[Solved] Discord Helper not Responding on MacOS | 2022

Written By Steven Arends

Are you frustrated because whenever you try to use the Discord app on your MacBook, it shows that the Discord Helper is not responding?

If you want the solution to this issue, you landed on the right page!

I faced the same issue recently. I use the Discord app on my Macbook, and the Discord helper doesn’t respond when I need to use it. So I spent hours in front of my PC to fix it.

Finally, I got the perfect solution to fix Discord Helper Not Responding on Mac.discord-helper-not-responding-on-macos

What is the Discord helper?

Discord helper is an application intended to answer Discord users’ queries. It helps users ask their questions about various Discord topics and delivers them answers from Discord helpers and experts. The Discord helper helps maintain cooperation and create the next great community.

This post will guide you through why the Discord helper is not responding on Mac and provide solutions. I will answer all the questions you might ask about this issue.

So, without any further adieu, let’s start the quest.

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Why is Discord Helper  Not Responding on MacOS

Discord Helper doesn’t respond on MacOS because it cannot run it’s processes properly at the startup along with the Discord app. The reasons might be bugs, faulty startup, missing files inside the application package, and corrupted cache files.

The Discord helper comes with the Discord app as a separate service to ensure the users get help when needed.

But, it becomes annoying and frustrating when your pc constantly reminds you that the Discord helper is not responding, and it ruins the whole user experience when an app starts to misbehave.

So, here  I’m about to explain why the Discord helper does not respond. I have researched all the reasons behind it and will list them below with a short explanation for your better understanding.

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Here are the reasons behind Discord helper  does not respond issue:

Bugs Inside the Discord Helper

One of the most common reasons behind not responding to Discord helper is bugs inside the package.

Discord helper comes with the official Discord app. But they are developed inside Discord’s headquarter before releasing. It might be the case that the helper package has some kind of bug that only interacts with the user’s devices that is not as structured and tailored as the developer’s devices.

In that case, the Discord helper won’t respond on your Mac as it’s not in the same setup as the developers or testers.

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Confliction with the Discord Helper

Sometimes, the helper can conflict with a similar helper app installed on the user’s device.

Suppose a user runs Discord on a device with a specific type of app installed. For example, Slacks, an app with a helper, might conflict with Discord’s helper.

In that case, Discord helper will constantly conflict with the other helper service installed on your device and will forcefully try to run continuously. That will take a high toll on your CPU and GPU and reduce your battery life significantly.

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Faulty Startup of the Discord Helper

Discord helper starts at the Discord app startup. But some of it’s processes can be outrun by Discord’s primary operations, and as long as the Discord app runs, it cannot start these processes again.

In that case, Discord helper will not respond as it’s processes are missing to run it properly.

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Missing Files Inside the Discord Helper Package

Discord Helper package has various files to help you with different distractions that you might face while using the DIscord app. It also has features that’ll help you grow and maintain your server.

But, imagine some of the primary scripts of the helper package are missing. What would the situation be? Disastrous, right! That’s the point. If your Discord helper package has missing crucial files, it won’t run properly and respond on your device.

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Corrupted Cache Files

The cache files are essential for any app as they store temporary session log data to save time on future sessions. Discord generated them too.

But if somehow these cache files get corrupted, and then every time you launch the Discord app, it’ll misbehave. So, if the cache files of the Discord helper go corrupted, then it won’t work as it’s supposed to be and will misbehave. Moreover, it will not respond on your device.

These are the main reasons behind the Discord helper issue on your MacBook. Go through them and try to point out the reason behind your inconvenience.

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How to Fix Discord Helper  not Responding on MacOS

Let’s talk about what you can do to fix the Discord helper not responding on the MacBook issue. Most of the reasons behind this issue are on Discord’s end.

Discord developers can only fix the issues on their end, and you can do very little about them. So, I’m listing some methods below which you can follow to report the bug to Discord’s admins and avoid facing the issue.

I’ve found some pretty exciting ways for you to avoid having the issue when you use Discord. I’m listing them below to help you overcome the problem. Go through them to fix Discord helper not responding on MacOS.

