Discord: Allow Friends to Join Your Game [Complete Guideline]

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Are you trying to figure out how to allow your Discord friends to join your games? Do you want to know how to invite friends to play games with you through the Discord app?

Then you landed on the right page!

As a regular Discord user and multiplayer gamer, I can show you every nook and crane of Discord game invitations and how to allow people to join your games with invitations.

How does Discord game invitation works?

Discord game invitation works with the help of Discord’s Game Overlay feature. Discord detects the game you’re playing, and when you are waiting in a game lobby for people to join in, Discord detects that automatically and generates an invitation link. You can share it on Discord servers.

I’ll show you how to allow friends to join your games without an invitation through Discord and make Discord invitations for people to join your game.

So, without any further adieu, let’s get started.discord-allow-friends-to-join-your-game

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How to Allow Friends to Join Your Game Through Discord

In recent updates, Discord introduced an all-new feature called Rich presence. It automatically detects what game users are currently playing and shares the information with other Discord users.

So, if you’re playing a game that supports Discord’s new rich presence feature, Discord will share an invitation link that will let other people join your game.

You can configure Discord settings based on your choice to allow people to join your game. You can choose whether other people from mutual voice channels can join your game directly and if you want to a join request from them first.

I’ve prepared an easy step-by-step guide for you to do the configuration for letting other people join your game through Discord. It’ll check if you’ve installed the updated Discord app and configured Discord game overlay settings.

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Here are the steps to allow friends to join your game through Discord:

Check for Discord Updates: First, you need to check if you’ve installed the latest Discord app. To check for Discord updates, follow the steps below:

  • Connect your Device with the internet or Wifi network.
  • Open the Discord app, and it’ll check for updates automatically.
  • Allow the app to update by following on-screen instructions.

Configure Discord for Allowing Friends to Join Games: Now, you’ll move on to the second part, configuring the Discord app.

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Don’t worry! I also have a guide for you this time. Follow the steps below to set up the Discord app to allow friends to join your game:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Go to settings by clicking the icon beside your username. discord-user-settings
  • Head over to the Activity status under the Activity settings section.activity-settings
  • Toggle On the Display current activity as a status message option to let Discord identify your activities.
  • Go to the Privacy and safety sub-section under User settings.
  • Scroll down to the Rich Presence section.
  • Toggle On the Allow friends to join your game option if you want your Discord friends to join you while playing a game. rich-presence
  • Toggle On the Allow voice channel participants to join your game option if you want to let people from voice channels participate with you in the game.

Whenever you play a game, Discord will identify your activity. If the game supports the Rich presence feature, your friends and people can join with you automatically based on your Rich presence settings.

When both of the options are toggled On, your friends and people from a mutual voice channel will be able to join your game automatically.

If they’re switched off, you’ll get a join request, and you can either allow or deny their joining request based on your choice.

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What is Discord Rich Presence?

Rich Presence is a recent adaptation of Discord that lets it show users’ status on their profile when they play your game. With the help of API integrations, Discord’s Rich input feature helps deliver supported games’ information in Discord. Rich presence allows users to join each other’s games.

Previously, you’ve read that the Discord feature, which lets you play a game with your buddies, is called Rich presence. This feature is a robust way to combine users’ games with Discord, and it allows users to share their game information in Discord without performing additional activities.

Games that support Rich presence will automatically share the data with Discord, and Discord will sho case this info on the users’ profile to let others know about their activity.

Here are the key advantages of Discord’s Rich Presence feature:

  • It enables Discord to detect and showcase users’ activities on their profiles automatically.
  • It allows Discord users to spectate and join each other’s gameplay.
  • It lets users join other’s servers and game parties directly from the Discord app.

The new Rich presence feature will open a whole new world to Discord users, unlocking the ability to join each other’s games and activities without following the bone-cracking steps of the previous updates.

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Which Games Support Discord Rich Presence?

Discord’s new Rich Presence feature lets users join each other’s games, and it’s taking the game industry like a storm.

As it’s a relatively new feature and doesn’t require any complications for gathering friends and family for a good session of multiplayer games. You can team p with them straight from the Discord app.

