​What is Minecraft Difficulty and How to Change It

Are you looking for a way to change the difficulty of your Minecraft game?

Then you have come to the right place.


In this post you will get to know about what is Minecraft Difficulty and how to change it.

You will also get to know about the differences between these difficulty levels at the end of this post.

​What is Minecraft difficulty?

Minecraft difficulty is a feature of Minecraft that makes it easy or hard to play for you. If the difficulty is increased it’s hard to survive and the game becomes more challenging.

On the contrary if th e difficulty is low then you’ll easily survive and you’ll also find more resources very easily.

We all know that:

Minecraft is a wonderful game with tons of exciting features.

But all the gamers don’t find it easy to play with the same difficulty that comes with the game.

And that is why Minecraft has given a way to change the default difficulty and set it into 4 different types of difficulty level.

Also note that:

Other than the game’s difficulty there is difficulty for separate regions which is also known as Regional difficulty. You’ll be able to know more about it at the end of this post.

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How to change the Difficulty Settings for Minecraft World?

Setting difficulty for Minecraft world is a pretty simple process.

All you need to do is go to settings and choose the difficulty of your desire. But before that you need to know what the difficulty levels actually gives you(More on that later).


Another question I often get ask is:

What is Difficulty Lock in Minecraft?

Difficulty Lock is a feature of Minecraft which comes from version 1.8 to the latest ones. This feature helps to fix the game to a specific difficulty until it’s unlocked and changed.

To use this feature you will have to go to settings and click on the lock button beside difficulty button to activate and deactivate it.

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Another important question is:

What to do if difficulty level is locked?

If you find the difficulty option is locked and it’s set to Hard. Then here are the steps to change it:

  1. Go to settings and choose Open to LAN.
  2. Then select Allow Cheats: ON.
  3. In the game raise the chat box by pressing “T”.
  4. Type the command: /difficulty 0,1,2,3 according to your need.

Now you can check in the settings if the difficulty is changed or not.

Minecraft Difficulty Levels

Difficulty Level-0: Peaceful Mode

This is the easiest of all difficulty level as you won’t find any hostile Mobs spawning around you. You won’t be hungry at all as the food bar won’t drain. That means, you don’t need to eat anything in this mode.

This difficulty level is suitable for building and playing the game without any worries.

But some of you might not find it enjoyable playing in peaceful difficulty level as there’s no scope for fighting with the mobs and Wither.

As a result you won’t be able to collect Wither skeletons too.

This difficulty level is suitable for building and playing the game without any worries.

The good thing is your health bar will slowly drain if you drown or touch Lava or fall from heights.

You will only be able to east Golden apples here.


Difficulty Level-1: Easy Mode

I think this is the sweetspot for the beginners.

In this mode will see hostile mobs spawning around you though they will do little damage.

Here’ you will be able to eat as your food bar will drain slowly and you will get hungry.

The good thing is:

You will be safe from Wither boss’s wither effect and poisoning of the cave spiders.

Another thing you will like here is:

It’s almost impossible to die for hunger here.

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Difficulty Level-2: Normal Mode

In this mode the mobs will be little irritating and will do a good amount of damage to your health and status.

You’ll get good damage for fallings, drowning and touching lava.

Unlike the normal mode you might get poisoned by cave spiders and also face the wither effect here which you might find pretty annoying.


Hunger will be able to decrease your health by half of a heart. Although it’s tough to die for hunger but you’ll need to keep an eye on your food bar.

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Difficulty Level-3: Hard Mode

This more like a real-life game mode as there is more spawning of hostile mobs and they can also cause good amount of damage. Damage will also be severe from accidents physical world too.

The toughest thing is:

You need to constantly look for food in this mode as you can die out of hunger here.

But still you might like this mode as it is more challenging and more realistic.

Minecraft Regional difficulty

This is also a great feature of Minecraft. The game Minecraft automatically changes the difficulty of the game according to specific regions and some factors like: for how long you are playing and also how many players spend an hour in a chunk.

You can see the local/regional difficulty on the debug screen.

The Local/regional difficulty of Minecraft also depends on the phase of the moon. As the moon gets bigger the difficulty also increases gradually.

Difficulty of Biomes in Minecraft

Minecraft has a lot of Biomes or regions where everything is different.

Even the difficulty of survival in a biome is different from another.

The availability of food, hostile mobs and resources is completely different in different biomes. To get to know more about this check our separate post on Minecraft biome finder.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft has listened to the gamers from the beginning and they have always updated the game according to the gamers wish.

Changing of the difficulty in Minecraft is one of the most cool features they have provided with the game updates.

Now that you have perceived everything about Minecraft difficulty it will be easier for you to select the right difficulty for you.

Again, if you wish to test it go ahead and check out all the difficulty levels to find the suitable one for you.

You will surely like atleast any of these difficulty modes as they all give a different type of experience.

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