​Blast Furnace Minecraft: The Best Crafting Recipe

As a veteran in Minecraft, I always get amazed by the cool updates Minecraft is going through now-a-days.

Just as the title says, Blast Furnace Minecraft is EXACTLY what I am talking about.


You need to have a blast of time and a furnace in your Inventory. And BOOM! You get the Minecraft Blast Furnace…

Okay Chill! I know it was an AWFUL joke. So, let’s start cooking.

​What is a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

The Minecraft Blast Furnaces are identical to the normal furnaces, but the only fact is that, the blast furnace can smelt only ores, tools or armors made up of IRON, GOLD and even Chainmail. The Blast Furnace has the capacity to run twice as fast as the Regular Furnace.


Here are some information you need to know about the blast furnace in Minecraft:

Minecraft Blast Furnace

Blast Resistance


Blast Furnace Hardness


Furnace Light Emission

13 when lit

You have to keep one thing in mind that:

The correct tool for picking up a Blast Furnace is a Pickaxe. Without using the Pickaxe, the blast furnace drops nothing.

But wait….

Does smelting any items only requires a Blast Furnace?

Hell no! You need to add fuel in that blast furnace alongside the item. Once you place the right amount of Fuel and the right item to it, the blast furnace will be as lit as ever.

Don’t trust me?

Stay tuned because in this post, you will get to know all the detailed information about the Minecraft Blast Furnace.

What does a Blast Furnace do in Minecraft?

Like the traditional furnace, The Blast Furnace is used for smelting items made of iron and gold with a 2x faster speed than the regular furnace. So, the first alternative block preferred for smelting ores faster is the blast furnace. The only dropdown is that the blast furnace is costly with limited benefits only.

But more interestingly:

The Blast Furnace can smelt sand too.

Now, what if you are questioning the efficiency of the minecraft blast furnace?

According to my opinion:

I feel that the efficiency of the blast furnace is worth it. It’s because of the fact that:


  • Can smelt metals at a faster rate
  • Can be used as a defensive weapon in survival mode
  • A better safety mechanism
  • Can build rooftops of houses for better structure
  • Can interact with Hoppers


  • More Crafting Cost
  • Decreased XP yield
  • Uses up fuel faster
  • Limited benefits only (can’t cook tasty steaks)
  • Heavy and can’t be pushed by pistons

My personal opinion about the blast furnace is that:

Minecraft should definitely go through an update with the current blast furnace.

Perhaps, the following ideas could make the Blast furnace 50% more efficient.

What if the blast furnace can be crafted with a normal stone rather than a smooth stone?

Would that make a sense?

And what if you can use iron bars instead of iron ingots for better efficiency?

Do mention in the comment section what you think of for further Blast Furnace Minecraft updates.

But for now, you have to know:

What is the Difference Between a Furnace and a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

The key difference between a furnace and a blast furnace in Minecraft is that the Blast furnace will smelt any of your given items twice as fast as the normal furnace. Again, the blast furnace can smelt only ores made up of iron, gold and chainmail whereas, the furnace can smelt any items given to it.

The Blast Furnace is nothing special in terms of looks.


In fact, there is no cool particle effects. But the performance difference of both the blocks will make you go wooooaaah!

Frankly speaking, after seeing the insight of the brand new block in minecraft, I first thought that there are a bunch or torch lights with a crazy tornado brewing inside…Jokes apart.

On previous Minecraft updates you saw:

What is a Minecraft Furnace?

A Furnace in Minecraft is a block used for smelting inventory items. Usually, a furnace can be found from plains, desert and some savannah blacksmiths. Some coals are added to fuel up the Furnace and make it lit.

A Minecraft Furnace is completely different from a smoker whereas similar to the blast furnace minecraft 1.14 edition.

As a matter of fact:

You need a Pickaxe to start smelting your inventory items in case of furnaces.

However, the recipe is not exactly the same as the blast furnace or the smoker.

You need 2 Cobblestones and 6 blackstones or 2 blackstones and 6 cobblestones for making a regular furnace.

But for a smoker, you need 4 stripped oak wood and a furnace in the middle.

Comparatively I like the Blast Furnace more than a regular furnace.

There is also a similar item that resembles the furnace in terms of function but it isn’t a furnace.

A smoker is what I am talking about.

