Best Wireless Keyboards for PS5: 15 Options Shortlisted

Written By FarhanMax

For console-based games, controllers are the most viable option for gamers. There is no doubt in this thing, and it has been the most trustable gaming weapon over the years.

That said, in recent times, some gamers have shifted their focus on keyboards to get a slight advantage. Especially for shooting-based games, accuracy and precision are better in keyboards than that of consoles.

But will a wireless keyboard be reasonable for a PS5?

Don’t worry, my friend! All your confusion will be cleared after you go through this comprehensive review.

In this post, I have gathered some of the best wireless keyboards that you can use with your PS5. So, keep reading till the very end.


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Best Wireless Keyboards for PS5 Shortlisted

1Best Overall KeyboardRazer Turret Mechanical Keyboard
2Runner-UpThermaltake W1 Wireless
3Third BestLogitech Lightspeed G613
4Best Keyboard for One-handRedragon K585 DITI Wireless
5Best Battery Life KeyboardLogitech K360
6Best 80% Mechanical KeyboardRoyal Kludge Sink 87G
7Best Minimal KeyboardiKBC Typeman W200
8Best Budget KeyboardLogitech K400 Plus
9Best Value for Money KeyboardRedragon INDRAH K555 RGB
10Best 60% Mechanical KeyboardRoyal Kludge RK G68

A wireless keyboard will always be a reasonable option if you seek super flexibility and stainless gaming performance. Such keyboards are fantastic, in my opinion. And that is because they offer the almost same output level or even better at some scenarios than the wired ones.

Now, when it is about PS5, it’s completely okay for being a bit skeptical. However, you should worry less as a handful of options would result in a better deal.

Therefore let’s not waste much time and jump right into the review.

Here are the best wireless keyboards for PS5:

1. Razer Turret Mechanical Keyboard

Razer is one of the finest brands that is highly dedicated to gaming. The components that I used from them to date gave me no chance of complaints. Especially, the mice, headphones, and keyboards from them are of top quality.

That said, if you are looking for a keyboard from them, the Razer Turret can be a handy option.

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It comes with the following notable specs:

  • Type: Tenkeyless
  • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz Wireless Connection
  • Keycaps material: ABS Plastic
  • Customizable lighting


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As a brand, Razer always tries to value quality over anything. And that is quite evident in this tenkeyless keyboard from them. It comes with a superb build quality, which eventually makes it a durable option.

To be honest, this model from Razer is pretty heavy. It has those rubber feet on the board’s backside that will help increase the friction, eventually resulting in stability during gameplay.

The switches in it are robust and very well-constructed. When I used it with my PS5, I found reasonable travel and ensured a clicky response.

As a lapboard, it comes with green mechanical switches which can withstand 50 million clicks.

It also comes with a combination of a mouse, which you can connect with a single USB receiver.

In terms of performance, I would say that this keyboard is easily compatible with the PS5. It comes with a grippy texture so that your hands won’t slide while you are gaming.

The keys might be clicky, but they aren’t too noisy. Also, it is easy to clean if the dust gets stuck between the keycaps as there is enough space.

However, I wasn’t impressed with the battery life. When the backlighting was on, the battery performance was mediocre.

Besides, the price for this wireless keyboard for PS5 is on the higher side. Therefore, if you plan to buy this option, do consider these things.

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2. Royal Kludge RK84

I got to know about the brand Royal Kludge just a few years back. It was the RK61 from them that caught my attention and made me know more about them. That said, the RK84 from them is a newer iteration of something great.

This keyboard comes with the following specs:

  • 84 Key Form-Factor
  • Wrist-rest: Unavailable
  • 8 million RGB Backlighting options
  • Bluetooth 5.0


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In my opinion, it is an excellent keyboard that you can buy. It comes with a superb build quality, which is one of the prime traits that Royal Kludge as a brand promises.

It is small and compact and has a white texture all-over looks pretty elegant. And the best part is that when the RGB backlight glows, the whole outlook is very soothing to the eyes.

