Fix Discord Push to Talk Not Working [Windows Tutorial 2022]

Written By Steven Arends

Discord is a platform to communicate with your gaming community or friends very efficiently easily. Push to talk is one of those options that help you quickly speak to your friend.

While it is an excellent way to communicate with your friends, many issues lead to the feature not working.

Why is my push to talk not working in discord?

Push to talk can be interrupted because of many reasons while using discord, from destructive audio devices or ports to only having no device permissions. Make sure the push-to-talk and push-to-mute hotkeys are not the same.

Keep on reading, and I can assure you that you will learn all about the Push-to-talk features and fix them from not working correctly.

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What does Push to talk mean in Discord?

Push to talk is a feature on discord where you can talk to your gaming community or friends by pushing a specific button on the keyboard each time. You can assign a button that triggers your audio to be activated while gaming.

The push-to-talk options are not quite popular in the gaming community because there are many other options. But, for some, this feature is a useful thing to use. Simply select a button for the part to be enabled, and you can quickly talk to others using discords voice channel. Check out our post if you want to know if your friends blocked you on discord.

The function is not set by default, So you have to allow the push to talk options from the settings to make it work. After turning on the choices, you can enjoy seamless voice activity efficiently.

How to enable Push to Talk on Discord

The push to talk feature is not set by default from discord. You have to turn on the feature manually to make it work. You can easily do this from the settings.

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Here are the steps to enable the PTT settings on Discord:

  1. Open the discord app from your PC or its browser.
  2. Look at the bottom of the screen and go to the user settings.
  3. Go to ‘voice and video” and click on view more.
  4. Click the push to talk settings and enable the option.
  5. Click the assigned PTT key, you will have enabled the PTT automatically.

How to Fix Push to talk not working on Discord

Many issues lead to the feature not work. These issues are often quite simple errors, and they are easy to solve. You can fix these problems on your own efficiently. Check out some interesting discord commands for your server.

Here are the steps to fix push to talk not working in Discord:

1.    Run Discord as administrator

If you do not have discord on administrator mode, PTT will not work because it needs that option. If you are playing a game or using software that runs on the administrator settings, discord will not provide you with the PTT mode. Windows denies the option to push to talk if another software is using administrator mode. So, Run discord as administrator.

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Here the steps on how you can run the app as an administrator:

  1. Right-click on the discord software.
  2. Click on the Run as administrator tab.
  3. Select Okay to start the discord app.

2.    Reset the keybind Settings

If you have not checked your key bind settings, the PTT might not work because other options are running on the same key. This setting provides you with the list of keys you are using as a shortcut. Check the keybind settings for Push to Talk and Push to mute settings. Check if they are running on the same key. Also, check out our discord text formatting guide to spice up your discord chat messages.discord-voice-and-video-push-to-talk

3.    Update the audio driver

Your Audio driver can be a cause of the issue you are facing. If it is not up to date, it can cause the push to talk options not to work. Check if it is up to date and if not, then update your audio driver.

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Here are the steps to update audio drivers:

  1. Go to the device manager of your computer.
  2. Select the sound, video, and game controller option and check for any yellow sign. If there is a yellow sign, you have to update that driver.
  3. Righ-click on that audio driver and select the update driver option.

4.    Check the default headset and microphone in windows

To check if your Headset is on default on the audio settings. If it is not on default, you won’t be able to communicate via PTT. You can check this from the discord app’s voice and video settings and make the necessary changes. Check out our separate post if you can’t hear people on Discord.

5.    Reset voice settings

This can be the best solution for your problem. You can trigger some issues because of some settings you unintentionally enable. So, reset your voice settings and restart your app to see if it works. You can do this from the voice and video settings of the app. If you are an Airpod user, you should definitely want to know how to fix AirPods won’t work on discord.reset-voice-settings-discord

6.    Change USB port of Headset

You can change your USB port for the headset you are using to check if it solves the matter. Sometimes the USB port you are using can be damaged or inadequate for any reason. So, try a different port and check if it works. Here’s a complete guide on how to fix screen share not working on discord.

7.    Reinstall Discord

There might be some problems your Discord app has, and it is forcing the push-to-talk feature not to be enabled. Uninstall your app and then reinstall it to solve the matter quickly. Your problem might go away because of reinstalling the software. Check out our awesome guide to fix notifications not working on discord.

Here are the steps to uninstall discord:

  1. Go to the control panel and search for the Discord app.
  2. Double click to completely uninstall the software.
  3. Download the fresh version of discord from the official site.

Enable Discord Push to talk on Mac

You can easily enable the Push-to-talk settings in discord on Mac. If you are a complete beginner, you should definitely check out our post on how to enable push-to-talk on discord. Here are the steps to enable push to talk on Mac Discord:

  1. Open the user settings.
  2. Scroll to the voice and video settings.
  3. Turn on the push to talk by clicking the scroll.

Why use Push to talk on discord?

The Push-to-talk settings options allow you to have smooth gameplay and communications. You can easily communicate and concentrate on gaming using this. You can set a specific key that enables you to talk whenever you need to speak.

This feature helps you talk at critical moments. You can easily ignore the unnecessary sounds from the background to disturb you while gaming. Moreover, it allows you to assign any key that you are comfortable pressing to get a smoother runtime and experience.  Quickly fix Discord No Route Error by following our epic guide.

The PTT helps you to have a cleaner and smoother runtime and communication. You can quickly talk and mute with this setting that is a useful feature to have.

How does push to talk work in Discord

The push-to-talk aspect of Discord enables you to communicate with your friend and the gaming community. You can quickly use this function to talk with anyone. The options will allow you to push a specific key to trigger the voice option and turn on your mic to talk.

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You can set the push-to-talk options from the settings. Just go to the voice and video settings of the app and enable the function to work. You can set a random or specific key on your keyboard that turns on your mic. Then the app will run the PTT options when you press the particular switch.

How do I make a push to talk channel on Discord

You can easily use the push to talk feature by going through the channel settings. You can also make your channel and enable forced PTT so that everyone uses push-to-talk to speak.

Here are the steps to create a push to talk channel-

  1. Create a voice channel by clicking the plus sign on the voice channel setting.
  2. After creating the channel, go to the channel settings.
  3. Click @everyone permission.
  4. Disable voice activity
  5. Everyone will have to use PTT after this.

What Keys Do Streamers Use for Push to Talk?

There are no specific keys that streamers use while using push-to-talk. They generally use a hotkey that is easy to click and closer to hand.

For example, A gamer always uses WASD keys to move. So, as a quick reflex, these keys are easier to access.


Question: What is the default push to talk button on discord?

Answer: There is no default PTT button on discord. You set it. When you enable the PTT settings, you can do that by going through voice and video settings then allowing push to talk. You can set the key from the keybind settings.

Final Thoughts

Having a not functioning push-to-talk feature can be very irritating, but all of the issues are very elementary to solve. You can solve this problem on your own.

Most of the issues are caused by not having proper permissions or having minor setbacks. If you follow the right steps, you can quickly solve the matter and start using the push-to-talk options efficiently.

I can assure you that the step given above will help you to fix your Push to talk options to work correctly. Hopefully, you will follow the guidelines and solve this problem on your own very quickly.

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