If I were to choose between the minecraft smoker and blast furnace, I would prefer using the smoker for making delicious foods and using the blast furnace for safety and security purpose.

Wait, Don't misunderstand… I am not talking about a chain smoker with pipe. I am talking about the Minecraft block Smoker that cooks food. So, here is a pro tip for you. Don’t try to be a smoker. It’s bad for health.

Anyways, let’s get into business.

Here is a comparative analysis between a furnace, a blast furnace and a smoker:

Block Name

Purpose of Use


Item Image

Regular Furnace

It is used to smelt all types of items including cooking purpose as well. You can smelt ores, raw steak and so on.

1x Faster



It acts similar like the furnace but only used in cooking purpose.

2x Faster


Blast Furnace

The blast furnace is used to smelt ores made of iron, gold and even chainmail and resembles just like the Furnace.

2x Faster


How to Get a Minecraft Blast Furnace

Getting a Blast Furnace in your Inventory is as important as making one.

In fact:

It is way too much important to know how to get a Blast Furnace Minecraft rather than knowing how to use one.

You might think:

The Minecraft Blast Furnace is only an expensive yet speedy furnace. And, there aren’t any cool features of it.

In that case, you might not even want to get the Blast Furnace Minecraft version 1.14.

But hold on…

I will tell you some secrets about the Blast Furnace so that, you get the urge of getting one impatiently.

Okay more with the chitchats later on. First of all let’s get back to the main point.

Don’t go anywhere as now, I am going to show you how to get the Blast Furnace Minecraft.

So, Here are the steps to get a Blast Furnace in Minecraft:

1. Use Commands For Getting the Minecraft Blast Furnace

The most effective and easy way to get a Blast Furnace Minecraft is using the Command Console and Cheats. But is this a cheating?

Oh c’mon, you can’t even survive in Minecraft Survival Mode for too long without using any commands.

So, it is 100% legal.

The commands I am going to provide you is applicable for Minecraft JAVA Edition (PC/MAC).

Though I haven’t tried this command in Minecraft Bedrock edition, I think you can give it a shot.

But, do let me know in the comments section whether it works for Minecraft bedrock edition or not.

An important point that should be noted is:

You can use this command in both survival and adventure mode.

So, here is the give command for Blast Furnace Minecraft JAVA version 1.14, 1.15, 1.16:

/give @p (player name) blast_furnace 100

NB: Exclude the brackets and change the number of blast furnace according to your need.

Here is a short trick you can play around with, with the Minecraft Blast Furnace.

Unlike some special blocks, in Minecraft JAVA Edition you can lock a Blast Furnace with a Lock Tag too.

You can lock the Blast furnace and use a key to unlock it when needed. So, it has a better safety mechanism than the regular furnace.

But keep in mind that:

This process can be done for your safety purpose only in a multiplayer server.

The safety mechanism of the blast furnace is as strong as the Furnace Itself.

To unlock the lock tag of the blast furnace, you must need a Blast Furnace Key.

With you holding the Blast Furnace Magic Key with the exact same lock tag provided, no one can unlock the Blast Furnace.

Before using the lock command, you should aim at the blast furnace and convert a sea pickle to a blast furnace key by renaming the name of the sea pickle.

Then point at the Blast Furnace and use the following command.

Here is the lock command for the Blast Furnace Minecraft JAVA version:

/data merge block 11 22 {Lock:”Blast Furnace Key”}

NB: The block number given here is the unique block entity number of the blast furnace. This number changes according to your Blast Furnace unique ID.

After you lock the Blast Furnace, you have to use the Blast Furnace Key to unlock it.

This process is really helpful in multiplayer mode or at some points in the adventure map where players needs to get a key.

2. Make a Blast Furnace Manually

Making a Blast Furnace Manually takes about 2-3 minutes of your valuable Minecraft time.

But, the cost of making a Blast Furnace normally is more than a regular traditional furnace.

You might have seen a Blast Furnace in a nearby Village armors house. If you give them the specified items, they will provide you with a high quality armor.

If you don’t see any village armorer but see a blast furnace then, there are village mobs who can switch professions and will turn themselves into an armorer.

Also, in Minecraft Creative mode for JAVA edition (PC/MAC), you will find the blast furnace in decoration blocks.

You will need plenty of items with a detailed recipe for making a minecraft blast furnace which I am about to show you now.

So, check the steps of the recipe in this guide carefully.