Now, for the proper customization and control of the lighting, you need responsive software. In the case of this keyboard, the software is fantastic and offers plenty of customization. Also, it will give you support for macro recording.

But not everything about this wireless keyboard is excellent.

I found the branded switches to be dang average. They don’t feel well while typing, and it gets noisy more often. But since this 80% keyboard has reasonable pricing, you can consider it a cost-cutting measure.

Overall, it’s a decent option for your PS5 if you consider it okay with a few issues.

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3. Thermaltake W1 Wireless

As a brand, Thermaltake needs no new introduction. Over the years, they have produced some of the best gaming components. I like them primarily because of their cooling solutions and PSUs. But to be honest, their product range is much diverse.

Having said that, just take a look at this wireless keyboard. I am pretty sure that this model would be a good pick for the PS5.

It comes with the following notable specifications:

  • Wrist-rest: Yes
  • Form Factor: Full Size
  • Bluetooth 4.2


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To start with the design of this keyboard, I would say that the total iteration is pretty basic. There is nothing wrong with this thing, but if you prefer something aesthetically pleasing, this model might not be a suitable option.

When I was using it with the PS5, I found this keyboard very easygoing and gaming-friendly. It has the Cherry MX switches, which offers excellent clicky response and has a great lifespan of 50 million keystrokes. With that said, the presence of an integrated wrist pad makes it comfortable for gaming.

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In my opinion, the overall build-up is also remarkable. The ABS plastic has been used in the body, and the usage of PBT plastic in the keycap makes it pretty durable.

However, I believe that the addition of backlighting would have added much flair to this gaming keyboard. Also, the absence of a tactile switch and onboard macro recording makes the board somewhat unreasonable considering the price.

Moreover, it’s a decent option with superb build quality but costly considering its feature-set.

4. Logitech K800 Wireless

Previously, I had used headsets, mice, and keyboards from Logitech. All of them were of decent quality. Now, as you are looking for a wireless keyboard for your PS5, this model from Logitech can be a viable option.

As a keyboard, it sports the following specs:

  • Form Factor: Full-Size
  • 10 days battery life at full charge
  • Palm Rest: Yes


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This keyboard is the upgraded version of the K800 from the same brand. The main difference in this version is the absence of the cord, which makes it a perfect wireless option.

Let’s start the discussion with the build quality.

This full-sized keyboard has a plastic build, which makes the board lightweight and flexible to carry. There are rubber feet beneath the board that might give you a cheap feeling, but to me, it was okay.

Apart from this, I liked the little fixed wrist-rest present on the board. It is more than enough to give you a comfortable typing experience.

The most incredible part of this keyboard is its RGB lighting, which you can control with the switch on the top of the board. Besides, with the help of the F5 and F6 keys, you can easily dictate the level of illumination.

Other than this, the battery life for this keyboard is fantastic. With a single charge, your board can last up to 10 days. Overall, if you just ignore the aspect of durability, this keyboard is a good bargain.

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5. Logitech K400 Plus

If you are looking for something inexpensive for your PS5, this keyboard from Logitech would be the most viable option. The Logitech K400 Plus comes with the following specs:

  • Wireless range: 10 m
  • Key life: Up to 5 million keystrokes
  • Noise level: Not more than 55 dBA


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The Logitech K400 Plus can be the perfect choice as a keyboard for your PS5. It is small in size and quite responsive, which is essential for providing flexibility during gaming.

Now, the design of this keyboard is thin, which eventually makes it lightweight. The best part is that this keyboard comes with a clickable pad, eliminating the need for an extra mouse.

Let us now talk about what matters the most, the performance.

When I tested this wireless keyboard with a PS5, I found its response to be precise. The keys’ sound wasn’t too loud, and the typing experience wasn’t stiff at all.

The software that this model comes with lets you reprogram the function buttons, which you can use for other purposes.

Overall, this wireless keyboard for PS5 from Logitech can be a good value for money. It comes with some exclusive features that you won’t get on any keyboard, which is inexpensive.