More publishers adopt this feature and embed it into their games day by day. Publishers like Electronic Arts [EA] is already thinking of embedding this feature to their game launcher so that users can quickly notify their friends and when they open the launcher.

Payday 2, Battlerite, and Divinity: Original Sin 2 already supports Discord’s Rich Presence feature.

But it’s a new feature, so keep an eye on your favorite game publisher’s website to get the updated news of embedding the Rich presence feature to their games.

Also, I’ll recommend you to read the game’s description or google them if you’re looking forward to taking advantage of the Rich presence feature.

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How to Invite Friends to Play Game with You Through Discord

Now, I’ll show you another method that’ll let you send joining invitations to other Discord users to your games. By following this method, you can send invitations to server users and allow them to participate with you.

So, without any delay, let’s find out how to make a Discord invitation for your friends to join the game you’re playing.

To send game invitations to your friends, follow the guideline I’ve prepared for you below, and then you’ll be able to do it by yourself.

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Here are the steps to invite friends to play games with you through Discord:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Go to Settings. discord-user-settings
  • Go to Connections under User settings.
  • Add your Game connection. For example, Battle.Net for Call of Duty. battle-net
  • Open a game with the Discord Rich presence support and start a lobby.
  • Go back to Discord, and open a Server’s chat section.
  • Press the plus button (upload button) on the left side of the text box.
  • Click on Invite@Game_Name.Invite-game
  • Click on Send Invite to send the invitation link on that specific server.specific-server

When your friends click on the invitation link, they will join your game lobby.

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How Do I Allow Games on Discord?

You can automatically enable Discord settings to change your Discord status based on your activities. It’ll help your friend get hold of your activities like when you’re playing games.

It’s relatively easy to enable the Activity status feature in Discord. Don’t panic if you’re unaware of the process. Just follow the steps below to allow activity status:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Click on the Settings icon located beside the username.
  • Scroll down to the Activity status under Activity settings.
  • Toggle On the Display current activity as a status message. Toggle-on

Discord will automatically detect the game info and share it on your profile to let other users know whenever you open and start playing a game.

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How to Fix Discord Game Invites Not Working

If the Discord game invites are not working on your device, there are a couple of issues behind it. Don’t worry! I’ve got the fix for all of them.

Discord game invites are relatively straightforward to set up. But remember these actions before attempting to send game invites to your friends.

Here are the steps to fix Discord game invites not working:

Enable Discord Activity Status

You must enable Discord activity status from the Discord settings. Without enabling this option, you won’t be able to send invites to your friends.

I’ve mentioned enabling Discord activity status in the previous section, where I showed you how you could allow games on Discord.

Follow those steps to enable Discord activity status.

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Launch Discord Before Launching the Game

Another issue for your game invitation malfunction is launching Discord after launching the game and then trying to send the game invitation. This way, you won’t be able to send a game invitation because Discord won’t detect your game as it was launched before Discord.

Discord activity status can only detect activities started after Discord is launched. So, if you launch Discord after launching the game, Discord will fail to detect the game. Furthermore, Discord will not send a game invitation.

So, always launch Discord first before launching the game when you want to send game invitations to your friends.

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Question: How to play games with friends on Discord?

Answer: To play games with your friends on Discord,  invite them to join your game. Open the Discord app. Open a game and start a lobby. Switch to Discord,  open a chat and press the plus-shaped upload button on the text box. Now click on Invite@Game_Name and send it to your friends.

Question: How do I enable game activity on Discord mobile?

Answer: To activate the Game Detection Service, open the Discord Mobile app and go to settings. Now tap on your avatar and tap on User settings. Scroll down and tap on Activity Status, and Toggle On the Display current activity as status message option.


Hope this post will give you a clear idea about allowing your friends to join you to play games through Discord.

You’ll be able to send game invitations yourself through Discord by following my guidelines.

If you want to allow your friends to join in playing games with you, then move forward and apply the methods mentioned in my guideline.

If you’ve any further queries, feel free to comment below. Our experts will try to answer any of your questions right away.

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