​Csrss.exe - What is it? And How To Remove Csrss.exe

Have you ever noticed an unknown application named Csrss.exe running on your Desktop after opening the task manager?

I know that, you didn’t install this application.


So, your question might be:

Is Csrss.exe safe for my PC? Is it a malicious application or a default application for Windows?

Don’t worry. You will get to know everything about Csrss.exe after reading the whole blog.

In this post, I am going to tell you about Csrss.exe and will also tell you whether you should remove this application or not.

So, let’s get started.

What is csrss.exe?

Csrss.exe stands for Client Server Runtime Process. Csrss.exe is a process which is required for managing the majority of the graphical instruction sets under the Windows operating system.

Basically, you will see this application in the C:\Windows\System32 folder or you can open task manager to see whether this application is running or not.

So, you might wonder that this application is safe to run in the background.

But here is the kicker:

As Csrss.exe is a common system process, some malware like Trojan usually uses a process title of Csrss.exe to camouflage itself.

You may find this app showing up in the task manager without installing manually.

So, your question might be:

Is csrss.exe a virus?

The answer to this question is a bit tricky, this application normally doesn't cause any harm. But there are virus too which are named exactly the same. so, you will have to check if your one is a virus or not.

crss.exe Virus Type

Virus NameVirus TypeLevel of DangerSymptoms caused by TrojanDivisionPossible dangersElimination process
Csrss.exe TrojanTrojan HorseExtremeConstant crashes that will disrupt PC performanceCan install unsafe software,
malicious ads automatically
Loss of data and credentials.Never try to Disable Csrss.exe Trojan by yourself as it may show BSOD.
Use high performance antivirus or the steps we have shown in this post.

Should I Disable csrss.exe?

Well, you cannot disable csrss.exe as it is an important part of Windows. But if your one is creating any problem then I have a fix for you.(more on that later)

If you try to disable Csrss.exe then, Blue Screen of Death will show up.

Though, there is no valid reason to disable this process, anyway—it uses a very small quantity of resources and performs a few critical windows system functions.

If you try to end the Client Server Runtime Process from the task manager, you will notice that, Windows reports you that the PC will become abortive or will shut down.

This server runtime process is a bit critical process as Windows always launches this process at startup. If csrss.exe doesn’t launch at startup, Windows will show blue screen of death with error code 0xC000021A.

Is csrss.exe Safe?

csrss.exe is safe unless any virus is encountered running with its name.

As I mentioned it earlier, the csrss.exe file is located in the C:\Windows\system32 directory on your system.

To verify whether Csrss.exe is in that location, you can right-click it opening the Task Manager and select Open file location.


You can also know if Csrss.exe is safe or not by running an antivirus scan or uploading the file to virustotal.com.

Anyways, if the csrss.exe file is in any other directory than the current position I mentioned then, you have a problem.

Identifying Risk of crss.exe by it's Location

crss.exe LocationRisk Percentage
C:\Program Files\Common Files36%
“C:\Windows\System32\drivers folder”42%
C:\Program Files69%

How Does csrss.exe Malware Harm your PC?

With the infected Csrss.exe virus, your Desktop may reach a remote host for the following purposes:

• Reporting a new virus to author
• Receiving other data
•Executing arbitrary files including additional malware
•Uploading data taken from an affected desktop

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How to Remove Csrss.exe Permanently

I have mentioned earlier that Csrss.exe is a default application from Windows and I also told you not to disable it.

So your question might be:

What to do to stop the risk factors caused by Csrss.exe?

Well, here's the simple way to remove crss.exe(Client Server Runtime process) permanently:

Step 1: Use System Restore

System restoring is a way to avoid the risks of Csrss.exe.

Here's how to remove csrss.exe:

  1. Reboot your computer to safe mode using command prompt from the advanced boot options clicking F9 multiple times during PC restart.
  2. Once the Command Prompt window and enter the command cd restore and then press Enter.
  3. Now you have to type another command rstrui.exe and press Enter
  4. Now, select a restoration point that is prior to invasion of Csrss.exe Trojan. 
  5. Click Next to restart system restore.

Step 2: Use Antivirus

At first remove your free antivirus, if you have any.

Then use a good antivirus can also be a great help sometimes.

But make sure you use a trustworthy Antivirus to scan your computer.

Final Thoughts

Client Server Runtime Process is really a mysterious application.

Most of the cases, antiviruses consider such applications as a threat.

Though hackers misuse this application by changing the functions of this application using the same name.

I think you will agree with me to a point that:

Removing a mysterious application like Csrss.exe is better than keeping it in your Computer.

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