7 Best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x Reviewed & Rated

Written By FarhanMax

The Ryzen 9 5900x is undoubtedly one of the most potent CPUs from the latest Ryzen 5000 series.

You’ll need a powerful memory module to get the best out of it, as the Ryzen CPUs are generally more responsive to RAM speeds than their Intel counterparts.

In a hurry, check my favorite AMD Ryzen 9 5900x RAM.

My fellow gamers, your confusion ends here.

As I rated and listed the following RAM modules for helping you to find the right one.


Or sit back and read my entire take on some beastly performing RAMs.

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Best Ryzen 5900x RAM – Our Recommendations

Name of the RAMCapacityMemory Speed
Adata XPG Spectrix D60G16 GB3200 MHz
G.Skill Trident Z Royal Series32 GB3600 MHz
Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB16 GB3200 MHz
Thermaltake Toughram RGB16 GB3600 MHz
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro16 GB3200 MHz
G.Skill Trident Z Series RGB32 GB3200 MHz
Teamgroup Elite Plus16 GB3200 MHz

Not all the RAM modules out there will give you the same level of output. Some RAMs will act like a beast, while there are also options that would seem somewhat Okay.

Ask any gamer; he will tell you how important a suitable RAM is for a gaming rig. You need to be much choosy while selecting the best option.

That is why, to make your job easy, I filtered out the best performing RAM sticks.

Before you move on to the review, remember that there are no bad options among these. All of them are unique as they meet specific needs.

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Here are the best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x:

1. Adata XPG Spectrix D60G

If you’re an enthusiast who likes to show off his rig, you would need a RAM module with the best RGB implementation.

That said, this RAM from Adata got the finest RGB to offer.

This model comes up with the following specs:

  • Capacity of 16 GB
  • 8-layered PCB
  • Memory speed of 3200 MHz


Check Today's Price of Adata XPG Spectrix D60G ➜➜

Made of plastic yet fantastic.

The XPG Spectrix D60G looks remarkably good as a RAM module. It sports that sort of a design that you will either like or hate.

The plastic made heatspreaders equips a diamond-cut design, which serves as the major LED diffuser.

You can argue whether plastic will pull off the job of heat dissipation. But, to let you know, most RAM modules don’t really generate that much heat. That is why plastic build-up isn’t anything that you should worry about.

Also, RGB is the best part of this RAM kit. 60% of the surface area flaunts the glossy lighting.

Probably, that is how this RAM got its name D60G. Now, you might be wondering:

Is this memory module all about looks?

No, it isn’t. The looks don’t overpower the performance of this RAM kit. I can assure you that. My testing results were pretty decent. Although this RAM might not possess a functional heatspreader, there wasn’t any stability issue.

I also found the overclocking headroom to be excellent. The RAM ran at the speeds it was supposed to that too, without any ripple.

One factor that might matter is the price. By current market standards, this RAM isn’t that cheap.

However, that doesn’t make this kit overrated. Lastly, all I can say is, if you don’t care about the price tag, then you can get no better RAM than this one for your Ryzen 5900x build.

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  • »Looks great
  • »Superb performance
  • »Programmable RGB
  • »Everyone might not like plastic heatspreaders
  • »Not a cheap option

2. G.Skill Trident Z Royal Series

My first reaction to this RAM kit from G.Skill was:

DAMN… this looks good!

That said, this memory kit can deliver you a top-end performance.

This memory module comes up with the following features:

  • Capacity: 32 GB
  • Memory Speed of 3200 MHz
  • Aluminum-made heat spreaders


Check Today's Price of G.Skill Trident Z Royal Series ➜➜

The name Royal suits this particular RAM kit from G.Skill. The glossy looking heatsink and the jewelry-like design is enough to gain your attention.

Its beauty is enough to make you buy this memory module. Now, coming towards RGB, all I have to say is that its gorgeous-looking.

You’ll notice a crystal-like illuminating part under which there are RGB LEDs. For controlling them, you’ll get the Trident Z RGB Control from G.Skill.

The best part of these LEDs is:

When your rig will come to life, and these LEDs begin to light up, they will continuously change colors creating a rainbow-like effect.

As for the performance, I found this memory module potent enough for high overclocking. You can reach the rated speeds quite quickly. I myself overclocked this 3200 MHz RAM to 3600 MHz. So, for high-end performance, you can rely on this kit with your eyes closed.

Now, not everything falls into place every time. With all the superb features existing, this RAM isn’t devoid of some setbacks. What I noticed is, unlike most other modules of the same type, this is a bit pricey.

