PSU Tier (2019)


Home Blog Reviews Tech News Guides PSU Tier List (2019) : The Definitive  Hierarchy Guide of Power Supply UnitsAre you looking for the most suitable PSU for your PC and confused of the required PSU specs for your PC?Then you should know about the PSU ratings and Tiers of different PSU.In this article I will …

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Asus Aura Sync Fix 2019


Home Blog Reviews Tech News Guides How to Fix Asus Aura Sync Not Working Issues (2019) : The Easiest SolutionTired of failing to sync RGB components of your PC with the Asus Aura Sync software?Is ASUS Aura Sync app giving you restriction in showing off your RGB rig?I had faced the same problems like you. …

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Ram overclocking guide 2019


Home Blog Reviews Tech News Guides How to Overclock DDR4 RAM(2019 Edition : Safe & Easy) There is no doubt that:RAM overclocking is vital for the PC Enthusiast and gamers. You can’t utilize your expensive RAM properly without overclocking it.But you might be wondering:Does overclocking memory modules bring any big change in a PC’s performance?The …

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