How to change clothes in Pokemon Sword and Shield [Beginners Guide]

Written By Steven Arends

So, each time you beat a gym leader, you get a brand new sporty uniform.

You will not see any unique idea like this on any pokemon game other than pokemon sword and shield.


Can you get different clothes in Pokemon sword and shield?

Yes, you can get different clothes in pokemon sword and shield by visiting a boutique. You can purchase various items starting from shoes, shirts, jackets, and even new bags. Besides, you will also get a free outfit if you beat gym leaders.

In this post, I will show you how you can change uniform in pokemon sword and shield.

So, Let’s get started.

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Where is the changing room in Pokemon sword & shield?

There are two changing rooms at the early onset of the game. One is in Motostoke, and the other is in Wedgehurst. Both the boutiques are located at the top left of the town. The clothing shop offers a unique collection of items and clothes.

The unique idea of adding different clothes is only seen in pokemon sword and shield. In fact, after beating gym leaders, you get a sporty uniform as a token of completing the gym along with the gym badge.

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You may ask:

Where can I change my clothes in Pokemon sword?

Changing clothes is only done in boutiques. You can find boutiques in significant areas of Galar. However, you have to go to the changing room at the top right to select clothes and equip them. Your looks will immediately change after changing your clothes.

You can also buy accessories like a watch, a pokemon hat, and even new bags. Don’t forget to check how to soft reset Pokemon X&Y.

How do you change your Outfit in Pokemon Sword & Shield

There are so many options to buy when it comes to buying clothes in this game. Money is the one thing you are constantly getting in the game, and so you have to invest that money too. Buy new clothes and change your avatar appearance immediately. Fix Frozen Pokeball in Pokemon GO easily in 60 seconds.

Here are the steps to change clothes in pokemon sword and shield:

  1. Head to a clothing shop at Motostoke or Wedgehurst.
  2. Make your way to the changing rooms of the clothing store.
  3. Select the uniform you want to wear.
  4. Update the current uniform to your Pokemon league Card.
  5. Exit the Clothing store.

Can you change Gym uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

No, you cannot change gym uniform in the battle arena. Gym Uniforms can be bought in Gym Stores with18,000 Poke coins. However, you cannot wear them inside the gym. While entering the gym, your default clothing is the white jersey.

If you don’t want to spend 18000 pokecoins, you must defeat the gym leaders to get the replica jersey.gym-outfit-pokemon-sword

The jerseys can be worn outside the gym arena but can’t be worn inside. I know it’s a bit odd not to be able to equip any jerseys inside the battle stadium. I guess the gym leader wants no discrepancy. Once you speak to the gym organizer outside, you will automatically change your outfit to default. Also, Don’t forget to check our epic guide if you are facing Error 11 on Pokemon GO.

Where can you wear gym uniforms in Pokemon Sword?

You can wear alternate gym uniforms in a clothing shop. Gym uniforms also come with separate accessories. So, you need to buy all of them to get a full set. Or, you can buy the full gym set for 18000 poke dollars.

Although you can buy a complete set of gym outfits, you cannot equip them while battling the gym leaders. You will be wearing the default white jersey during battles. I tried to change uniforms in all of the gyms. But, it always shows a message saying only authorized people are allowed to enter here.

On the other hand, you can show off your gym outfits in the city or Wild Areas.

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You may ask:

Can You Change the Number on the Back of Your Uniform?

No, you cannot change the number on the back of your jersey. But, the number can be chosen while registering the gym. So, be careful while choosing the number because it’s fixed.

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How to Purchase Outfits in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Outfits can be purchased in any boutiques or clothing shop. Speak with the person behind the counter, and they will show you some fabulous outfits you can buy.

Go to the changing room at the right corner of the clothing store, and a menu will pop up showing all your existing outfits. Press A to select the outfit you want to wear and Press B if you want to exit the changing room. If you buy from the shopkeeper itself, then your character will automatically change the outfit.

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Clothing shops can be found in major cities of the Galar region, like Hammerlocke, Wedgehurst, Motostoke, Circhester, and Wyndon. You need around 15000  to 18000 to buy poison outfits, grass outfits, etc. These replica outfits are gifted if you defeat the gym leaders. So, spend your money

Some people also ask:

How to Change Your Hairstyle and Makeup in pokemon sword?

To change hairstyle and makeup in pokemon sword, you need to visit the salon. Salons are often next to boutiques. Changing hairstyles include hair color, styles of bangs, and stylish haircuts. Approach the stylist and choose the hairstyle you want. Press Y to confirm your look.

On the other hand, Changing your makeup includes eyebrow and eyelashes styling, changing color contacts, and lipstick. Change your makeup the same way you changed your haircut in the salon.

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Final Thoughts

No matter what your selected appearance is in the beginning. You can change that odd-looking mom’s bag of yours during the journey with some stylish new bags, change hairstyle, eye color, and more.

Just visit the boutique or the saloon in any city of the Galar Region and modify your appearance on pokemon sword and shield.

For more beginners’ guides, you can comment down below. I will surely help you guys out with more information.

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