You might argue about the performance it offers. Yet, few modules are there, which delivers the same level of output, having a lower price per performance.

Maybe, it is for the royal design this RAM has. It is not necessary that you need to be concerned about the price.

If you have the budget, then chill mate! Buy it and squeeze the most out of your Ryzen 5900X.

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  • »Royal Design
  • »High-end performance
  • »Top-notch heatspreaders
  • »High price
  • »Sometimes dust might stick on the glossy part of heatspreaders

3. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

Corsair is one of my favorite brands for RAM modules. Their Dominator series is good enough for most high-end rigs. That said, the Dominator Platinum RGB can be a handy option for your Ryzen 9 5900X.

This model attributes the following specs:

  • Capacity: 16 GB
  • Memory Speed: 3200 MHz
  • Aluminum build-up


Check Today's Price of Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB ➜➜

I found this memory module with a unique stealthy design. The blackish texture is the main element of its attractiveness. It also possesses RGB elements. There are 8 RGB LEDs on each of the two modules that you will be getting.

The Corsair ICUE software is there for the optimization of these LEDs. I found this software pretty awesome. It wasn’t buggy at all. With this, you will be able to customize the lighting using various patterns.

I tried out ten different colors, though this software offers you a total of fifteen.

Now, to let you know:

This RAM kit isn’t all about RGB.

If you want to tweak your system, if you’re going to put it under heavy loads, you can rely on it with no hesitation.

The only negative thing that I came across is that it has some clearance issues with few motherboards. Other than this, it’s a great option to install in your Ryzen build-up.

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  • »Good Software
  • »Excellent RGB
  • »Decent for tweaking
  • »High price
  • »Few clearance issues

4. Thermaltake Toughram RGB

The Thermaltake Toughram RGB is a high speed gaming RAM which comes in both black and white variants.

In case you wanna build an all-white Ryzen 5900x gaming rig, the Thermaltake Toughram RGB White can be the right memory module for you.

This model comes up with the following specs:

  • Memory Speed: 3600 MHz
  • Capacity: 16 GB
  • 3-way RGB synchronization


Check Today's Price of Thermaltake Toughram RGB ➜➜

If you ask for my honest opinion, I would say that this RAM from Thermaltake is a good consideration for your Ryzen 9 5900x. Its heatspreaders are of high quality. Also, the 10-layer PCB construction that this memory has, will offer much stability to your system.

When I tested this RAM, the performance was commendable. It reached decent speeds, and the latency achieved decent highs.

This memory module possesses a 3-way RGB synchronization. So, it’s super flexible to control the lighting. This feature optimizes a smooth lighting performance. Also, there are 16.8 million colors for further customization to choose from while setting up lighting presets.

Overall, this is a mid-ranged RAM, so don’t worry about the price.

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  • »Affordable price
  • »Durable
  • »Height might be problematic to large CPU coolers

5. Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

If you are too concerned about the money you are about to put on your RAM, I got the right solution. This model from Corsair will make your every penny worth it.

The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro comes with the following specs:

  • Capacity: 16 GB
  • Memory Speed: 3200 MHz
  • CAS Latency of 16


Check Today's Price of Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro ➜➜

Corsair is one of the top brands for gaming accessories. There is no question about the top-end products they got for building gaming rigs. That said, you can trust them for squeezing out the most of your Ryzen 5900x build.

Also, you’ll love to know that in this kit, Samsung B0DIE chips are used. Since you have the Ryzen 9 5900x, it’s excellent news for you. Because such types of chips maximize the performance of AMD platforms to a great extent.

Now, this DDR4 RAM works great at the factory settings. When I tried it in my rig, to be honest, it was fast.

As for you, it is possible to achieve a 300-600 MHz boost depending on how this RAM plays with the components.

The RGB was as expected at this price point. Not too dull nor too vibrant.

Overall, it’s a decent memory module if you want to save money, that too with a good looking exterior.

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  • »Budget-friendly
  • »Good boosting ability
  • »High-quality chips
  • »Mid-ranged

6. G.Skill Trident Z Series RGB

What do you think about RGB lighting? Do you love it or loathe it?

If you love it, then G.Skill has the right offering for you through this model. The G.Skill Trident Z series comes with the following features:

  • Capacity: 32 GB
  • Memory Speed: 3200 MHz
  • CAS latency of 16


Check Today's Price of G.Skill Trident Z Series RGB ➜➜

This DDR4 RAM is well known for its gorgeous RGB implementation. It looks quite similar to the original Trident Z. The only difference is the plastic accents, which are quite opaque. Also, the heatspreaders are way more well brushed.

