How to Fix Kmode Exception Not Handled Error for Windows

Is your computer certainly shows you a blue screen error saying "KMODE-EXPECTATION-NOT-HANDLED"?

You also might see another message saying SYSTEM_THREAD_EXPECTATION_NOT_HANDLED


Both of these problems are similar and they are known as BSOD or simply Blue Screen of Death.

Don't you worry about these errors as they are very old error of windows and can be fixed very easily.

This error is familiar to most windows PC users.

I’ve figured out easy fixes to solve this problem completely.

And in this post I’ll be sharing the solution that I’ve found to be working. It’ll surely work for you too.

So, let's get started.


KMODE_EXPECTATION_NOT_HANDLED is simply an error shown on Blue Screen of Death of a Windows PC. It's message that most windows users face once in a while.

Yes, it's a very annoying error that can make you frustrated and let you think that your windows PC is almost dead.

This error means that:

Your computer is unable to read data from the hard drives to run your operating system. It can also mean that it's facing issues while transferring data through your Random Access Memory(RAM).

What is Blue Screen of Death


Blue Screen of Death or BSOD is an issue of windows PC. whenever your Windows PC faces any problem related to data transfer then it shows this message and stops working.

You may also face boot loops for this issue.

I've faced this issue many times and found out several ways to solve it.

Finding out the actual reason behind BSOD is tough but you can do it with few tests( more on that later).

But don't you worry about this problem as it's not any big deal to fix it.

It's pretty simple process. So, keep reading.

Reasons for Blue Screen of Death

I really don't know what you have heard before but let me tell you that:

There isn't any specific reason behind blue screen of death of a windows computer.

The reason behind blue screen of death of your computer and any other computer might not be same.

That said:

This is a error for various types of computer issues.

You will get a clearer idea when I'll tell you how to diagnose why it happened to your PC.

Also check out how you can fix this issue by uninstalling faulty graphics drivers.

How to Diagnose BSOD


Have patience as this may take a while to make your understand the real reason behind the blue screen of death of a windows PC.

One thing that you need to keep in mind before going further is:

You'll see blue screen of death in your windows PC only when your PC will fail to transfer its data properly through its system.

You can ask: 

Why will it fail to do so?

The answer to your question is the reason behind the BSOD of your PC.


I felt the same when I was in your place. So, don't worry. Just keep reading.

There are two types of problems that casue this BSOD. One is the software related another is the hardware related side.

Diagnosing this problem will take you longer than that of fixing it. So, it's better to try the fixes I've shown below then you'll automatically know which thing was the main culprit behind BSOD of your PC.

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I have given a 5 step process to fix your BSOD.

Read carefully:

The first 4 steps will fix your BSOD if your problem was software related. On the other hand the 5th step is the one that will fix the hardware problems.

Though most people fix the BSOD by the help of the 5th process that I've given below, I have provided it in the last step as I don't want to put hand inside your PC case before solving it easily with the software.

The best way will be if your go through all these step and check if your PC is showing blue screen or not. 

If nothing helps the 5th step will surely do the job.

So, best of luck and let's get right into the steps.

Step 1: Disable Fast Startup in Windows

This is a pretty straight forward process. Here are the required steps to follow:

1. At first, search Control Panel and open it.

2. Now select System and Security.

3. Now go to the Power Options and click on Choose what power buttons do

4. In the next step you need to select Change settings that are currently available and uncheck the box beside Turn on fast startup.

5. Now click on save changes and it's done. yu have disabled fast startup for your windows PC.


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Step 2: SFC Scan


This is the easiest of all the steps.

You just need to search for Run in the search bar and type cmd in the dialogue box of the new window and ht Enter.

When the black screen window (command) opens you will need to type the following and press enter:

sfc /scannow

It might take a few minutes depending on your computer's hard drive speed and capacity.

when it's done simply restart your computer and check if you face any BSOD or not.

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Step 3: Update Drivers


A backdated or a faulty driver can often create problems in your computer.

That's why you need to update your hardware drivers regularly.

Not sure about how to do it?

Ok, no problem. Here are the steps:

1. Simply search for Device Manager in your search bar.

2. now, in the new window you may find some unknown devices which may cause your PC's BSOD.

3. right click on them and click on update driver software.

4. Then you'll need to choose search automatically for updated driver software.

5. After all updates are complete make sure to give a fresh restart to your PC.

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Step 4: Run Windows Memory Diagnostic


If you have fell into bootloops then this process will surely help you out.

This is a little bit harder process than the previous ones.

But it's safe so don't worry.

Try opening the safe mode in your PC by frquently turning on and off the PC respectively for 3 times.

The 4th time when your PC will turn on it will ask for recovery and you will see the option for safe mode.

Once you open the PC with safe mode, search for windows Memory Diagnostic in the search bar and open it.

lastly choose Restart now and check for problems.

It will take a while to complete the process and will solve all the software issues causing the blue screen of death of your computer.

Step 5: Hardware Diagnosis and Fix


About this step, I'll say:

Every fix is seems like a hope only until the real working fix arrives.

Ok, let's not talk much and get to the main point.

BSOD can be fixed if the faulty hardware is replaced or if any changes are made to it.

Believe me, the first time when I've fixed this problem the main culprit was my motherboard's SATA port.

I just unplugged the SATA port which was connected to my hard drive and connected it to another port on my motherboard.

And Boom! it solved the problem!

Sometimes the BIOS battery causes BSOD. So,make sure to change your BIOS battery when you face errors like this or you see wrong time always on your PC.

Another PC I've fixed that was related to RAM Slot.

Changing the ram slot also solves this problem. unless your RAM is dead

Sometimes faulty RAM speeds may hamper your PC's performance and also cause BSOD.

If you find all this fixes not to be working then be sure that your RAM has problem.

And changing it will fix the issues.

Having the best RAM is like a certificate for no worries.

Final Thoughts

The error KMODE-EXPECTATION-NOT-HANDLED is a great torment for the windows PC users.

But it's good that it has working solutions.

In the post I've given fixes for both software and hardware related problems that were causing the BSOD of your computer.

hopefully atleast one of them worked for you.

I am very enthusiastic to know the step that worked for you. So, don't forget to inform us in the comment section below and stay tuned with us for awesome tech blog and tutorials.

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