How to Change Discord Font [Complete Guideline 2022]

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Are you getting hard times reading Discord texts? Do you want to change Discord font size and adjust it to your preferences?

Then this post is for you.

Discord text can be painful to read sometimes. So, I wanted to change the Discord font size and customize it to my selections. I spent hours sitting in front of my PC, searching for an easy way to change Discord font, and finally, I found some fantastic methods to do so.

Can Discord font be changed?

Discord font can be changed directly from the Discord app as the user demands. Discord app settings allow users to adjust chat font scaling, space between message groups, and the zoom level of the app’s UI. Everything can be adjusted using the sliders under the options.

This post will explain everything you need to know about Discord font adjustment and show you how to change Discord font. I’ll also show you how to change your text styles.

So, don’t skip any parts and stay with me until the

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How to Change Discord Font

Changing the Discord app’s font is pretty straightforward, and it will take a few minutes to adjust Discord fonts as your choosing.

You can change the chat font scaling, space between message groups, and the zoom level of the app’s UI all by yourself if you know the procedure.

Don’t worry. I’ve got your back!

I’ve had difficulty finding the easy methods to adjust Discord fonts. But, that won’t be the case with you as I have prepared a step-by-step guide for you to complete the whole process.

I’m showing you the steps of how to change Discord fonts below, and you just need to follow them thoroughly.

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Here are the steps to change Discord font:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Click on the cogwheel beside your username to open Discord settings. discord-user-setting
  • Click on Appearance under App Settings, located on the left panel.
  • Scroll down and find the chat font scaling, space between message groups, and the zoom level sliders.
  • Adjust the Chat font size by moving the slider. Increasing the slider value will make chat text bigger, and decreasing the value will make it smaller.
  • Adjust the space between message groups by moving the slider. Increasing the slider value will make the spaces between texts bigger, and decreasing it will make it smaller.
  • Adjust the Zoom level by moving the slider. Increasing the slider value will make Discord UI, icons, and texts bigger, and decreasing it will make them smaller. adjust-the-zoom-level

The three options, chat font scaling, space between message groups, and the zoom level, need to be handled carefully, as adjusting them in the wrong formation can mess up your Discord interface and affect your user experience.

I’ve listed these three options below, explaining their functions and the best settings for them that’ll please your eye and elevate your user experience. Go through the list to know about them better.

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Chat Font Scaling

Chat Font Scaling is used to adjust the size of the font and texts inside Discord. The settings are available for changing the text in channels, chats, messaging, etc.

The slider value is set at 16px by default but, if you want a more pristine appearance, set it to 24px.

You can try different sizes and see which one suits you the best.

Space Between Message Groups

Space Between Message Groups allows you to adjust the space between different message groups.

By default, the slider is set at 16px, putting enough space between group messages. I recommend you to leave it as it is. But, if you want more or less space, adjust it by yourself.

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Zoom Level

The Zoom Level changes the whole appearance of Discord’s user interface.

The slider is set at 100 by default but, if you want to zoom in Discord’s UI, increase the slider value, and if you want to zoom out the UI, decrease the slider value.

You can also adjust the UI magnification by pressing Ctrl + + keys and Ctrl + – keys to zoom in and out, respectively. Press Ctrl + 0 keys to reset the zoom level to the default setting.

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How to Change Discord Chat Text Fonts

Who doesn’t want to try something new and break the usual styles? You can try it in Discord too. You can flex on your buddies by spending a few more moments customizing your text font’s style.

If you want to send Discord texts using a different font, there’s no option to do it straight from the Discord app itself, and you have to use a third-party font and text generator.

There are plenty of excellent, customizable text generators online. Go through them and select whichever works best for you.

Most text generators work the same way. All you need to do is find an online font generator, choose your preferred font, input your message on the text field, copy the generated text, then paste it into Discord’s text box and send it to your friends. discord-chat-text

The whole process takes almost a minute to complete, so it’s pretty convenient, in my opinion. You can try it if you want to change the conventional text styling.

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How to Change Discord Text Formatting Styles

Discord is very flexible in terms of text formatting and styling. You can use various commands to highlight, customize, and change your texts if you know the process.

But don’t feel left out just because you don’t know how to change Discord text formatting styles. I’m here to help you learn those tricks.

I’m listing some cool commands that you can use to change the formatting of your texts when you need them. Make sure to memorize or note them to flex on your friends on the next Discord session.

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Here are the steps to change Discord text formatting styles:

Bold Text: To make your texts bold, insert double-asterisks (**) at the start and end of your text. For example, **TEXT**  ouble-asterisks

Italic Text: Insert asterisks (*) at the start and end of your text to make it Italic. For example, *TEXT*  Insert-asterisks

Underlined Text: To underline a text, type it between a pair of two underscores (__). For example, __TEXT__    Underlined-text

Underline, Bold and Italic Text: To apply all the above formatting to your text, you must insert two underscores and three asterisks (__*** and ***__) on each side of your text. For example, __***TEXT***__   Bold-and-italic

Red Colored Text: To color your text in red, use the CSS syntax. For example, “`css

[TEXT]“`   Red-colored

Yellow Colored Text: Use the Fix syntax to make your Discord texts yellow. For example,



TEXT“`   Yellow-colored

Green Colored Text: You need to use the json syntax to make your texts green in Discord. For example,


“TEXT”“`   Green-colored

Here are the steps showing how to apply the text formatting in Discord:

  • Open Discord.
  • Go to a friend’s inbox or server chat.
  • Choose the formatting you need to use.
  • Apply the formatting and type your text.
  • Press enter to send the message.

Just like that, your Discord texts are converted into different formatting.

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How to change Discord themes?

To change Discord themes, go to Discord settings first by clicking the cogwheel beside the username>go to appearance under the App Settings section>select your preference under Themes section.

How do you get different text fonts on Discord?

To get different text fonts on Discord, you need to use different formatting methods. For example, you can use two underscores and three asterisks in front and three asterisks and two underscores at the end of a text, and it’ll make the text bold, italic, and underlined simultaneously.

Can you use custom fonts on Discord?

You can use custom fonts on Discord. Users without a Nitro subscription will be able to use 10 fonts. But, the Nitro users can have 100 fonts and +5 custom fonts of their choice. Users can change the fonts just like using any custom fonts on a device.

How do I make text bold in Discord?

To Bold text in Discord, wrap the text with a pair of double asterisks (**TEXT**). And to italicize the text, insert a couple of single asterisks (*TEXT*) at the start and end of the text. Using three asterisks (***TEXT***) will bold and italicize the text.


I’ve explained everything you’ll ever need to know about changing the Discord font. Different fonts and text formatting methods will make your texts cool and bring some refreshment over the traditional style inside a Discord chat thread.

Go through the whole post and read apply the steps carefully to avoid any inconveniences.

If you have any queries about changing Discord font, comment down below. Our experts will get to you right away.

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