Pokemon Unite Voice Chat Not Working: [Ultimate Fix 2021]

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If you are having trouble with the voice chat feature of Pokemon Unite, you are not alone.

A lot of gamers are facing similar issues with voice chat.

Luckily, I have some fixes for you. I will go through them in this post.



Why is Pokemon Unite voice chat not working?

Pokemon Unite voice chat is not working for you due to many reasons. They are: you do not have the minimum trainer level required, you have not played the minimum number of matches together, you have an incompatible headphone for Nintendo Switch, etc.

Keep reading the whole post to learn in detail.

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Why Can’t I Use Voice Chat In Pokemon Unite?

You can’t use voice chat in Pokemon Unite as there are some minimum requirements to enable voice chat. Your trainer level should be six or higher, and you should play at least five matches together with your friends. If you pass these criteria, you can use voice chat.

Pokemon Unite took the mobile gaming world to storm within a short span of time. It became hugely popular among smartphone gamers and Nintendo Switch users.

It achieved huge success as it is a free-to-play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game with decent game mechanics. You engage in 5v5 battles in a limited-time match.

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As with any multiplayer game, having good communication is a must. It allows you to discuss strategies, split your team across multiple places on the map and have a good balance on taking fights.


Without good communication, your team will not have a good balance between attack and defense. Your team will not be able to use its full potential.

Hence, the voice chat feature is crucial in such MOBA games. With no surprise, Pokemon Unite has a built-in voice chat feature that you can use during matches.

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The catch is, it is not available throughout the game. You cannot use voice chat unless you meet some minimum criteria.

Here are the requirements to use voice chat in Pokemon Unite:

  1. Your trainer level should be six or above.
  2. You need to play with your friends at least five times.
  3. You need to have a decent amount of fair play points.
  4. If you have a Nintendo Switch, you will need compatible headphones.

Once you fulfill all these criteria, you can use voice chat in Pokemon Unite.

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How To Fix Pokemon Unite Voice Chat Not Working

Voice chat is an important feature in games like Pokemon Unite. But sometimes, it does not seem to work correctly.

The good thing is, there are some steps you can take to fix the issue quickly.

Here’s how to fix Pokemon Unite voice chat:

1. Use a compatible headset

Make sure you are using compatible headphones, especially if you are using a Nintendo Switch.

If you see a mic and headphones symbol on the upper left side of the screen in a match, your headphones are compatible, and you can use the voice chat.


If you do not see the mic and headphones symbol, something might be wrong with your headphones. They might not be compatible with the game or your device.

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2. Make sure voice chat is set up correctly

If you use compatible headphones, you will be able to access voice chat settings.


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the sidebar, pressing X from the main screen.
  2. Scroll down and select Settings.
  3. Scroll down and select Audio.
  4. Turn on Voice.
  5. Start a match.
  6. Open the stats lobby by pressing the + button.
  7. Select the Settings by pressing the – button.
  8. Scroll down to Voice Chat Settings.
  9. Set Incoming to On.
  10. Set Outgoing to On.
  11. Press X to agree to the terms of service if it appears.

With these steps, you can set up voice chat successfully in Pokemon Unite.

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3. Check if you meet trainer level requirements

You can only use the voice chat feature in a match if you have a trainer level of six or more.

It is done so that random new players do not use the voice chat to abuse other players.

So if you just started the game, you can play some matches until you reach level six trainer. Then you can use voice chat in matches.


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4. Play the minimum number of games with friends

To voice-chat with your friends, you need to play at least five matches together.

If you do not play the minimum number of matches, the voice chat feature will not be available.

So make sure you play at least five matches with your friends before trying to voice chat.

5. Maintain higher fair play points

Fair play points have a great role in Pokemon Unite. If you do not have enough fair play points, it might affect you in a lot of ways.

One such way is the voice chat feature. If you have low fair play points, the voice chat feature might be taken away from you.

So ensure you have a high fair play point to eliminate the chance.

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How Do I Enable Voice Chat In Pokemon Unite

Setting up voice chat in Pokemon Unite is not straightforward.

The settings are buried down into the menus, and some options are not accessible unless you are in a match.

Therefore, I have summarized all the settings and configurations regarding the voice chat settings below.

Also, Nintendo Switch users need to use compatible headphones to voice chat without issues.

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So here’s how to set voice chat in Pokemon Unite:

  1. Connect a compatible headset.
  2. Open the game.
  3. Open the sidebar, then go to Settings.
  4. Go to the Audio tab and turn on Voice.
  5. Join a match.
  6. Go to the stats lobby while in the match.
  7. Select Settings and then Voice Chat Settings.
  8. Set both Incoming and Outgoing to On.
  9. Set Incoming and Outgoing range. If you only want to hear your invited teammates, change the Incoming range from Team: All to Team: Invited. The same is valid for the Outgoing range. If you want your voice to be heard by invited teammates, change the Outgoing range from Team: All to Team: Invited.

As you can see, there are a lot of customization and privacy options. You can restrict others’ voices as well as your voice going through these options.

Apart from that, while you are playing the match, you will see the mic and headphones symbol in the upper left corner. Tapping those will open the incoming and outgoing voice settings.

By default, both of them are turned off. You can turn both of them on or change the range using these two shortcuts.

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Question: Can you talk on Pokemon Unite?

Answer: Yes, you can talk inside a match in Pokemon Unite. However, there are some minimum requirements to fulfill before you can use it.

Question: How do I turn off voice chat in Unite?

Answer: To turn off voice chat in Pokemon Unite, go to the sidebar, then go to Settings and find Audio, finally turn off Voice.

Question: How do I use quick chat in Unite?

Answer: To use the quick chat in Pokemon Unite, drag the chat icon to any move or select the chat option to bring up eight quick prompts.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon Unite is a popular game right now. It has amassed a huge number of gamers in a short time span.

As Pokemon Unite is a MOBA game, communicating with teammates is crucial. Hence, voice chat is an essential part of the game.

But sometimes, it fails to work correctly. Luckily, some quick fixes will get you up and running within minutes.

Moreover, there are some criteria that you need to fulfill before you can use the voice chat feature. You need to reach a certain trainer level and also play a certain number of matches with your friends.

The fair play points system also plays a role here. Having too low fair play points can snatch away voice chat capabilities from you.

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