Best White Gaming Motherboards​

Building all-white gaming rigs have become a trend among gamers these days.

Being a gamer, I know that it is quite tough to match aesthetics and performance level at the same time. For enhanced performance level you would want a good motherboard.


Do you want the best white color motherboard for your all-white gaming rig?

Get set to have a complete overview of the 7 best white motherboards in the market. Along with that I will provide you a guide to buying the right motherboard.

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​Top 7 Best White Motherboards For ​Gaming

While building a gaming rig, most gamers tend to forget about buying quality accessories.

A motherboard is equally important like most other PC components.

Since you are looking for a white gaming motherboard, it can be difficult to get the right one. Because white color motherboards are not that as popular.

You also won’t need to worry about specific processors as they are also a part of my categorization. Both for Intel and AMD processors, motherboards are listed.

Here are the 7 best white gaming motherboards considering your budget:

1. NZXT N7 Z390

NZXT as a brand is quite popular these days for their PC accessories.

Their recent introduction to the world of motherboards has been a talk of the town. Mostly it is about their product that is NZXT N7 Z390.


The NZXT N7 Z390 is a gaming motherboard designed especially for the Intel processors.

Want to know the best part?

As a motherboard it is unique, just because of its design. It has the LGA 1151 socket in it.

It supports both the 8th and 9th generation processors.

The multi-GPU support is also another thing you will find in this white colored motherboard. The Bluetooth version installed in it Bluetooth 5.0.

You might notice that there are few features not available in this particular motherboard. But that is also a blessing in disguise for you.

This enables you to avoid the sharing of resources. Moreover, you can even maneuver all the features all together in this motherboard.

You can optimize the RGB through NZXT’s RGB Hue control, to enhance the aesthetics and make it look stunning.

Above all:

This is one of the best white motherboards available in the market. I would highly recommend you to buy this considering all criteria.


  • Nice design quality
  • Overclocking is top-notch
  • Decent performance level


  • Price bit high
  • Few features are missing

2. ASUS Prime Z390-A

Our next best possible choice for the best white motherboards for Intel PC’s is the ASUS Prime Z390-A.

The ASUS Prime Z390-A is one of the best motherboards from the series of motherboards launched by ASUS. The performance this motherboard has to offer to you is what you would love as a gamer.


Like the previous one:

This motherboard also supports 8th and 9th generation processors.

The chipset in it is LGA1151 type. You would also find this processor very good for overclocking.

But if you are looking for an all-white texture, then I am sorry to disappoint you. This motherboard has white shades all over a black build-up.

The shades of white, silver and black all over the structure make it look eccentric. Along with that, the white shrouds that covers up the audio part in the board give it a unique whitish look.

To be frank:

You don’t need to be upset about not having all-white look. The unique white shades along with great performing ability make it a good choice.

You also need to know that, that the design of this motherboard helps a lot in fitting your processor precisely.

It has a great cooling option as well as multiple GPU configurations.

To conclude:

I would highly suggest you buy this, for its great aesthetics and performance.


  • High-performance level
  • Great RGB lighting
  • Overclocking is supported


  • Placement of SATA connectors could’ve been better
  • Built-in Wi-Fi absent
  • Not an all-white option.

3. ASUS Prime Z390-P

If you are on a certain budget, can’t spend too much on the motherboard then ASUS Prime Z390-P is there for you.

It is much less pricey than that of the ASUS Prime Z390-A. For the price and specs it is a great deal you can have.


This motherboard also features an LGA1151 socket and also you are enabled to use 8th and 9th generation processors.

This motherboard being a budget-oriented option is great for mid-range gaming along with professional usage.

The white shades over back PCB provides a better outlook than most other motherboards with such design.

This motherboard also supports 4x SATA ports along with 2x M.2 ports. The cooling options are also excellent as 4x fan headers are there in the structure.

Another feature is:

You will have safe slot care that safeguards the motherboard from the damage of heavy GPU’s.


  • Not expensive
  • Good for mid-range gaming and operations
  • Outstanding design


  • Not a high-performance motherboard

4. MSI H310M Gaming Arctic

Now, if you are adamant about buying an all-white gaming motherboard for your gaming rig; then I have got to say the MSI H310M is the best white motherboard for you.

Because it is a keyboard that you will find with full texture with absolutely no shadings of any color.

MSI as a brand has always been producing a very unique line of motherboards with top quality design. Their H310M Gaming Arctic is also no different from it.


The H310M chipset it has may not provide all the features that any high-end motherboard would. Yet, it is a decent option for those who look for mid-ranged options.

It is also a budget-oriented motherboard. You don’t need to worry about its price at all.

In this motherboard you will get slots for two RAMS, four SATA-III ports, four USB 2.0 ports, two PCIe slots ,etc. The socket type is also LGA1151 like the previous options.

The build-up of this motherboard is very well done.

If you are hugely fond of RGB lighting, it has fewer options to offer for you. Only red lighting is available in this motherboard which is a turnoff for RGB fans.