The RGB is much vibrant and controllable. You will have trident Z software to control it.

The best part is:

You will be able to control the lights in each of the modules individually. You can add different effects like a rainbow, comet, flash, etc., in this process.

As for the performance, this memory from G.Skill can hit up decent speeds. I was able to reach 3200 MHz in no time. Perhaps, you can go beyond if you tweak it more.

To sum up, a good memory with superb RGB hitting decent speeds.

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  • »Nice Design
  • »Can withstand heavy loads
  • »Expensive

7. Teamgroup Elite Plus

Elite-like design with top-notch heatspreaders, this is what Teamgroup has to offer through this model.

The Teamgroup Elite plus comes with some superb features:

  • Capacity: 16 GB
  • CAS Latency of 16
  • Memory Speed: 2400 MHz


Check Today's Price of Teamgroup Elite Plus ➜➜

The heatspreders are the center of attraction for this RAM module. It caught my eyes at first glance, and I bet the scenario will be the same for you.

Also, as a RAM, it is relatively stable, thanks to the 8-layer PCB construction. Another thing you’ll love about this memory module is that it’s very easy to install. It possesses curved edges, which will make the job easy for you.

As for overclocking, it’s a beast. Though the RAM is rated 2400 MHz, I was able to reach 2700 MHz with ease.

Overall, I must say it’s a top-quality RAM and will feel like a solid buy for your Ryzen 5900x.

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  • »Affordable price
  • »Easy installation
  • »Unique heatspreaders
  • »Issues with latency timings

Ryzen 9 5900x Overclocking Guide

The equation is simple. If you want to get the most out of your Ryzen Zen 3 CPU, you need to tweak it to limits.

You may ask:

What is the real benefit of tweaking the CPU?

Well, I remember myself asking this question. That’s why after long research, what I found is that there are gains in FPS values over the default ones. Sounds thrilling… isn’t it?

But I think you will agree with me when I say that this tweaking or overclocking should be done systematically.

In no way is this something that a noob should do. This process, if went wrong, can result in damaging your other components. Therefore, there should be some tips and tricks. Right?

Here are the tips for overclocking your Ryzen 9 5900x build:

Go for Precision Boost Overdrive

Precision boost overdrive or PBO is actually an extension of AMD’s precision boost. Its main task is to optimize clock speed at different workloads.

This extension will give you the chance to adjust parameters like package power target. Also, you will be able to change the thermal design current and electric design current.

The best part is when you will raise these parameters, and the processor will be enabled to give more headroom to push the performance.

I found this process easy and was able to reach decent speeds. But can’t really assure you that you will get the same results.

Use Auto OC

Well, using Auto OC will enable either your motherboard or software to tweak your CPU automatically. This tool will exploit parameters like Voltages to get the most out of your rig.

Also, by using this tool, there is a possibility of getting an overriding boost of 150-200 MHz too, with low effort.

Use Ryzen Master

It is the method through which you can adjust manually. By using Ryzen Master, you’ll be able to control clock speeds, both peak, and actual voltages. Also, you can set up memory along with Infinity fabric speed.

The thing I liked about Ryzen Master is its capability to tweak the system without any restart. But be careful with the tweaks as one of my friends went too far and ended up crashing his system.

Tweak the Settings Through BIOS

Better if you go with this traditional method. It is what I did to tweak my Ryzen 5900x. It was time-consuming as you got to boot OS, make changes, and also check performance and stability.

Besides, while you do this, you would lose the auto boost. So, before choosing this method better, you make your mind up.


Question: What is the best RAM speed for Ryzen 5900x?

Answer: For the Ryzen 9 5900x RAM speed, the sweet spot is around 3200-4000 MHz. Anything beyond this, the CPU, might break down.

Question: How to overclock the Ryzen 5900x?

Answer: To perfectly overclock your Ryzen 5900x, you can use the following methods:1. Go for Precision Boost Overdrive2. Try Auto OC3. Use Ryzen Master4. Tweak settings through BIOS

Final Thoughts

So, these are the RAM modules you can try out for your Ryzen 9 5900x PC. All of them are different, yet they can optimize your system to the highest level.

My personal favorite is the ADATA XPG Spectrix D60G. It fared up to be the best in my test results. However, other options are somewhat equally good to add up in the build.

I hope that you’ll get your desired memory module from this list. Still, if any query arises, then do let me know.

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