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6. Royal Kludge Sink 87G

Here I bring you another model from Royal Kludge that can be worthy of using with a PS5. It is their RK87 Sink87G, which is an 80% keyboard and can be a fantastic option for gaming.

That said, the Sink87G comes with the following specs:

  • ABS Plastic-made Keycaps
  • RGB Backlighting
  • Portable design


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This model from Royal Kludge is a convenient option because it comes with a highly functional design. I found the layout compact and neat, which is pretty good considering a tenkeyless form factor.

Let us now talk about the build quality.

I love the total construction of this particular keyboard. It is made up of good-quality plastic, and the casing also gives a solid feel. The thing that I liked the most was its stability while playing games. As it is heavy and has rubber feet beneath, it would rarely move from the position you place it.

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As for the switches, the brown switches sound very nice, and there is no sort of rattling. In my testing, I found them fast and responsive. However, they have clickiness, which might require some extra pressure to make them work.

The best part of this wireless keyboard for PS5 is its RGB backlighting. You can notice vibrant backlighting with different modes and effects. These lighting effects are highly customizable, and there are also pre-set effects that you can use.

Apart from all these things, this wireless keyboard has a transmission range of 10 m. To be honest, I expected the range to be more.

Other than this, it is an excellent wireless option with decent build quality and great backlighting.

7. Logitech G613 Lightspeed

Here I have another wireless option from Logitech, which can be a good buy as a keyboard for your PS5. It comes with the following specs:

  • Battery life: 18 months
  • Can withstand 70 million keystrokes
  • 2 AA Batteries


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I think by now you don’t have any doubts about the brand Logitech. It is the third product from them in this article, which points out the quality of their gaming components.

Now, this mechanical wireless keyboard from Logitech has some good things to offer. It comes with a sturdy build-up and a comfortable wrist rest. The overall outlook is clean, and it offers a quick transition between the keys during gaming.

As a keyboard, this model from Logitech can cope up with extreme gaming. When I tested it with my PS5, I didn’t experience any fatigue by pressing the keys. That said, the actuation point of these keys is outstanding, in my opinion.

However, if you are looking for RGB backlighting, this wireless keyboard will disappoint you. Even white backlighting would have made some statement. But this keyboard is also devoid of such things.

Moreover, apart from a few lackings, this keyboard is still a top contender as a wireless keyboard for PS5. Its top-tier switches and low-latency wireless connection make it a reasonable option.

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8. Redragon K585 DITI Wireless

If you are with small hands, this wireless keyboard from Redragon would be a befitting option. It sports the following notable specs:

  • Built-in 3000 maH battery
  • Ironic blue switch
  • Seven programmable Macro Keys
  • Five RGB Backlit modes


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Most gamers find it difficult while transitioning from PC-based to console-based games. For them, the task can get easier if they use a proper gaming keypad.

Now, the question is:
Will a gaming keypad be viable for PS5?

Well, you can always use a gaming keypad with a PS5. In fact, this model from Redragon is a perfect example of it.

This one-handed wireless keyboard is an excellent option. It has those blue switches that are tactile and produce soft clicky sounds. When I was using it, I experienced no perceived latency. I also liked the wrist rest. It is cushioned very well, which results in a super comfortable experience while gaming.

The build quality and the quality of materials used in the construction are commendable. However, the RGB customization is limited for this keyboard. Also, the placement of the spacebar is bizarre if you prefer to play games with WASD keys.

Overall, as a one-handed wireless option, this model is the best thing you can get for your PS5.

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9. Logitech K360

If you are looking for a wireless keyboard with a combination of long battery life and affordability, this model from Logitech will be the right choice.

The Logitech K360 sports the following notable specs:

  • 36 months of battery life
  • Wireless Range: 10 m
  • Can withstand up to 10 million keystrokes


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The K360 is a decent wireless keyboard that comes with some good features. Its small size makes it easy to carry around, making this keyword eventually highly flexible.

That said, this keyboard comes with a slim body and a compact framing. Even after this, Logitech managed to house 104 keys, which is highly commendable. In my opinion, the plastic build-up is above average for this board, and as for the durability, it can last for a considerable amount of time.

