BitFenix Enso Review:

The Best Budget RGB Gaming PC Case

Are you looking for a great gaming PC Case within an affordable price range?

I think you will agree with me when I say:

Gaming PC cases are way much expensive now and they aren’t worth buying for a budget gaming PC build.

But don’t worry there's an excellent RGB gaming PC case which will cut less portion of your pocket. 

And this is amazing gaming PC case is the new BitFenix Enso.

You will be surprised after knowing:

Why I’m recommending this case rather than buying an expensive one. And besides the in depth BitFenix Enso review I’ll also tell you about its pros and cons as well as if its worth the prize or not.


After reading the whole post you’ll be sure of what to do with your limited budget for your no compromising Gaming PC.

The BitFenix Enso Case Review

If you are a PC enthusiast then you may have already heard about Bitfenix cases. If not, then let me enlighten you by saying that:

Bitfenix is a well-known company in the PC hardware industry to make one of the best hardwares out there in the market.

And it is also true that:

Most of their selling products are pretty expensive.


The Bitfenix Enso case is a budget gaming PC case which throws a lot of questions to the PC builders mind.


You might be thinking:

Why is this beautiful PC case so cheap in price?

Is there any problem in it?

Will it be a great loss after buying the bitfenix enso case?

The short answer to all of these questions is:

Bitfenix has designed the case in such a way that all the important features most of the gamers require are included in this PC case except a few of the luxurious once. Which decreases the manufacturing cost of the case.

For example:

There is no option for vertical GPU mounting in this case.

But most gamers don’t want this feature.

And definitely buying this case won’t be a loss rather it will be a great profit.


I‘ll be discussing it more thoroughly later on in this post.

By the way, Cooler master ML240R is an amazing AIO liquid cooler for this case.

Bitfenix Enso Features

Bitfenix Enso comes with a lot of new exciting features. You will be surprised to know some of the most amazing features this case offers. Some of them are super premium and gives you feel like you are using one the most expensive PC cases ever created.

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I have briefed about few of the Exciting features of this wonderful gaming PC case bellow:

Splendid RGB illumination of Bitfenix RGB Case


I’ve included this feature at the top as this is one of the most attractive part of this case.

Yes, you are hearing it right!

This Gaming PC case offers RGB illumination in its front panel.

It gets better:

When you get to know that, this RGB illumination is Aura Sync compatible. That means you can easily light up the front panel of this case by using a simple software.

The good thing is:

You can edit the lighting effect and also sync the lighting colors and effects with other components.

I just love how this case looks with the front panel illuminating. This a very sleek RGB case for budget oriented gaming PCs.

If you face any issue related to syncing the RGB lights of the case with aura sync then you can check our separate post on Aura Sync fix

Premium Quality Design of Bitfenix Enso Gaming Case


The Bitfenix Enso is a wonderful Mid tower ATX case. The build quality of the casing is undoubtedly one of the best.

The body of this Bitfenix ATX case is smooth and it feels quite premium for its build quality.

The good thing is:

There are two color variants of this case which are: bitfenix enso White & bitfenix enso case Black. So, you can choose any of these colors to match with your setup.

Want to know the best part?

The tempered glass side panel of Bitfenix micro Atx and ATX tower case looks stunning and it gives a wider view of the compartment inside the casing to show all your beautiful RGB Gaming components.

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Bitfenix has also included a 120mm RGB Fan with this case which will help in taking out the hot air from the interior part of the case. You can also set this fan to other fan mounting spots.


You will be surprised to know that:

This case is able to hold 6 120mm fans which is a lot for most gaming PCs.

Another thing I love about this case is:

It comes with magnetic dust filter at the top and sliding dust filters for the front panel.

Aren’t these features amazing?

These features really give a premium feel like the high end cases provide.

There is also a newer version of this case which has mesh towards the front panel for more air circulation .

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Supreme Cooling and Radiator support of Bitfenix Enso PC Case

Bitfenix Enso provides you a lot of options to keep your PC cool. You can go with both air and water cooling system. There is option for mounting a total of 6fans inside the case for air circulation. On the other hand, this PC case is a perfect option of water liquid cooling.


You will be amazed to know that:

Bitfenix Enso has the capability of holding a 360mm radiator in the front panel a 240mm radiator in the upper part of the case and a 120mm radiator at the back.

So, there is no doubt that there will be any heating issue in a PC made inside this case.

ENSO – BitFenix specifications

Mother board Support: ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX.

Material: steel, plastic, tempered glass

Color: Black, White.

Dimensions(B x L x H): 210 x 489 x 454 mm.

Tempered glass: yes(on side panel)

Front I/O ports:

•2x USB 3.0
•1x audio out
•1x Audio in

Fan support:
• 2 x 140mm/120mm(Front)
•2 x 120mm(Top)
•1 x 120mm (Rear)

Radiator support:
•1 x 360mm (Front)

•1 x 240mm (Uper part)
•1 x 120mm (Rear)

Hard Drive support:
•3x 2.5” drive
•2x 3.5” drive(usable as 2.5” drive)

PCI-E expansion slots: 7

Maximum GPU length: 340mm

Pros. and Cons. of Bitfenix Enso Case

I know, this is the part you all were looking for. The twist of the story which might change your decisions. So, here are some Pros. and Cons. of this gaming PC case:


  • Bitfenix Enso provides a great value for price. 
  • both Bitfenix Enso and Bitfenix Enso Mesh has gorgeous RGB illuminations supporting AURA SYNC & it also comes with a RGB hub powered by sata.
  • Bitfenix Enso ATX case Looks great for tempered glass and PSU shroud.


  • Ventilation is not enough inside Bitfenix Enso case as the only air intake part is at the bottom of front panel.
  • The Bitfenix Enso Gaming PC case doesn't have vertical gpu mounting option.
  • Using more than one GPUs can cause excessive heat inside the Bitfenix Enso case


Question: Does Bitfenix Enso support RGB fusion /Mystic light sync?

Answer: No, and it will not in future.

Question: Is there enough clearance for radiators on the top of Bitfenix Enso?

Answer: : No, there's only clearance in the front side for radiator mounting.

Question: How many expansion slots are there in the Bitfenix Enso case?

Answer: 7.

Question: Are there dedicated switches for RGB illumination effects in the Bitfenix Enso?

Answer: Yes, there are dedicated switches for controlling RGB effect on the top of the case beside power button.

Question: How to control RGB effects of Bitfenix Enso?

Answer: It can be synced with aura sync app although there is a RGB controlling switch on the top of the case.

Final Thoughts

Your question might be:

Why will I choose this case above other budget RGB cases?

My answer will be:

In this price point no other case is giving both RGB fans while having RGB illumination in the front. And this case is has almost all the features like a high end gaming cases.

What I mostly like about this case is:

Tempered glass side panel, Aura sync support for the RGB illuminations and the RGB fan too.

And most importantly:

The dust filters. Magnetic dust filter takes the cleaning to a better level. This case is a great choice for that easily affordable price point.

Trident Z Royal RGB RAM are very good to go with this case and they are also aura sync compatible.

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