How to Fix Scratch Disks are Full Error in Photoshop

I think you already have read the title and you’re super annoyed by the error Scratch Disks are Full in the adobe Photoshop application.

Don’t be upset.

I’ve the easiest fix for you unlike the other complex solutions on the internet.

I’ve figured out the only working fix that will solve this problem completely.

And in this post I’ll be sharing the solution that I’ve found working. It’ll definitely work for you as well if you are using the latest version of Photoshop like me.

Let’s not waste your valuable time and get straight into the main topic.

What is Scratch Disk of Adobe Photoshop?


Before going to the fix of this problem let me clear up that what Adobe Photoshop’s scratch disk really is.

Generally it means the space of your hard drive where Adobe Photoshop keeps its temporary files while you are editing any photo.

You might wonder that:

Is RAM a part of scratch disk?

Me simple answer will be:

Yes, your computer’s RAM is a part of scratch disk. But, Photoshop also keeps its temporary files on your hard disk.

So, we can come to the conclusion that scratch disk is a combination of both your PC’s RAM and hard disk.

What is Scratch Disk are Full Error

Scratch disk error is a common error seen by most Photoshop users while starting up the application or performing any particular action.

This error is such a troublesome that:

You might even loose the hope of creating any design in Photoshop.

Some people can’t tolerate this issue and uninstall this wonderful editing app and look for an alternative app.

Undoubtedly this is the worst error faced by any photo editor/designer.

The ridiculous thing is:

This error might show even if you have plenty of space in your computer hard drive as well as RAM.

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Why am I Seeing Scratch Disks are Full Error?


Yes, this is the question you must know to overcome this error.

As you’ve already read about what is scratch disk in Adobe Photoshop, you’ll easily grasp what I will explain now.

Photoshop creates a great range of temporary files in your hard drives for editing purpose.

Sometimes there remain a few corrupted files too in those spaces for shutting down the application in an inappropriate manner.

These temporary and corrupted files fill up the space of the scratch disk.

As a result the application Adobe Photoshop finds difficulty in storing any new files there.

And this is the top most major reason behind this error.

In fewer cases PC having low RAM memory(less than 8GB) also fall victim of this error.

If you’ve low RAM Memory in your PC then this is the prime solution for you.

Next steps are going to be for those who have enough RAM(8GB or more) and hard disk space but still face this scratch disk is full error.

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How to Fix Scratch Disk are Full Error

It sounds little a weird that this is the only working fix but it’s the hard truth that only this solution will work for you.

You may ask why?


I’ve tried all other solutions on both my desktop and laptop and found only this one to be working.

Also keep in mind that ​uninstalling corrupted graphics card drivers and reinstalling them can some a lot of photo shop issues.

So, here are the steps you need to follow in order to fix the Scratch Disks are Full Error:

Step 1: Locating the Scratch Disk

Locating the scratch disk is an easy task. If you haven’t change any settings while installing the Adobe Photoshop then it’s definitely the C:\ drive or the drive where windows is installed.

You can also confirm it by the following steps:

1.Open Adobe Photoshop and go to Edit.

2.Select Preferences and then open Scratch Disks…


3.Here you can see the drive where the scratch disk is located.

Usually it’s the folder named Temp. And it’s location in C:\ Users\ Your PC’s User Name\ AppData\ Local\ Temp.

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Step 2: Clearing up Scratch Disk

After locating the scratch disk folder you can now see that there are a lot of files named with Photoshop Temp inside the folder.


Simply delete the files from there unless you don’t have any saved copy of your edits.

You can also clear all these junk files simply by using the app CCleaner or MyCleanPC. These apps will clear all the useless junk files regularly for you.

Step 3: Distributing the Scratch Space

This step is a process to save you for now and your future.

It will be more convenient if you distribute this scratch disk space among your other partitions.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open Adobe Photoshop application.

2. Click on Edit then choose Preferences and then select Scratch Disks…


3. Now a new window will open where you can give check marks beside the partition name to create scratch disk folders inside them.

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Step 4: Enhancing RAM Usage

This is obviously a pro tip that you need to know to simply increase your PC’s performance while running Photoshop.

This step will also help you fix the error permanently.

So here are the steps:

1.While running the Photoshop app go to edit

2.Go to preference and open the performace tab

3.Here you’ll see a bar for memory usage. Try to make it 70-75%. Don’t go furthermore otherwise it might slow down your PC.

4.Now close the settings to save it and restart the app.


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Question: What is scratch disk in Photoshop?

Answer: It’s the space where this app keeps its temporary files

Question: Why does my Photoshop app show scratch disks are full error although after having space in my hard disk?

Answer: Scratch disk space and hard disk empty space are not the same thing. Photoshop shows this error for facing difficulty in storing temporary files to its scratch disk space.

Question: How to fix scratch disks are full in Photoshop?

Answer: Simply by clearing up the space inside the scratch disk and distributing its space among other drives as I have explained in the post.

Final Thoughts

We all know how severe pain this “scratch disk are full’ error is.

All you have to do it follow the steps I’ve provided here to fix it perfectly.

Hope you don’t see this error message anymore in your life.

If you still face any problem regarding this error then do let us know in the comment section below.

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