CPU Cooler Won't Install [Mounting Difficulties & Guide]

Written By Steven Arends

Coolers in general are pretty straightforward to mount on a CPU. Yet you may encounter issues with it when installing it. Wondering why you can’t install a CPU cooler without a hitch?

This article will touch on the issue and guide you through an easy solution.cpu-cooler-won't-install-a Without further due, let’s dig deeper.

Why CPU Cooler Won’t Install?

The reason why the cooler won’t mount on the CPU is quite a lot. It may catch you completely off guard. So I always recommend reading the installation guide thoroughly.

Assuming the CPU cooler is not bad, there are factors that can prevent proper cooler installation.

Here are the reasons why the CPU cooler won’t install:

  • Wrong Screw Type.
  • Incorrect cooler orientation.
  • Missing or Incorrect Motherboard Backplate
  • Inaccurate CPU bracket.
  • Insufficient Pressure was Applied while tightening the screws.
  • Unwanted particles blocking the screw hole.

Remember it’s impossible to run a system without a CPU cooler. Even if you own a noisy old cooler, you must mount it on your processor.

After reading the documentation, check the aforementioned points. When you encounter any of that, resolve it and attempt to mount the cooler again.

One more thing before you try to install a cooler on the CPU; always check for missing tools and accessories. It will help you evade the problem in the first place.

How to Install a CPU Cooler

See, conventionally you can choose between two types of cooler for your CPU— Air and Liquid cooler. The process is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. But you need to be very careful when you mount the cooler. Otherwise, CPU, motherboard, or cooler may get damaged.secure-cpu-cooler

Before you begin make sure you have read the included manual. Also keep necessary tools such as a Phillips head screwdriver, rubbing alcohol, etc. Crucial items such as a missing backplate will restrain you from going forward with the installation process.

Here are the steps to install a CPU cooler:

Air Cooler

  • Take out all the accessories such as brackets, screws, and thermal paste from the box.
  • Grab the required backplate and mount it from the back of the motherboard. Some coolers may use the motherboard’s original backplate such as DeepCool Gammax GTE.
  • Wipe the CPU surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any leftover thermal compound.cpu-surface
  • Screw in the brackets on the cooler heatsink or on the motherboard utilizing metal stands protruding through the backplate. It varies due to diverse mounting mechanisms.
  • Put a blob of thermal paste on the CPU. Some coolers may come with pre-applied paste. Do not add the additional thermal paste in such cases.
  • Align the cooler with the mounting holes right around the CPU area and place it on top.
  • Drop the screw on the appropriate holes and start tightening them in a crisscross pattern. Don’t go too hard with tightening the screws once you feel resistance.
  • Clip on the included cooler fan once the heatsink is in place. Be careful or you cut yourself with the sharp aluminum fins.
  • Connect the fan PWM header on the motherboard.

Liquid Cooler (AIO)


  • Mount the liquid cooler water block same as the installation process of the air cooler. Place the proper backplate and brackets where it’s necessary according to the cooler mounting guide.
  • Screw the fans on the radiators of the cooler as an additional step.
  • Install the radiator either on top or front inside the case.
  • Connect all the power, RGB, and PWM cables to the motherboard.

Now check the CPU temperature and if it stays within a tolerable limit, congratulations! You have


How Do I know If My CPU Cooler Is Seated Properly?

Try to wiggle the cooler and if it does not move from its place that confirms that your CPU cooler is seated properly. Also visually inspect for any alignment issues.

What to Do If CPU Stuck in Cooler?

If your CPU is stuck to the cooler, try to heat the contact point of the CPU and the cooler. Once the thermal paste gets soft, the cooler will come off easily. You can also use a sharp object to scrape off the paste around the processor.

Ending Remarks

To summarize, when facing cooler installation issues, make sure to read the manual again. Maybe you are doing something incorrectly. Also, check for any missing accessories.

Hope this guide helped you sort out problems regarding the CPU cooler mounting process. Have a nice day!

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