The switches in this keyboard offer an incredible amount of tactile bump. When I was using them, the keypress felt great, and If I compare them with the mechanical switches, they are a lot lighter and smoother.

What I didn’t like about this keyboard was its glossy finish. It kind of attracts smudges on the top of the board.

Also, the absence of indicators on the board was shocking.

Last of all, with all the specs that this keyboard has, I think it is justified because of its low price. Therefore if you are on a budget, getting this model would be an excellent decision for you.

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10. G-Lab Keyz Tungsten Wireless Keyboard

After all these renowned brands, let us talk about a model which is underrated. The G-Lab Keyz Tungsten comes with the following notable features:

  • Keys have a lifespan of up to 10 million keystrokes
  • 12 multimedia shortcut keys
  • Wireless Range: 10 m


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Let me start with the build-up first. I found the whole construction of this keyboard to be fantastic. The materials used are of top quality, which eventually plays a big part in its long-term durability.

Styling-wise this keyboard has a nice touch all over. For the price, you’ll be paying for this board, and such aesthetics is more than enough.

In terms of the noise, the keys of this board aren’t that loud. Therefore, if you prefer to have a low clickiness, this keyboard would be the best choice.

Apart from this, the RGB backlighting was okayish. I feel that it could have been better, but this is what you get at a low price.

Also, the 10 meters wireless Range is pretty decent, in my opinion. Moreover, if you want a reasonable package at a very low price for your PS5, this model from G-Lab is worth buying.

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11. Redragon INDRAH K555 RGB

Here is another model from Redragon that can be a perfect solution for your gaming needs with PS5. As a wireless keyboard, it comes with the following notable specs:

  • Six lighting modes
  • Five programmable macro keys
  • Six multimedia keys
  • Anti-Ghosting technology


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If I start with the build quality of this wireless keyboard, I would say it’s alright. It comes with a nice aluminum finish all over that looks nice. It has a pretty good wrist rest, which plays a big part in improving the ergonomics of the keyboard.

That said, the total minimal touch in the design would attract someone who doesn’t like overstated designs.

Let us now move forward and take some profound insights into this wireless keyboard.

This model from Redragon uses the Outemu blue switches, which can be comparable with the Cherry MX Green ones. To be honest, the output from the switches isn’t that good. Therefore, I found it pretty weird when Redragon claimed these switches were as good as cherry MX Green ones.

However, the RGB backlighting is one of the best things about this keyboard.

It comes with six lighting modes, and the vibrancy in the keys is noticeable.

Also, whatever may be the output from the keys, they aren’t loud at least.

As for the pricing of this wireless keyboard for PS5, it is highly affordable. Therefore if you want a combination of top-notch backlighting and affordability, this keyboard is the one you should go for.

12. Royal Kludge RK G68

Here I have another wireless keyboard from Royal Kludge. This model from the brand offers you value for money.

It comes with the following specifications:

  • 65 % layout
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Switch lifespan: 50 million keystrokes


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As a mechanical keyboard, the RK G68 is a model that comes at a relatively low price. And to be honest, it is a bargain for the price as it comes with genuine mechanical switches.

Now, the aesthetics of this keyboard is pretty clean. The design has an angled iteration, which helps massively in the case of gaming as well as typing. Apart from this, such a design also gives the board an aggressive outlook.

The materials used in the construction are also of high quality. The thick plastic used in the construction is sturdy enough to be long-lasting.

However, ABS plastic has been used in the keycaps, which has a trait of wearing out over time.

Another thing you need to know is that you don’t need to stretch your fingers too much while gaming. This wireless keyboard gives you enough flexibility. As for the switches, I was skeptical about this keyboard as a lesser-known option has been used other than Gateron or Outemu.

I found that they were pretty much consistent in my testing, and the clicks were not unpleasant.

Overall as a 65% mechanical keyboard that too within a budget, this keyboard is one of the best options. You will like the vibrant RGB lighting and flexible usability. So, don’t overlook this one if you are on a budget.

