How to Use Command Blocks in Minecraft

Are you confused with the command blocks in Minecraft?

If you are unable to find a command block the don’t worry. This post is just for you.


In this post, you will get to know how you can easily activate and use command blocks in Minecraft.

What are Command Blocks?

Command blocks are elements in Minecraft that can carry out commands. The only thing you need to trigger the Command Block is a Redstone.


Basically, Command blocks performs console commands and these console commands are the same commands entered in-game by a player.

However, the commands are executed by the server itself.

Whenever the command block is being activated, that command takes action which allows you to build fun toys, manage weather and also custom adventure maps.

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List Of Some Minecraft Command Blocks

Command Name How to use commands Use of the Command
Change Game Mode defaultgamemode <mode> Specifies the game mode. In <mode>, you have to enter survival, creative, adventure, with the numbers 0, 1, 2, or 3.
Set Game Difficulty Difficulty <new difficulty> It sets the difficulty level of the game.
Change Game Mode for Individual Player gamemode <mode> <player> Changes the game mode of that specific player mentioned.
Kill Target Kill <target> Instantly kills the mentioned target.
Third person Chat statement Me <action> Displays a third person statement in the world chat if you use /username <text>
Display Seed Seed Displays the number from which the world is derived.
Private Message Tell <player><private message> Delivers chat secretly to that specific person only.
JSON Message Tellraw<player><rawjsonmessage> Sends complex messages to that mentioned player.
Change Time time <set|add> <value> Changes the time duration. Set the value between 0 to 12000
Display title title <player> <title|subtitle> <raw json title> Displays a large text of the target players display screen.
Clear/Reset Title title <player> <clear|reset> Title is removed instantly.
Stop/Start Rain toggledownfall Starts or stops the rain instantly.
Change  Weather weather <clear|rain|thunder> [duration in seconds] Changes the weather condition of the map.
Grant XP xp <amount> <player> Gives experience points to the mentioned player.

With the help of a command block you can implement basic commands in Minecraft with ace.

It is easy because basic commands require only a few words and numbers.

You will get to understand about Command Blocks by seeing the list.

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How to Obtain a Command Block?

Command blocks aren’t the normal blocks that you can find in the inventory easily.

These are special blocks.


It is because of their world-bending abilities.

So, where can you find them?

Well, it cannot be found in Survival mode. In fact, command blocks don’t even appear on the Block menu in Creative mode.

So, how can you obtain them?


Here are the steps to obtain a command block in minecraft:

  1. Build a world that allows you to enable cheats. Cheats are enabled by default if you start your world in Creative Mode. 
  2. Free some space in the inventory.
  3. Open the chat menu by pressing the T key.
  4. Then type the command /give <your username> command_block [number] and press Enter.
  5. After pressing enter, the command block should appear in the inventory with the desired amount you wanted. 

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How to Use a Command Block in Minecraft

After obtaining a command block, you can activate it using a Redstone.

Just activate the Redstone device that is attached to the command block and you will have a programmed Command Block.

By Redstone Devices I meant using a Lever, a Button or simply a Pressure plate.

Here are the steps to activate and use code blocks in minecraft:

1. At first, toggle the lever if the Redstone device is a lever.

2. Then, push the button if the Redstone device is a button.

3. Finally stand on the pressure plate if the Redstone device is a pressure plate.

You can use any one of the above three materials. It is better to have all of these materials for safety.


NB: Redstone is the best to trigger a command block.

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With this 3 ingredients you can easily activate a command block in Minecraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why should I use Command Blocks in Minecraft?

Answer: Commands are used to modify the Minecraft game world in various ways. These Modifications aren’t possible by hand. When command blocks are used correctly, the commands give Minecraft its own sort of pseudo-programming language.

Question: How to tell if Cheats are enabled in the existing world in Minecraft?

Answer: You can tell whether cheats are enabled in the existing world by simply finding your world on the Select World page. You will see that the third row of text contains the word Cheats.

Question: How do you open the Chat Menu in Minecraft?

Answer: By default the chat menu is opened by the T button. You can also use / key to chat.

Question: Are there any Undo Command in Minecraft?

Answer: No, there aren’t any undo commands in Minecraft.

Question: How can I Teleport using the Command Block in Minecraft?

Answer: Type the command /teleport @p ~3 ~5 ~19. The values indicate the X, Y, Z co-ordinates where you want to be teleported.

Question: How many types of Command Blocks in Minecraft are there?

Answer: There are three different types of command blocks in Minecraft.

  1. Impulse: This command Block run commands on the rising of Redstone current. This means that when the command blocks are powered by a Redstone, the block will run the command once and stop. 
  2. Repeat: This command block run multiple commands up to 20 times every tick (tick is like a frame) they are powered. 
  3. Chain: This command Block run the command in order one after the other in a single frame.

Final Thoughts

Command Blocks are the easiest way to modify your Minecraft server.

Though Command block syntax are difficult to understand, with the help of my post you will be able to gasp the way to use Command blocks with ease.

There are a lot of Commands which you can use using the command Blocks. Try using them all for better experience.

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