Best RAM for i5 11600K: 7 Choices Tested For Gamers

Written By Steven Arends

You’ve made a great choice by going for the i5 11600K CPU, no doubt.

But a great CPU needs top-performing RAM, too, right?

TLDR: Just get this RAM and you’re set!

I’m going to guide you through the seven best gaming RAMs for i5 11600K.

Out of the hundreds of options available, I’ve picked only the top 7 after days of research.

After reading the whole post, you’ll have a clear idea about the best i5 11600K RAM for you, and you won’t buy the wrong one.

So let’s jump right in.

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Best i5 11600K RAMs Listed

AwardModelFrequency and Latency
Best RGB RAMCorsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL3600 MHz C18
Best RAM for aestheticsG.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold3600 MHz C16
Best high-performance RAMCrucial Ballistix MAX RGB4400 MHz C19
Best affordable RGB RAMXPG D50 RGB3200 MHz C16
Best overclocking RAMPatriot Viper Steel4400 MHz C19
Best high-performance, affordable RAMCrucial Ballistix3200 MHz C16
Best budget RAMG.SKILL Ripjaws V3200 MHz C16

i5-11600K is Intel’s newest 11th gen unlocked CPU. With the recent 11th gen CPUs, Intel decided to allow higher frequency RAM.

Hence, pairing your new i5 11600K CPU with a fast, high-performance RAM is crucial for the best CPU performance. A powerful RAM will allow you to have shorter game load times, speedier app opening times, and a snappy computing experience.

So, here are the top 7 best i5 11600K RAMs:

1.  Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL

If you’re a fan of RGB, the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL will melt your heart.

Notable highlights of the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL:

  • 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4
  • 3600 MHz at C18
  • 44mm high
  • 10 ARGB LEDs per module
  • iCUE software support
  • onboard memory for RGB


Check Today's Price of Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL ➜➜

The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL is one of the best RGB RAM from Corsair. The black-colored RAM has a top RGB bar housing 10 LEDs.

The best part?

They are addressable, and you can customize them to your heart’s content. It’s compatible with Corsair iCUE software or other motherboard software.

Not only that, the RGB lighting is bright, vivid with smooth diffusions that create a gorgeous glow. Also, the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL has onboard memory to remember your RGB settings. So you won’t need to keep the RGB software open at all times.

How about performance?

The performance of this RAM is excellent. 3600 MHz is a breakneck speed. Combined with 32GB of enormous capacity, it’ll deliver you a quality experience while gaming. You’re sure to get quick game loads, app opening times, and overall a snappy experience.

The only downside is that the timings are not the greatest. You can find other memories with tighter timings at the same frequency.

Therefore, if you plan to overclock, you’d be better off buying the G.SKILL Trident Z Royal for great timings and increased overclocking headroom. But if you don’t overclock and want RGB, the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL is the best option for your i5 11600K.

Just plug it in, turn on the correct XMP profile, and you’re good to go. Check out some of the best 4400 MHz RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

  • »top-notch RGB lighting
  • »high performance
  • »on-board memory for RGB
  • »low overclocking capacity

2.  G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold

The G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold is the most gorgeous-looking and high-performance RAM you can buy for the i5 11600K.

Top Features of the G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold:

  • 32GB DDR4 (2 x 16GB) module
  • 3600MHz RAM at C16 latency
  • crystalline light bar with RGB
  • electroplated gold color


Check Today's Price of G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold ➜➜

Everything about this RAM is premium, even the packaging too. The G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold comes in a black satin box. Once you open it, you get the two modules wrapped in premium foam, along with a nice microfiber cloth.

The very first thing that’ll catch your attention is the looks of it.

The aesthetics the RAM provides are of another level. The G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold shines like a crown on any PC. The whole body is electroplated with royal gold color.

Moreover, the top houses a crystalline RGB bar that scatters and refracts the RGB lighting in an imperial manner. Anyone looking at it would be mesmerized.

When it comes to speed and performance, it’s no slouch. Don’t forget to check out some of the best 4000 MHz RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

With fast 3600 MHz frequency and low C16 latency, it ensures you have the best experience while operating your PC. Therefore, any task related to memory like game loading, app opening, etc., will be blazing fast with this RAM.

Intel 11th gen CPU like the i5 11600K highly benefits from low latency like C16, and you will see it in action while using it.

