How To Compress A Video For Discord [6 Easy Ways]

Written By Steven Arends

You might have faced an issue on Discord when you are about to upload a video on it. It says, “Your Files Are Too Powerful. And you get pissed off over the error.

I have also faced the error message whenever I upload any video above 8MB on Discord.

As Discord has capped the video uploading size at 8MB, you can’t exceed it. Any files or videos exceeding the limit won’t be uploaded on Discord.


Why Does Discord Say Your Files Are Too Powerful?

Discord has capped the upload size to 8MB. It is their policy that users cannot upload files such as audio, video, or any document that exceeds 8MB. Files should be under 8MB. Neither that error will show up.

Today I am sharing six easy ways to bypass the size limit on Discord that includes multiple methods to share your cherished videos without any hassle.

Keep reading to find out which one suits you best.

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Can I send videos on Discord that are larger than 8MB?

Yes, you can send videos that exceed 8MB on Discord by subscribing to Discord Nitro. This is a prepaid plan that unlocks special perks that a general user can not access. It’s 5$/month only, and you can send videos up to 50MB using Nitro.

Even getting a Nitro subscription from Discord does not allow you to send videos and other files larger than 50MB. But a general HD or Full HD video of a minute takes up to 200MB of storage.

Imagine you have recorded your screen showing something important. It could be a tutorial on how to get rid of the junk in the system.

The file became about 567MB, and Discord is not allowing you to send it although you have the Nitro plan.

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Here I am sharing some methods to bypass the upload size limit on Discord:

1. Compress the Video

Well, compressing reminds us of a hydraulic press compressing stuff and throwing it out. Here is nothing like that. You will need to change the resolution slightly to lower the file size and make it compatible with the Discord size limit.

There is a lot of softwares out there to make this happen. All you need to do is to find a compressing software that suits you. Many websites and individuals do it for free also.

I searched on Google, saying Free Video Compressor, and the first result was FreeConvert.

It is a website-based compressor that allows users to drag and drop files into it and start compressing with their default settings efficiently.

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Here are the steps to compress your video with FreeConvert:

  • Go to FreeConvert
  • Click on Choose File, or you can drag something from Desktop to the siteFreeConvert
  • Let it finish uploading
  • Select MP4 format
  • Select Resolution at 360p or Auto to fine-tune it by them
  • Click on Convertclick-on-convert

And You’re done! It will now start compressing and will take around 10-12 minutes to finish the work.

After finishing, it will ask you where to save the file. Define the location and leave it on download.

You can use the offline method to compress the video. You will need to download and install any reputed offline software regarding compressing. I have used VLC Player to get the job done. It’s free, reliable, and offline too.

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Here are the steps to compress your video with VLC Player:

  • Download and Install VLC Player from their official website. Once you have done it, let’s move on to the next steps.
  • Open VLC Player
  • Click on Media located at Top-Left corner
  • Go to the Convert / Save option (Pressing together CTRL + R also takes you there)convert-save-option
  • Click on Add to select your video file. Click on the Convert / Select button on the Bottom-Right
  • Select your converting profile. VLC often suggests the right one. You can take its suggestion also.
  • Once you have satisfied with your selections, click the Save buttonclick- the-save-button
  • VLC will ask where to save the converted file. Select your destined location on your hard disk or removable drive as you like
  • Wait until compressing gets finished and You are done!

Compressing could take up to 20-30 minutes long. So don’t need to worry about it. Meanwhile, make a cup of coffee and enjoy it.

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2. Trim the Unnecessary Parts from your video

It often happens that the video you are sharing contains many unnecessary parts. Cut them off as they might be increasing your video size. I’ve used the free tool available online called InVideo.

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Here are the steps to cut unnecessary parts of your video with InVideo:

  • Log on to InVideo
  • Select your Canvas Size
  • Select Blank Canvas. You’ll be taken inside the InVideo video editor, click on the Upload Media and select your desired video file.
  • After finishing upload, it’ll show you up the Video Trimmer
  • Select the vital part using the Start-End Slider, or manually adjust the timings
  • Once you are satisfied with your selection, click on the Done
  • You will be brought back to the main editing interface
  • Click on the Download & Share located at the Top-Right corner
  • Click on Export
  • Once you have clicked Export, your video will start rendering

After it gets finished, you will get options to Download or Share. Download the video and upload it on Discord now.

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3. Speed Up The Video

Although it’s not recommended, if you need to reduce the file size without compressing or converting, you can speed up the video by 2x or 4x to minimize its length. You can speed up the video using the same tool used in the previous method, the InVideo free video editor.

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Here are the steps to speed up the video with InVideo:

  • After you’ve uploaded the video on InVideo, you’ll find the Speed button n the editor’s main screen. Click on it.
  • The speed of the clip will be 1x by default. Change it to 2x or 4x according to your taste.
  • Click on Done after you have changed the speed.
  • Click on the Download & Share located at the Top-Right corner
  • Click on Export
  • Once you have clicked Export, your video will start rendering.

It will take around 2-3 minutes to complete the job. After that, you will get the option to download the video. Download and share it on Discord now.

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4. Zip The Video

Zipping files is one of the oldest methods to shrink the file size ridiculously. I have used WinRAR to zip my video file. It does not reduce or compress the file but shrinks the file size.

Here are the steps to zip your video with WinRAR:

  • Install WinRAR on your PC
  • Locate your video file on your PC
  • Right Click on the file
  • Click on the Add to the Zip

And leave it to do its job. It will make a zip file on your hard drive, and you can share it on Discord later.

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5. Split Videos into Clips

You can split the entire video into ten separate videos by simply cutting them off in the middle of the clip. Cut and extract the parts of the video you need to send and easily upload them on Discord.

The InVideo free video editor got you covered on this too. Simply log on, upload the video on their site and follow the instructions to split your video easily.

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6. Share The Link

Uploading videos larger than 8MB is not possible on Discord. So you can host it somewhere else.

You can upload the video on your Google Drive or YouTube Channel and share the link directly with others.


Question: Why can’t I send the videos after compressing them to under 8MB?

Answer: Your video file may be in a format that Discord does not support. Change the format to MP4 to get better results.

Question: Is there any way to send videos larger than 8MB on Discord?

Answer: Yes, you can send videos up to 50MB with Discord Nitro. Alternatively, you can share the video link with others.

Question: Can I send videos through Discord on the computer?

Answer: Yes, you can send videos using a PC. Click on the attachment icon inside the Discord app and follow the instruction ahead.

Final Thoughts

Discord is a beautiful space to share ideas and stuff. But as per Discord ToS, users are not allowed to upload something more significant than 8MB. Even after getting a Nitro subscription, your uploads will be capped at 50MB only!

Sometimes you may need to share something larger that exceeds Discord’s upload cap. Then not to worry about it. This article might help you to reach your goals regarding uploads on Discord.

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