How to Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Crafting a Blast Furnace is easier if you have the proper items.

You will need smooth stones, a regular furnace and a pickaxe. But, there are more ingredients to cover up.

But for making a normal Furnace, you also need some key items.


It’s like cooking a delicious steak with the proper ingredients given to it.

Trust me, it won’t take long to make a blast furnace.

You just need a proper recipe guide.

Feel Lucky Because:

In this post, you will get the perfect blast furnace minecraft recipe for nearly all versions.

The Ultimate Minecraft Blast Furnace Recipe

I will try to be crystal clear on how to make the Blast Furnace Minecraft.

For making a blast furnace in Minecraft, you will need:

Item Name

Item Location


Item Image


Have to be crafted using 8 Cobblestones



Iron Ingots




Smooth stones




Here are the steps to make a Minecraft Blast Furnace:

1. Make a Regular Traditional Furnace

For making a blast furnace, you definitely need a regular traditional furnace.

And, for making the normal furnace, you need to gather 8 cobblestones.

You can get the cobblestones anywhere in the Minecraft Map by just mining up with a pickaxe.

After gathering 8 cobblestones, open the Craft Inventory and place 8 of the cobblestones in the exterior spaces of the crafting area leaving the middle blank.

And Ta-da! You get the Furnace.


The Furnace will now be useful for smelting items and cooking foods. If you give raw meat to the furnace then, the raw meat will be cooked meat.

Again if you give cobblestones to the furnace then, it will give you smooth stones (More on that later).

2. Smelt Iron Ores to get Iron Ingots

To make a Blast Furnace, you will also need 5 pieces of iron ores. You can get the iron ores by mining up any area around you.

After you gathered the 5 pieces of Iron Ores, it’s time to smelt the iron ores to get iron ingots.

Use the Furnace you made earlier to start the smelting process. It will take a couple of seconds to get 3 iron ingots.

But make sure to provide a fuel to the furnace.

In this case, you have to add coal.

Place the Coal beneath and the items you want to smelt above the coal.

Without Coal, you can’t start the smelting process.

Now that, you have made the Iron Ingots, move on to the next step.

3. Craft Smooth Stones in the Furnace

You already needed 8 Cobblestones for making a furnace.

For this step, you need 3 more cobblestones.

So, in total you have to collect (8+3) =11 cobblestones.

Aim at the furnace and place the 3 cobblestones and wait for them to convert into a stone.

Don’t forget to use Coals as fuel.

After you get the stones, place the obtained stones one more time for smelting.

After a few seconds, the stones will be converted into smooth stones.

4. Combine the Smelted Items to Make the Blast Furnace

So far, you have got 5 iron ingots, 3 smooth stones and a furnace.

Now the only thing you need is a blast of time.

Open the Crafting menu and place the furnace in the middle.

The recipe to make a minecraft blast furnace should be exact.

So, place the 3 smooth stones beneath the furnace and fill up the rest of the grid with the iron ingots.

For your ease, I am providing a picture of the crafting grids. Place the smelted items at the exact same positions.


And there you have it The BLAST FURNACE!

Now that you know how to craft a blast furnace in minecraft, you should also know how to use the speedy block.

How to Use the Minecraft Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace is used for smelting iron, gold and chainmail items including sands too. The Blast Furnace works like the normal furnace but with a higher speedy rate. The Structure is identical to the furnace and also the function of both the smelters are same.

The only drawback of this blast furnace is the limited smelting functions. Otherwise the Blast Furnace would be lit according to its name.


The Blast Furnace can be used to make items more efficiently.

However, the minecraft blast furnace can be functioned very easily.

Here are the steps to use a Blast Furnace in Minecraft:

1. Make the Blast Furnace and Place it in the Ground

After you combined all the smelted items as mentioned, you will get the blast furnace.

Open the inventory and place the blast furnace at whatever position you want and right click the blast furnace (for JAVA edition).


2. Add Coal as Fuel for The Blast Furnace

Like the normal furnace, you have to add fuel to the furnace. Coal is the best fuel to lit the blast furnace.

Make sure to put the coals at the bottom box of the blast furnace smelting inventory.


3. Add and Move Items to the Inventory

The Blast Furnace in Minecraft can only smelt iron, gold or chailmail items, tools and armors. However, you can smelt diamond ores and also sands too.