There’s more:

If you like to overclock, the G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold is a gem for you. It provides a wide overclocking headroom. With appropriate tweaking, you can extend the performance further beyond what’s available out of the box.

However, when I’ve said everything about it is premium, I meant the pricing too. The G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold will cost you a fortune to get it.

So, unless you’re an enthusiast or an extreme overclocker or someone who wants the most gorgeous-looking RAM, skip it and go for the other options in this list. Don’t forget to check out some of the best 3000 MHz RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

  • »gorgeous looking
  • »ultra-low latency
  • »high overclocking headroom
  • »expensive

3.  Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB

The Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB is one of the best choices for your i5 11600K CPU for high-performance RAM.

Some notable features of the Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB:

  • DDR4 32GB (2 x 16GB) capacity
  • 4400 MHz CL19 kit
  • only 39.17mm in height
  • on-DIMM temperature sensor
  • 16 RGB LEDs in 8 zones
  • support for custom 3D-printed lightbar


Check Today's Price of Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB ➜➜

A lot is going in for the Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB. Let’s discuss them one by one.

First of all,

The build quality of the RAM is excellent. The Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB has a stealthy black look to it. The top light bar has 16 RGB LEDs across eight zones for full customization.

You can customize the lighting easily with your motherboard software. Apart from that, the light bar is removable. You can put your custom 3D printed light bar there.

As you can see, the level of customization is insane.

Moreover, the RAM is top-notch in performance. The Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB goes all the way up to 4400 MHz with C19 latency on supported motherboards. Add the fact that it’s a dual-channel RAM, and you get a performance beast for your gaming rig. Check out some of the best 2666 MHz RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

On top of that, you have a decent overclocking potential for the ultimate experience.

Lastly, you get all of this in a low profile 39.17mm high body. It’ll go well with almost all the beefy CPU coolers you can put on your i5 11600K.

As a result, all these features combined make the Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB a compelling choice for enthusiasts and overclockers. As a bonus, you get on-DIMM sensors to monitor the temperature in real-time, something enthusiasts will highly appreciate.

Naturally, such a combination of benefits won’t come at a low price. So if you don’t need all these bells and whistles, check out the Crucial Ballistix for something affordable. Don’t forget to check out some of the best 3600 MHz DDR4 RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

  • »high overclocking headroom
  • »top tier performance
  • »wide customization capacity
  • »decent RGB
  • »pricey

4.  XPG D50 RGB

The XPG D50 RGB is an excellent option for you if you want decent RGB RAM at a reasonable price.

Notable highlights of the XPG D50 RGB:

  • DDR4 32GB (2 x 16GB)
  • 3200MHz C16 RAM
  • RGB control via XPG PRIME software
  • motherboard software supported


Check Today's Price of XPG D50 RGB ➜➜

The XPG D50 RGB has a titanium-colored heat spreader with a flare of RGB at the top. The build quality and construction are pretty good.

When it comes to RGB, it does a reasonably decent job. The RGB lighting looks bright and punchy. You get to control the lighting via the XPG PRIME app or through your motherboard software.

I can safely state that:

The performance of this RAM is fast enough for most gamers. 32GB RAM at dual-channel configuration will serve you well for years.

Furthermore, the XPG D50 RGB has a high 3200 MHz frequency at low CAS latency of 16. All these combined will make your gaming experience ultra-fast and snappy.

We’re not done yet.

If you decide to tweak the BIOS settings, you can bump up the frequency significantly. It’s possible to make it 4133 MHz at C19 on supported motherboards. That’ll give you a significant boost in performance. Also, check out the best RAM for intel core i9-10900k.

There is one caveat:

The default XMP profiles have loose timings. You can fix that by manual tweaking, though.

Overall, I would recommend the XPG D50 RGB to any gamer who wants a reasonably priced RGB RAM with high performance.

However, if you need better RGB, give the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL a shot. For better performance, try the Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB.

  • »high performance
  • »decent overclocking capacity
  • »loose timing on XMP profile

5.  Patriot Viper Steel

The Patriot Viper Steel is a no-frills top-performance desktop RAM for the hardcore overclockers.

Top highlights of the Patriot Viper Steel:

  • DDR4 16GB (2 x 8GB) module
  • 4400MHz frequency with C19 latency
  • aluminum heat shield


Check Today's Price of Patriot Viper Steel ➜➜

The stealthy-looking RAM might not give some big impressions at first sight, but you’d be wrong to underestimate its power.

