​How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

Are you facing issues in finding or crafting a saddle in Minecraft?

Are you unable to use your horse or donkey or pig or mule for faster transportation?

Both questions are quite common for players who wants to be a MInecraft expert.

In fact, the answer to these questions is quite simple.


Just read the full post and make sure to follow the steps I provided on how to make a saddle in Minecraft in an easy way.

So, let’s get going.

Why do I Need a Saddle in Minecraft?

A saddle is an item that is used to ride mobs like horses, mules, donkeys and pigs for faster transportation in Minecraft.

I know you tried to craft a saddle, but every time you tried, you failed.

It might dishearten you when I say:

Saddles can’t be crafted like other items in Minecraft.

But feel lucky:

Saddles can be found in several places where you visit quite often. The only thing you need to find a saddle is patience.

So, your question might be:

How to get a saddle in minecraft?

The answer to this question is simple. You can find saddles in various chests located in the temples and dungeons.

If you're a billionaire in Minecraft and loaded with loot, try trading with villagers for emeralds.

Also some lucky Avid fishers have a chance of snagging a saddle.

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How to find a saddle in Minecraft

Here are few Simple Tricks to find a saddle in Minecraft.


Searching in Chests

As saddles can’t be crafted, so one of the best ways to find a saddle is to open every chest you come across in your adventure.

Saddles have possibilities to get revealed by 2.5% in stronghold altar chests, 16.2% in village weapon-smith chests, 28.3% in dungeon chests, 11.3% in savanna village house chests, 35.3% in fortress chests, 12.9% in jungle temple chests, 23.5% in desert temple chests, 13.3% in End city chests, and 17.3% in village tannery chests.

It’s just a matter of luck.

The more luck you have, the more possibility of finding a saddle in chests.

  1. The best way to search for saddles in chests is by locating a dungeon. Dungeon chests have a higher chance of spawning a saddle.
  2. Nether fortresses are another spot where saddles have a higher spawning rate. To access the Nether, use the obsidian blocks and build a Nether portal frame. The Nether is a dangerous place, so make sure you are fully prepared before you enter.
  3. Find a desert temple in the desert biome, and look for the blue clay block at the center of the floor. Dig the blue clay block and this will expose the secret chamber containing four chests. You'll find a saddle from these chests guaranteed.

Trade Emerald for a Saddle

If you are rich in Minecraft, then Trading emerald for a Saddle won’t be a bad idea.

Find a leatherworker villager throughout the world to trade with. The white apron leatherworker villager can trade you a saddle. You will need about 9-16 emeralds to unlock the ability to buy the saddle and 8-10 more emeralds to purchase it. Emeralds can be found while mining or from chests.

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Fishing for a Saddle

The chances are less than 1%, but it is possible to find a saddle while you're fishing.

You probably don't want to make this step your primary method, but if you fish a lot, you may hook up a saddle as a treasure.

Enable cheats

In order to access this option, you'll need to enable cheats for your world. There are two ways to do so, depending on whether you've created your world yet or not.

While creating a world, you can permit cheats from the Create World menu.

But if you've already created your world,

Then open the Pause menu to select "Open to LAN." And then Toggle "Allow Cheats" ON.

Switch your game to Creative Mode for an easy access to a saddle and using commands place a saddle next to your player.


Question: How do I know I am in a Dungeon in minecraft?
Answer: You'll know you're in a dungeon simply by seeing cobblestones, mossy stone walls and ceilings. Typically they have a zombie, skeleton, spider and one or two chests. 

Question: How do I find a leather worker in minecraft?
Answer: Keep looking around the village for a villager with brown clothes and a white apron. Click on the villager and it will say "leather worker" at the top.

Question: How do I find a village in minecraft?
Answer: Look in plains, deserts and any other biomes for a village in minecraft world.

Question: How many emeralds do I need to buy a saddle in minecraft?
Answer: You will need about 9-16 emeralds to unlock the ability to buy the saddle and 8-10 more emeralds to purchase it in minecraft.

Question: In which Minecraft Biome high rate of saddles are found?
Answer: Chances are higher in the desert temples in the desert biome of minecraft world.

Question: Can I craft a saddle in Minecraft?
Answer: Yes, you can craft a saddle in Minecraft like i have shown in this post. But it's easier if you can find one.

Question: How to ride a pig in Minecraft?
Answer: Choose the pig and then hold the saddle to the pig along with a carrot on a stick. 

Question: Do I need a saddle to ride a Horse in minecraft?
Answer: No! You don't need a saddle to ride a Horse in minecraft. But in order to control the Horse, you need the saddle.

Question: How can I find a Ravager in Minecraft?
Answer: You will have to find a Pillager outpost or Kill a Pillager captain in order to find a ravager in Minecraft.

Question: Will killing a captain give Bad Omen Effect in minecraft?
Answer: Yes! When you walk into a village in minecraft with this bad effect, you will trigger a raid.

Final Thoughts

I know it is a bit shocking for Minecraft players that Saddles cannot be crafted.

But feel lucky.

You can find Saddles in dungeons and temples and also trade them.

I hope now you will be able to find saddles and also equip them with your mobs for faster transport.

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