ➜➜

Download Logitech G Hub MacOS ➜➜

All the file/s mentioned above are hosted on Logitech’s server. We don’t host or modify any file whatsoever. Logitech G hub is the proprietary software of Logitech.
NameLogitech G Hub
Latest version2020.12.3534
CompatibilityWindows 10/8/7

Logitech G HUB App’s Unique Features

  • Custom mouse settings accurately.
  • Custom and set lighting preset to use.
  • Fast and reliable.
  • Easy peripheral custom system.
  • Easy interface for users.
  • Profile and stream sharing
  • Custom profiles for a comfortable setting.
  • Stream profile shares
  • Custom macro creating

How to install G HUB Software by Logitech

G Hub App lets you dictate the PC’s various devices’ commands and lighting efficiently and set easy tuning for macros for user profiles. It is, overall, an excellent app for managing and monitoring your peripherals.

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The software provides you a window that showcases various aspects of your multiple devices. You can quickly get an update on the numerous details of the peripherals with the app. Some elements, like the color effects and advanced commands, are easy to set with the app.

Logitech officially develops the app for customizing your PC’s hardware. The installation of the gaming app is very straightforward.

Here are the steps to install the G Hub Software by Logitech:

  1. Click and download the link given above.
  2. Click the setup file and run the installation wizard.
  3. Move the file to the desired location.
  4. Install the app.
  5. Run the file and see the starting window.

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How to use the Logitech G Hub app?

G Hub software is an efficient and smooth app to use. It has an easy user interface for you to have a good user experience.

You can easily set and custom the lighting, color effects, and command profiles of your Peripherals with the help of the software. Using the software correctly will help you achieve the best orders for your PC’s devices.

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Here are the steps to use G Hub software by Logitech:

  1. Open the app and see the current active profiles you have. If you do make a profile or have a default profile, they will show in the window.
  2. Click on the peripheral you want to custom and start customizing them. You can select the lighting setting and dictate the light effects of your device. Make sure to check the profile you are changing in the top left corner.
  3. You can select commands, macros, and shortcuts for your devices by clicking on the options. Easily create orders from the assignment options.
  4. Create and share the profiles and stream profiles on the community options. You can share and explore ideas and presets from their
  5. Create an account to save and showcase your custom profiles easily.

Gaming for Logitech G Hub software

The G Hub software helps in exceeding the experience of your gaming time. You can manage and change various options and lighting settings to have the best gaming time.

The software allows you to automatically or manually enable or disable processes to get a good gaming time. With the software’s help, you can easily change your peripheral setting and lighting to customize your gaming.

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The various profiles for gaming are the best ways to get the best gaming experience. You can select between profiles and sub-profiles for having the best settings for your games.

I have used the custom profiles of the software and found a profound improvement in my gaming mood. The G hub is efficient in increasing custom modes and other aspects to provide you a quality experience.

Logitech gaming software vs Logitech G Hub

Both the Logitech G Hub software and Logitech gaming software are similar software to interact. The G hub is the successor to the gaming software, but we can see many differences.

The G hub is the latest software for customizing your peripherals and is compatible with all the new hardware. The gaming software is more stable and consistent with the previous hardware, so you should pick the G hub if you have the latest devices.

New Ui: The New Ui of the G hub makes it more efficient than the gaming software. The G Hub has more new features and tricks than the other software, making it a preferable choice. The new features can sometimes be too much, but it settles down when you use it for some time. On the other hand, the gaming software is much cleaner and easy to use.

Lighting: the lighting management and profiles are a new addition to the G hub software. You can select between lighting profiles from your own and also from the community profiles. The gaming software lags behind these lighting features.

Hardware: Logitech G hub runs with the latest G series hardware. You can custom the features of your hardware efficiently with the G hub, but the list of them is very slim. The gaming software is a little backdated and works perfectly with the previous model hardware consisting of a hefty list of compatible devices.

Download Precision x1 to customize your GPU settings like temperature, fan speed, voltage, and RGB light control. Overall, both of the software have their pros and cons. The G Hub offers you the modern and latest Ui and features. On the other hand, the gaming software is clean and safer to use. It is your choice to select the efficient software for you.

Logitech G hub Supported devices

The Logitech G hub software runs on various Logitech G series peripherals. If you have a G series mouse, keyboard, or other peripheral, then the chances are that you can use the software to customize your devices’ settings.

Here are some of the supported devices with the G Hub software:

  • G 903 wireless gaming mouse
  • G900 wireless gaming mouse
  • G703 wireless gaming mouse
  • G600 Mouse
  • G403 gaming mouse
  • G915 keyboard
  • G910 keyboard
  • G815 keyboard
  • G413 keyboard
  • G935 headset
  • G933 headset
  • G433 7.1 surrounding gaming headset

How to Uninstall the Logitech G Hub software

The G Hub software is an efficient software for you to customize and change your Logitech G peripherals’ settings. If you do not want to use the app or have trouble with the app, you can easily uninstall the software.

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Here are the steps to uninstall the Logitech Hub:

  1. Click the start menu.
  2. Search for add or remove programs
  3. Find the software right-click to uninstall it.

Is G Hub software safe to use?

The software does not require any data that can cause privacy issues, and it has no record of any malware problems. So, it is a secure and safe app to use.

The Logitech G HUB app does not have any history of malicious software attacks. It will not affect your Pc with any viruses. Moreover, the app will not upload data without your permission.

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The software does not cause any damage to your PC peripherals. You can efficiently use and test your commands with the app. It has no history of damaging devices.

I have used the software, and I have found no issues regarding data loss or viruses. It does not harm your PC as well.  So, I assure you that it is a safe app to use.

Is the Logitech G Hub app necessary?

Logitech G Hub software is an excellent way to test your peripheral by setting commands. It gives you correct and detailed info about your device and lets you set its processes. The software provides you with the overall customization of the devices you use.

The monitoring window offers you updated information and helps you custom your computer to your needs. The Customization settings also allow you the dictation of the visual aesthetics of your PC.

The app can run smoothly on windows and give you correct results. The App has a small storage size and an easy interface for smooth usage for the user. The custom profiles, macros, and stream profiles are a great way to find and share various ideas.

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The gaming profiles give you a quick overview of the games you have and customize their settings efficiently. Profiles are a great way to keep your Game settings updated.

I have used the software for a long time, and I can assure you that it is an app worth using for customizing the commands and lighting of your mice, keyboards, and other peripherals.


Question: Can you share macros on the G Hub app?

Answer: The G Hub software lets you create and share macros with the community to explore and share ideas. You can easily share your macros to the G Hub community and find many profiles as well.

Question: Can you sync game lights by Logitech G hub?

Answer: Yes, you can sync the colors of your games with the Logitech G Hub software. You can set the color profiles to sync on various games and differentiate the colors in different scenes.

Final Thoughts

Logitech G Hub software is a fast and efficient app to use. It gives accurate customization results swiftly. The software is easy to use for the interface provided.

You can test your custom device orders and fix the light preset to determine your peripherals’ work. The testing algorithm is very good and reliable as well as efficient for a user.

The app is compact and an excellent choice for testing, monitoring, and customized devices. I  recommend the gaming app to any consumer who wants to test their Logitech mice, keyboards, etc.

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