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13. ZJFKSDYX L87 Wireless

If I have to talk about this keyboard, I would say that it might be small in size but heavy. It comes with the following notable specs:

  • Keycaps: ABS Plastic-made
  • 3000 MA Rechargeable Battery
  • 19 backlit modes


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The build of this keyboard may not be of the highest standard, but it is still good enough to provide stability.

The best part of this keyboard that I feel is its trait of being waterproof. Like, if you even spill something accidentally on the top of the keyboard, there won’t be any issues.

Isn’t that amazing?

As for the keystrokes, the output is much quieter compared to any regular mechanical keyboard. The switches are tactile and the keycaps are also okayish. Besides, the backlit modes look cool enough to give the board an aesthetic appeal.

In the case of the rechargeable battery, I expected a bit better output, but still, it is somewhat manageable.

Overall for the price, I would say it is a decent option that you can buy for gaming with the PS5.

14. iKBC Typeman W200

If you want to have the best minimal option for your PS5, this particular option is the right choice. That said, this particular model comes with the following specs:

  • Anti-Ghosting tech
  • 6-Key Rollover
  • PBT double-shot keycaps


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To be honest, the design and the finishing on this keyboard are excellent, in my opinion. You would hardly get a chance to complain. The total minimalist touch looks very elegant.

As for the keycaps, you will get a great feeling while typing. The switches are also of top quality, and they don’t produce much noise. Now, for gaming with the PS5, I would say that the output from this model may not be the best in the world, but still, it is something commendable.

Besides, whatever the type of switches you use, they are rated with 50 million key-presses. The battery life of this keyboard is also of decent quality and can last for nine months at least.

In short,

it is the best minimal option you can get for your PS5.

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15. Redthunder K10 Wireless

It is the last option that I have for you on this list. It is from the brand Redthunder, and it comes with the following specs:

  • 3000 mAH rechargeable battery
  • Keycaps lifespan: 10 million keystrokes
  • 19 anti-ghosting keys


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It is a nice-looking keyboard that has white is accents all over and offers brilliant backlighting. The total charge all-over looks very pretty, and it will attract anyone at first glance.

Now, if you have to talk about gaming with this wireless keyboard, I would say the performance would be kind of acceptable. At the testing time, I found that the keys produce a bit of noise, but ladies are tolerable to some extent.

Besides, the framing for this keyboard is top-notch. It has a sturdy build-up, and I am pretty sure that it can even withstand blows caused by accidents.

The price seems okayish, and if you seek reasonability, this option might be a suitable one.

Will a Bluetooth keyboard work with PS5?

Yes, a Bluetooth keyboard is compatible and works great with a PS5. When it comes to PS5, there are rarely limitations. Almost all the wired and wireless keyboards are compatible and can ensure smooth gameplay.

And that said, there are no issues connecting the keyboard via Bluetooth with a PS5.

PS5 ensures in its settings that it has wider compatibility and you can be very tough quite easily with Bluetooth.

How to Buy the Best Keyboard for PS5

When deciding about which keyboard to buy, you need to follow some guidelines. Actually, it is not the guidelines, and I would say that you need to abide by some parameters. And thereby, following these parameters, you can learn about the tips that you need to consider.

But you have to shorten it down. I will want to have two things-build quality and several buttons.

Firstly, build quality is very important for any type of gaming component. Because the build-up of any component determines its long-lastingness, you will see options that claim to have the best of class materials in their construction. Whereas some brands and models focus on performance and aesthetics, but also have a superb build-up.

As for the number of keys, it is better to depend on the type of form factor. If I tell you that both are compact, any regular mechanical keyboard may have the same number of keys. Therefore, for a better buy, things need to be taken care of.

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Final Thoughts

Therefore, these are the finest 15 wireless keyboards that you can buy for gaming with the PS5. Among these options, there are models from both renowned and moderate brands.

In my opinion, the Razer Turret stands out from the rest. However, other options also meet the specific needs. In case you feel that something is left out, do let me know in the comments.

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