​IDP.Alexa.51 Virus: What It Is & How to Remove It

Is your antivirus application showing warnings with threats named IDP.Alexa.51?

You might be extremely annoyed now after seeing these warning messages frequently.


Calm yourself down as you are going to do away with these issues in no time after reading this post.

Don’t wait any longer and quickly start going through the fix.

​What is idp.alexa.51?

Well sometimes IDP.Alexa.51 turns out to be false positive threats too. Which is a big troublesome.

Your questing might be:

What is a False Positive threat?

Sometimes the threats shown by your antivirus comes out to be harmless. This type of threats are n=known as false positive threats.

But in most cases idp.alexa.51 is clearly found to be a malware.

If your antivirus detects Official app to be Malware then, here’s the solution for False positive idp.alexa.51 malware.

This type of malwares belittles the overall user experience of an outstanding PC too.

It gets better/worse:

Your valuable account information gets hacked by this type of viruses.

IDP.Alexa.51 Details

Threat NameIDP.Alexa.51
Threat TypeMalware, key logger, sometimes false positive
OS RequiredWindows only
Also known asIdp.Generic,Msmpeng.exe,CTF Loader,TiltWheelMouse.exe(Pximouse)
Recovery processOnly few Antivirus like reimage plus and Norton can remove it completely.

How did I get IDP.Alexa.51 virus on my Computer?

Your computer might get in touch with this idp.alexa.51 malware/virus by downloading free apps from unknown sources. You might also get this from clicking adware links.

Your friend might share any file with you once in a while by a giving you a pendrive or a portable hard disk. That device could have also carried this malware to your computer.

Actually finding how idp.alexa.51 malware entered your computer is a pretty tough job.

But fixing this issue and staying away from it is easier and more important for you.

So make sure:

You read the fixes and precautions for this issue very carefully.

What Harms Can IDP.Alexa.51 Do?

IDP.Alexa.51 virus may be of various types. I have found out that each of the viruses harms your computer differently.


Let me share what I have faced and heard people to face from this harmful virus.

Idp.alexa virus works as key logger that means it records the keystroke you make in your computer. This helps the hackers to get your password easily.

Moreover, this virus downloads unwanted apps and shows ads on your computer without your permission.

I myself have got few notifications for fake updates.

The worst thing that can happen is:

This virus can use excess resources from your PC.

Easiest way to Remove IDP.Alexa.51 Malware

It’s now a major challenge for you to fix this IDP.Alexa.51 Malware issue.


Because, it will get worse in future you don’t fix it now.

Because, it will get worse in future you don’t fix it now.

Here you will get a 2 step process to solve this issue:

Step-1: Locating and checking the risk level

Locating the virus is pretty simple. If you go to your task manager and see any app named ctfLoader, Pxi Mouseunknown/trojan app(idp generic) are running on the background processes or not.

If you see them, then be sure that these are the virus applications.

The newer alexa virus also comes with varieties of unknown names. So, it becomes tough to recognize them.

You can simply locate the files from your antivirus app and upload them on virus total to check if they are harmful or not.

If you want to skip this over-complicated process then you can simply do it with the help of Reimage plus or Norton antivirus.

Step 2: Eliminating the virus

Termination of this virus is a simple process.

There are only two ways two eliminate alexa virus.

One is a free-way, which is restoring your windows completely.

But this process works 7 out of 10 times as there may remain some virus files on your hard drive although if you restore it.

The other way is paying a little bit for getting a worthy antivirus like Reimage plus or Norton antivirus.

This antivirus can simply fix your issue in in a heartbeat.

I am still now using this reliable antivirus and I can assure that you be stress free when you use a premium paid version of antivirus.

How to Safeguard Yourself from IDP.Alexa.51 Malware

Now that you have fixed the issue perfectly it’s time to be aware of making the same mistakes again.

If you ask:

How important is Safeguard Yourself from IDP.Alexa.51 Malware?

Well, I think I can convince you by saying that:

You don’t to face that bothersome anymore in your life. And that is why you need to take precautions.

How to do it?

It’s simple:

Follow the instructions below to Safeguard Yourself from IDP.Alexa.51 Malware:

1.Never download free apps for getting certain advantages(e.g. Downloading apps for getting coins in games)
2.Always check the terms and conditions while installing any app.
3.Never go with the recommended settings as it can also included installation of virus apps.
4.Prevent yourself from using third party tools and downloading anything from unofficial websites.
5. Avoid clicking click bait and vulnerable ads shown on websites.
6.Keep your virus up to date regularly.
7.Stay away from free antivirus as they are more often useless. They also make your PC slow for no reason.
8.Try using paid antivirus to give you good protection as your information and data are more valuable than a few bucks. 

In short:

A good antivirus like Reimage plus or Norton antivirus can help you relax as there is risk of getting affected by any virus.

No, matter what you do Reimage plus or Norton antivirus has got your back.


Question: Is IDP.Alexa.51 a virus?

Answer: It’s actually a threat shown by your antivirus. The chance for it to be a virus is more than being a false positive one.

Question: How to avoid getting the IDP.Alexa Virus Again?

Answer: The simplest way prevent your computer from malwares like IDP.Alexa Virus you will need to have full version a reliable antivirus like Reimageplus or Norton.

Question: How Did I Get the IDP.alexa.51 Virus?

Answer: The most Common way this virus enters your computer is through downloading free recommended apps from an unreliable source. There are other reasons too which I have discussed in this post.

Final Thoughts

Viruses like Idp.Alexa.51 are pretty stressful to deal with. Hope that this post helped you fix the problem.

So my advice is this:

Get a paid antivirus like Reimageplus or norton and your will be completely stress free.

Why I am saying this?

I am saying because you will be saving both time and money when you will rely on it without any worries.

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