The Patriot Viper Steel packs a ton of performance under the hood. To achieve that, though, you will need to go through a plethora of tweaking and testing. Also, check out the best graphics card for i9-10900k.

For this reason, if you like plug n play experience, you need to look at Crucial Ballistix or G.SKILL Ripjaws V. For the enthusiasts and overclockers; it is an incredible memory kit.

On paper, it clocks at a maximum of 4400 MHz at C19. But the Patriot Viper Steel has a vast overclock headroom. So With appropriate tweaking, the frequency can be made higher, and the timing can be made tighter.

The result?

It has some of the best performance in this price segment. I would highly recommend the Patriot Viper Steel to overclockers as it is a fun RAM to work with.

If you can spend more and want aesthetics too, check out the G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Gold. Also, check out the best RAM for intel core i5-10600k.

  • »extreme overclocking support
  • »super high frequency
  • »ultra-fast performance
  • »requires manual tweaking

6.  Crucial Ballistix

The Crucial Ballistix is a high-performance RAM that’s pretty simple to install.

Notable features of the Crucial Ballistix:

  • DDR4 16GB (2 x 8GB) RAM
  • 3200 MHz at CL16
  • 17mm low height
  • high-quality PCB


Check Today's Price of Crucial Ballistix ➜➜

The Crucial Ballistix has a standard design and available in multiple colors. It’s super convenient to match your preferred color scheme.

The great thing about the RAM is that it’s very compact. At just 39.17mm, it is low profile enough to be compatible with most CPU coolers.

About the performance,

You get a 16GB dual-channel configuration with 3200 MHz speed and CL16 latency. That’s fast enough for games these days. Even for more demanding tasks, the Crucial Ballistix will cover you pretty well.

However, you can always want faster RAM. That’s understandable. Take a look at the Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB for faster speeds and RGB.

The thing is, it’s always not necessary to get the faster RAM. Instead, you can buy this RAM and overclock it to get more performance out of it. It has a decent potential to overclock and extend performance. Also, check out the best RAM for intel core i9-10900k.

I must say,

Crucial checked a lot of boxes with the Crucial Ballistix. You get fast performance, decent headroom for overclocking, a compact size for more excellent compatibility, and multiple color options.

The only thing missing here is the RGB. But then again, the combination you’re getting here is not bad at all.

As a plus, it’s pretty easy to set the RAM at the correct profiles.

Therefore, if you’re a gamer looking for a reasonably priced high-performance RAM, you cannot go wrong with the Crucial Ballistix.

  • »easy to install
  • »decent overclocking headroom
  • »low profile height
  • »no RGB for the price

7.  G.SKILL Ripjaws V

The G.SKILL Ripjaws V is one of the most popular RAMs from G.SKILL due to its fast performance at an affordable price.

Top highlights of the G.SKILL Ripjaws V:

  • 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4
  • 3200MHz C16 RAM
  • 42mm height
  • XMP profile supported


Check Today's Price of G.SKILL Ripjaws V ➜➜

The design is nothing to write home about. The G.SKILL Ripjaws V has a simple design with availability in multiple colors. So you can color match with your PC.

The build quality is decent and will last you for years. The aluminum heat spreader does a pretty great job of heat dissipation.

On the performance side, the G.SKILL Ripjaws V performs excellently. Dual-channel configuration combined with 3200 MHz frequency and low latency of C16 makes it an excellent choice for the i5 11600K.

I am happy to state that:

For most people, it will perform more than fast enough. Unless you’re doing something memory-intensive that requires you to have ultra-fast RAM, it will serve you excellently.

The fast performance alone makes the G.SKILL Ripjaws V a top choice for budget gamers. On top of that, you get an easy installation procedure. On most motherboards, it’ll automatically pick up the correct profile. However, it doesn’t hurt to double-check. Also, check out the best CPU Coolers for i7-11700k.

Aside from that,

If you want to overclock, you should skip it and go for the Crucial Ballistix for an affordable price or Patriot Viper Steel for extreme overclocking.

  • »cheap
  • »fast performance
  • »plug n play experience
  • »little headroom for overclocking

Final Thoughts

So which is the best i5 11600K RAM?

I like the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL for its all-around features and gorgeous RGB.

For better performance, the Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB is a solid choice.

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