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Here are the methods to fix Discord helper not responding on MacOS:

1. Report to Discord.

First, you need to report the issue to Discord as you cannot fix the problem independently. So, we need to bring it to Discord’s attention to make the developers fix it on the next update of the Discord app.

You need to report it to the Discord admins using Discord’s support portal. Don’t worry. I’ll guide you through every step of it.

Here are the steps to report the Discord helper not responding issue on MacOS:

  • Open your browser.
  • Go to the Discord support website.
  • Click on Submit a request. support-website
  • Choose Bug reporting from the drop-down menus on the next screen. drop-down-menus
  • Fill the form up by answering the question and describing your situation. describing
  • Click on Submit when you’re done. Submit

Now that you’ve submitted the report, Discord admins and developers will review it and fix it.

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2. Use Discord Web.

If you want to avoid Discord helper not responding pop up on your mac and the extensively high CPU, GPU, and Battery usage by the Discord helper, you should use the Discord web version. It’ll help you avoid these types of bugs that ruin the user experience.

Here are the steps to use the Discord web version:

  • Open your browser.
  • Head over to the Discords website.
  • Click on login on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Type your credentials on the e-mail and password box, or scan the QR code with your phone if you’ve installed the Discord mobile app on it.top-right-corner
  • Save the password on your browser for future logins.
  • Use the app just like the desktop app. desktop-app

The Discord web version is precisely similar to the desktop app version, minus the inconveniences. Use it to avoid any bugs or high CPU usage.

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3. Install the Discord iPad version on Mac.

Another solution to avoid Discord helper not responding is installing the iPad version of Discord on your Mac if you don’t use the web version.

It is pretty easy based on which medium you’re using to install the iPhone and iPad versions of the Discord app. There are quite a few apps to help you install iPad app versions on your M! MacBook. For example, imazing.

This type of app helps you install the apps from your iPhone on your MacBook.

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Here are the steps to use imazing to install iPad apps on your MacBook:

  • Download imazing and open it. Download-imazing
  • Register with your apple account.
  • Select your phone. Select-your-phone
  • Select Apps from the drop-down menu on the left. Select-apps-from
  • Click on Manage apps at the Bottom. Manage-apps
  • Click on the Library tab on the top.
  • Click on the cloud icon beside any app to download it. app-to-download
  • Right-click on it after the downloading finishes and select Export.IPA.
  • Select a directory to save the IPA file.
  • Double-click on the file to open it in your M1 MacBook.

The iPad version of the Discord app will not consume as much space, memory, or battery as the full version of the app. It’ll run smoothly without showing you Discord helper not responding message.

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Why does Discord make the MacBook hot?

Discord makes MacBook hot because some of Discord’s processes is not responding since the app launched. These processes are constantly trying to restart their operations again and using extensive CPU power, raising the overall temperature.

Why is my MacBook lagging when I use Discord?

Your MacBook is lagging when you use the Discord app because it uses most of the CPU to perform it’s processes. Discord has various issues running on the MacBook. Some of it’s operations are not responding because of bugs and glitches, and it is using most of the CPU to rerun them.

Why is Discord not updating automatically?

Discord isn’t updating automatically because it cannot access the permissions required to independently download and install update packages. Discord frequently fails to run properly without the administrator’s permission, and thus, it fails to install or update itself.

How to make Discord less demanding?

To make Discord demand your CPU and GPU less, you need to turn off the Hardware acceleration option from Discord’s settings. Go to Discord settings>Appearance>Scroll down>Turn Off Hardware acceleration. It’ll make Discord not use your GPU for a smooth user experience.


Discord helper not responding issue is floating around for an extended period, but the only thing you and I can do to fix this issue is to report it to Discord as much as possible.

On the other hand, you can use the web version to avoid this annoying issue. And if you don’t want to use the web version, install the iPad version of the Discord app on your de, and it’ll not cause you inconveniences like the desktop app.

Follow the methods I’ve stated above to avoid the Discord helper not responding issue. Go through them twice if needed, but proceed carefully to avoid further problems.

If you have any further queries, comment below. Our experts will get to you right away!

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