You will get to know more about which items you can smelt in the blast furnace after you open the blast furnace.

Add that item above the fuel to change the state of the blast furnace to lit mode and wait until that item is smelted.

After the item smelted, move the item to the inventory.


Things to Know about the Blast Furnace Minecraft Before Using it

You may feel that the blast furnace is a waste of money and time because it performs the same functions as the regular furnace.

Well, let me tell you something more important about the blast furnace which will definitely make you craft one now.

So, here are the things you should know about the Blast Furnace in Minecraft:

- In mInecraft 1.14 blast furnace was first launched, minecrafters didn’t know the useful features by that time. It was an unknown fact that, you can build strong house roofs and floors using a blast furnace.

- In multiplayer mode, if you are smelting any precious items in the blast furnace but forgot to collect it then, you can use the lock feature to keep that item safe. No matter how hard any invaders try to grab your stuffs, then can’t.

- In survival Mode, you can smelt items faster using the Blast furnace. The only thing you need to add is some coals.

- The Minecraft Blast Furnaces can’t be pushed by the pistons like you used to do with the smokers. It’s because, the blast furnace has a blast resistance of 17.5, hardness of 3.5 with a light level emission of 13 (when active). This is one level lower than a torch. So, at night it works as equivalent as a torch.

- You can smelt netherite, diamond, stones and sands as well in the blast furnace at a faster rate which usually takes much time in a regular furnace.

- Hoppers in minecraft can interact with the blast furnaces. So, use it wisely for crafting and picking items.

- You can change the name of the blast furnace before placing it in the ground with the command /data command to change custom name. You can rename it to an anvil if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you make a Minecraft Blast Furnace?

Answer: Here are the steps to make a Minecraft Blast Furnace:

1. Make a regular furnace with 8 cobblestones keeping the center grid empty.
2. Transform 5 iron ores into iron ingots.
3. Smelt 3 cobblestones into smooth stones.
4. Combine every smelt items keeping the furnace in the middle, 3 smooth stones beneath the furnace and 5 iron ingots at the empty spaces.

Question: Is a Blast Furnace better than a normal furnace in Minecraft?

Answer: The blast furnace is better than the normal furnace in terms of speed. However, there are more features to play with the blast furnace which isn’t possible in case of a regular furnace like locking a blast furnace.

Question: Can a Minecraft blast Furnace smelt sands and diamonds?

Answer: Yes, the blast furnace can smelt sands along with diamonds. You need to add coals to lit up the blast furnace.

Question: Is a smoker better than a blast furnace in Minecraft?

Answer: The smoker is only used for cooking foods at a faster rate. However, there aren’t any functions that a smoker could possibly do. The blast furnace minecraft can smelt ores, tools and armors and also can be used as a protective layer of the house. So, the blast furnace is obviously the right choice.

Question: What is a Blast Furnace used for in Minecraft?

Answer: The Blast Furnace Minecraft is used for smelting purposes. Just Like the regular furnace, the blast furnace also smelts ores but at a high speed nearly twice as fast. In fact, the blast furnace can also be used for protection and building rooftops and floors of houses. Blast Furnaces can’t be moved with a piston but they can interact with a hopper.

Final Thoughts

The Minecraft 1.14 Blast Furnace is identical to the normal furnaces. Whether the choice is between a minecraft smoker and blast furnace, the Blast Furnace Minecraft always moves a step ahead.

Here is a pro tip:

The efficiency of the blast furnace can be increased with the type of fuel added to it.

Though the crafting cost of the blast furnace is more than the regular one, i would recommend you to craft atleast one blast furnace and check for yourself whether the blast furnace is worth it or not.

And trick for you is that:

Keep the Blast Furnace Locked all the time whether you are using a blast furnace in a house floor or a rooftop. It’s always for your safety if you are in a multiplayer mode or at the darkest nights too.

So, try experimenting a little with the blast furnace showing some creative skills.

However, the improved blast furnace or the blast furnace minecraft immersive engineering requires skills to play with.

Using the 27 blast bricks (crafted by 4 bricks, 4 nether bricks and a blaze powder) and an engineer hammer, you can craft the crude blast furnace.

Anyways, the steps mentioned for crafting a blast furnace won’t work in that version.

Also do mention in the comments if you have other creative ways to deal with a blast furnace Minecraft version 1.14 and above.

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