Other than this:


  • All-white
  • Budget oriented
  • Superb outlook and aesthetics
  • Awesome build-up


  • Not a high-performance motherboard
  • Limited RGB-lighting
  • Overclocking is not supported

5. ASUS Prime X570 Pro

An all-white configuration is what most gamers want these days. Keeping this thing in mind ASUS has introduced its Prime X570 Pro.

This Prime X570 Pro is the best you can get for your setup with an AMD Ryzen processor.


Talking about design:

The motherboard has white shades over the PCB and there are also white heatsinks.

The socket that is used in this motherboard is an AM4 socket. It also has a PCIe Gen 4 which will help you to install a fast SSD.

You will be amazed to know:

That this motherboard features built-in RGB lighting facilities on its chipset.

You should know that the 3-way AMD CrossfireX and two-way NVIDIA SLI is compatible with this motherboard.

The cooling and overclocking performance is top-notch which makes it a top priority to buy.


  • Reasonable price
  • Supports Ryzen processors
  • Performance level high


  • Troubleshooting has limited options

6. ASUS Prime X470 Pro

While building a full-on white gaming setup, it is normal for anyone to be short of budget.

In case:

If you have to cut your budget short, for buying other parts of the PC, you can settle with ASUS X470 pro.


This is the motherboard which is suitable for midrange gaming operations that too at a cheaper rate.

The color texture in this motherboard is that its interior is black with heatsinks covered with an all-white outlook.


If you are looking for an all-white option, it is not the one.

But still, its design and features within the given price, makes it a hot shot among gamers who are fond of all-white gaming rigs.

Talking about design:

It’s a standard one. The white shading around the PCB looks stunning.

The RGB lighting is quite sleek and is controlled by Aura Sync of ASUS.

To sum up:

This motherboard has everything to offer for you that you would find in a budget motherboard. I would call this one as the perfect mid-range option.


  • Affordable
  • Sleek RGB lighting
  • Performance is decent


  • Manually overclocking isn’t possible
  • Just three fan headers

7. ASrock X370 Killer

Now if none of the above ones meets your expectations, you can always opt for an alternative.

The ASRock X370 killer is that sort of a motherboard.

It is pretty cool. It has a black and white combination which is the eye-catcher.


Besides that, there is a silver texture on the heatsink and also on the power delivery circuitry. This overall combination of black, white and silver makes the design look stylish.

A white armored shroud is also present there which covers i/os and audio panels. This motherboard has the latest flagship chipset from AMD.

The RGB lighting can be customized quite flexibly to have the desired outlook of your type.


  • Good in overclocking
  • Great design
  • Customizable RGB lighting options


  • Clear CMOS button absent

White Gaming Motherboard Buying Guide

Buying the right motherboard is an important task. As the performance of your whole setup depends largely on how a motherboard would function.

Choosing the right motherboard involves the consideration of various factors.

Well there are a few factors to consider. Let’s make it simpler for you.

Here are the things you need to consider buying the best white gaming motherboard for your gaming rig:


The First thing is to choose the motherboard based on your platform. Your PC might have an Intel or an AMD Ryzen processor.

You have to choose the best white color motherboard.

Both Intel and AMD have a wide range of processors and they are constantly upgrading those to stay relevant in the market.

While selecting the motherboard based on your platform, make sure that it meets the exact needs you want it to meet.

Socket Type

Socket type is also an important consideration while choosing a motherboard.

The Intel motherboard has an LG1151 type socket and the AMD has an AM4 type socket. This can be different in each of the cases depending on the version of the motherboard you are buying.

That's why Socket type is a must check before you a motherboard.

Ports and Slots type

While buying you also need to check that all types of slots or ports are available on your motherboard or not. Not all motherboards have the same number or type of slots.

You will see that:

Just because of few differences in features and price the type of slots or ports and their number varies.

Hence, it’s an important factor to consider.

Form factor

Motherboards come in different sizes and formats.

The most common formats are- ATX, mini-ITX, Micro-ATX.

The number of slots also depends a lot on the formats and sizes of the motherboard. You would see that number of slots changes when the size increases in the case of motherboards.

The size also matters when building a cost-effective setup with a decent performance level. Along with that, having a large case also plays a part in the cooling process.

So, think wisely while making a decision.


Last but not the least, the budget is also an important aspect to consider. Like in the blog, I have mentioned specifically about budget motherboards.

Selecting a budget motherboard will help you a lot in building a cost-effective gaming rig. Though, buying an expensive motherboard doesn’t mean you are wasting money.

Most high-end motherboards have a very high-performance level. That is why, you should opt for the right motherboard depending on your budget.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best white gaming motherboard for your white gaming rig is essential as you want a decent looking system with a good performance level.

It can be troublesome for you, to make the right choice; but don’t worry, the buying guide is there for you to help you to have the best white motherboard.

Still, anything bothers you or you are confused about something, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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