How to Know if Someone Deleted Snapchat [2022 Guide]

Written By Steven Arends

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Unlike Facebook, which is mainly used by boomers, youngsters nowadays prefer to use apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

Snapchat is so huge that it is now a part of pop culture and you can see many shows where the characters are using Snapchat.

So it is not surprising if you use Snapchat and are looking for an answer to a question regarding Snapchat. So, you might ask, how to know if someone deleted Snapchat?

You can know if someone has deleted Snapchat by checking whether they are posting stories or not. Another great way is to search for their username and see if you can find it or not. If you send a snap, but it says “pending,” then you have been blocked on Snapchat.

If you have general queries regarding Snapchat, you have come to the right place as this post answers all the commonly asked questions regarding Snapchat.

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How to Know if Someone Deleted Snapchat?

There are multiple ways to find out whether someone deleted Snapchat or not. You can take various approaches from asking them directly to going through the Snapchat app on your device.

All the methods written below are very simple, so there is no reason to be nervous even if you are not an avid user of Snapchat. Keep your cool and go through the simple processes written below.

1. Ask the User Directly

If you have a friend whom you use Snapchat with regularly, then it is no problem food you to call him or ask him directly whether he deleted Snapchat or not.

They can then tell you whether they deleted Snapchat from their device or not. If you are not able to call them, ask them directly when you meet them in person.

If you d not want to meet anyone in person, especially because of Covid 19, please use any other social media apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram or Telegram.

You can ask them online and wait for their reply, If you had a fight or an argument that ended in a not-so-good note, then you might have been blocked by the user on Snapchat. If that is the case, then there is no solution but to be unblocked by that user.

Do not be sad if you are blocked, especially if you were not wrong about anything in an argument.

Your world should not revolve around others but yourself. So focus on yourself and keep working hard on yourself. Everyone has haters and you are no exception King/Queen!

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2. Search for the User Profile

You can ensure that someone has left Snapchat by searching for their name on the app. For example, someone’s name is “Pink_unicorn,” so you search for Pink_unicorn and see whether you can find their profile.

Snapscore is the number of snaps that a user sent. Your Snapscore increases as you snap more on Snapchat.

After searching, if you find the profile, enter it. If you can see their Snapscore, then you are still friends and nothing is wrong, maybe the user is inactive.

If you do not find the profile, the user most probably deleted their account or has blocked you. To be extra sure, check whether you can see their Snap score or not. If you cannot see their Snapscore, you have been blocked on Snapchat. blocked-on-snapchat

I do not want to sound like a broken record, but if you did not do anything wrong, you should not be sad if you get blocked. You are not meant to please everybody. Respect yourself, love yourself and improve yourself.

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3. Send a Snap

It could be that the user did not get off from Snapchat but that you got blocked, Did you have a fight? Did you have a bad argument? Do you not like the person and vice versa?

These are all valid questions to ask as you might get blocked for these reasons. Maybe you won an argument and the receiver has a small ego and blocked you.

After you send a snap, you can see if your snap was sent, delivered and opened. Sometimes you will see a pending message due to reasons like being blocked and internet connectivity issues.

The best way to make sure whether you are blocked or not is to send a snap and check whether the snap is being sent or not. If you see that the snap did not get delivered and is stuck on “pending,” the chances are that you got blocked.

I have also been blocked before for stupid reasons and I was also stuck at “pending.” pending

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4. Use Another Phone

Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, especially people from first-world countries. You are most probably from one, so it won’t be hard for you to manage another Smartphone from your friends, family or someone you know.

Every user has a Snapchat code that is used to find users and add them. You can use the snapcode to find the user and enter their profile.

If you cannot see their Snapscore, they have left Snapchat or deactivated their account. If you can see their snap score, but you cannot send or receive snaps from them, then you have been blocked.

Do not be sad if you got blocked as the world is full of people that will not like you, or you might not see eye to eye with those people. Do not waste your time thinking about it, you have more important things to do in life.

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How to Know if Someone Blocked you on Snapchat

We have all been there. Being blocked by someone due to some possible reasons can be frustrating, but not knowing whether you are blocked is even more frustrating. Maybe you had a heated argument or a fight.

Maybe you were not compatible. Perhaps you do not like their personality and you said something offensive.

No matter what reason, there are different ways you can make sure that you have been blocked on Snapchat.

I have written the best procedures that you can follow to know if you got blocked on Snapchat.

So do not waste any time and dive into the simple procedures given below.

Here are the methods to check if someone blocked you on Snapchat:

1. Send a Snap or Message

This is the fastest way to know if you got blocked or not. Send a snap and see whether it gets delivered.

If it gets delivered, then you are not blocked on Snapchat, so rejoice! If the snap does not get delivered and is stuck on “pending,” then you have been blocked for sure.

Another possibility is that the user has deleted or deactivated their Snapchat account. To be double sure, you can use another phone to search the user with their snapcode and see whether you can find them.

If you cannot find the user, their account has been deleted or deactivated.

If you are sad about being blocked by a person, remember that there are about eight billion people in this world, so there is no use worrying about one.

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2. Search for the User Using Another Phone

This process is extremely simple as it requires you to manage another phone and use the snapcode of the user you are trying to search.

The steps to this process are very straightforward, so there is no reason for you to be worried or nervous.

Keep calm and go through the steps given below.

Here are the steps to search for a Snapchat user using another phone:

  • Unlock the phone and enter Snapchat.
  • Search for the user using the Snap code.
  • See whether you can find the user or not.

If you cannot find the user, then you are blocked, else the user is inactive.


I hope you were able to figure out whether you were blocked on Snapchat. If you were blocked, do not worry as there are many other people in this world and it is never too late to make new friends and hopefully better ones.

I hope this post served you well.

I wish you luck in whatever you do in the future. Take care and stay safe!

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