​How to Completely Disable Mouse Acceleration on Windows 10

Are you facing unusual movement of your mouse?

Is this issue hindering your gaming experience?

Then you have come to right place. As I have the easiest solutions to your problem.

Mouse acceleration has become a very important issue for the Gamers. It can hinder your gaming experience drastically.

If you have played any good First Person Shooting game (where you need have precise aim) then, I am sure that you have seen the message saying something like, “Disabling mouse acceleration on your computer for better aiming”.

In this post I will explain how to disable mouse acceleration in Windows 10

What is Mouse Acceleration?

In windows mouse acceleration is also known as pointer precision. Microsoft has provided us with this feature from Windows XP till the latest version of windows now

Your question might be:

What exactly is mouse acceleration? 

Well, Pointer precision is a feature of Windows which helps to make the mouse pointer move on the basis of both distance covered and speed of moving the mouse.


When you enable mouse acceleration, the mouse pointer covers less distance for slower movement and more distance for faster movement of the mouse.

However, when this feature is turned off then, the mouse pointer covers a fixed distance for moving the mouse every inch.

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You may ask how does this help?


If you accidentally move your mouse slightly faster in the games you might miss to hit your target. As the fixed distance of the cursor is not affected by your fast or slow movement while the mouse acceleration is disabled, there is less chances that you’ll miss to hit your target.

Can it help or hinder your performance in games?

Mouse movements are more accurate when mouse acceleration is turned off. 

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Most of the PC gamers keep mouse acceleration disabled to achieve precise mouse movement. 

It is obvious that:

Mouse movement will feel more natural and rational when mouse acceleration disabled. 

When mouse acceleration is turned off, you won’t need to think about the speed of movement of the mouse. You will be stress free and ready to play games very easily as you can predict the movement of the mouse pointer for moving the mouse to a certain distance.

Like most other things, mouse acceleration also has both advantages and disadvantages. Here, I’m going to discuss about some of them.

Trust me, once you get used to mouse acceleration, you can’t go further without it. This will be like a part and parcel of your daily life.

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First of all mouse acceleration help you to move the cursor with less effort. 

Doesn’t it sound good?

Yes, mouse acceleration allows you to make the most use of available space you have to move your mouse. 

If you have a smaller mouse pad, no problem, just turn this feature on. And you won’t feel the need of a larger one.

It is actually a great feature of windows. People generally use it for office work or just regular web browsing. 

It’s easier to move your mouse with the help of mouse acceleration as it doesn’t require much energy to move the mouse. You simply move your hand a little faster or slower to achieve your desired results.

You probably have found yourself moving your mouse much for obtaining a longer distance in the cursor. But you don’t need to do that when mouse acceleration is turned on.

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Mouse acceleration is of great use for those who scroll down the stock market ups and downs. Mouse acceleration is not a problem if you get used to with it. You can utilize your space and you don’t need to move your hand too much when this great feature is on.

By default mouse acceleration is enabled in windows and it’s suitable for most users as most of them don’t need precise accuracy in movements of the cursor.

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Mouse acceleration is somehow similar to a faster DPI(Dot Per Inch) or CPI(Counts Per Inch) of gaming mouse which you don’t need always.

It can often have a detrimental effect on your gaming experience

If you are playing any shooting game, then aiming accuracy can be badly impacted by mouse acceleration. 

You may have heard the term “muscle memory” which plays a vital role in any task that requires precise movement. It allows you to make these movements precisely, without needing to think about them.

You may ask how does mouse acceleration affect our muscle memory?


Muscle memory is developed through repetition of a task. Inconsistent movement response created by mouse acceleration does not allow you to develop muscle memory.

If your muscle memory is not sufficient you will mostly miss to hit your targets in shooting games. 

Mouse acceleration is a great pain for the graphics designers, video editors, and gamers as these tasks require precise movements of the cursor.


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Steps to Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

Now that you have learnt everything about mouse acceleration, it’s time to know how to turn it off. And I’ll also tell you how to turn it on in the later part.

It’s simple:

You can easily turn of your computers mouse acceleration just by disabling the pointer precision feature in windows.

Here are the steps to turn off mouse acceleration Pointer precision in Windows 10:

Step 1

At first go to the control panel in windows. You can search for it using the search box (cortana).

Step 2

inside the Control Panel, click on Hardware and Sound, and then choose Devices and Printers.


Step 3

Now, find your mouse named USB Optical Mouse from the menu of devices and printers. Right click on it and choose Mouse settings.


Step 4

Click the second tab named Pointer Options  in the Mouse Properties window. (Shown on the next picture)

Step 5

Uncheck the box next to Enhance pointer precision.


Step 6

Click Apply, then OK.

Step 7

Close all the windows including the control panel.

And you're ready to go!

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Steps to Enable Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

Enabling mouse acceleration is easier than turning it off.

Here are the steps to enable mouse acceleration on your Windows PC:

  1. Search for mouse in the search bar of cortana. Click on Additional mouse options.
  2. Go to the Pointer Options tab
  3. Check the Enhance pointer precision then hit Apply then OK.

And that’s it. You have enabled mouse acceleration of your computer.

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Fix for Your Bad Aiming in Shooting Games

You might ask?

How can a gamer use mouse acceleration and not face problem while playing game?

I don’t have it’s solution.

But wait. I can provide you something else that can solve your problem.

You might be asking?

If you use a gaming mouse then you will have a DPI or a CPI button that will help you adjust the speed of the movement of the cursor. As a result you won’t need to use mouse acceleration you can simply control the speed of the mouse by using a dpi changeable gaming mouse.

As a result you will have precise movement as well as you won’t face any problem in moving your mouse. You will be able to adjust the speed of your mouse and also have accurate targets for disabling mouse acceleration at the same time.


Question: Why am I unable to shoot like a pro in FPS games?

Answer: The main reason you are unable to shoot like a pro in shooting games is because your mouse acceleration is turned on. You can follow the provided steps to fix you problem.

Question: How to turn of mouse acceleration?

Answer: Go to  Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Devices and Printers and right click on USB Optical Mouse. Then select Mouse settings and go to Pointer Options Tab. Now Uncheck the box next to Enhance pointer precision and click OK.

Question: Can I change my mouse DPI after turning off the mouse acceleration feature?

Answer: Yes, you can change my mouse DPI after turning off mouse acceleration.

Question: How to change Mouse DPI?

Answer: If you have a dpi button you can simply click it to change the DPI. otherwise you will need to follow the steps given on my separate post on how to change mouse DPI.

​Final Thoughts

Mouse acceleration is a good feature but most of us are not comfortable with it. Many people use this feature and they get used to. 

But the main problem comes when you are gaming.

Mouse acceleration gives you an unusual feeling while you are playing games and it’s the main cause of your failure to miss easy targets in games.

Moving your mouse around will feel incredibly natural for turning this annoying feature off. 

On the other hand you’ll miss the smooth movement that mouse acceleration was providing you for less effort.

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