​6 Best PSU Under $50 – Best Budget Power Supply For Gaming PC?

Deciding which power supply unit to buy for your PC can be a tough choice to make. Especially when your budget is limited.

Are you looking for a budget PSU?


If the case is so, it's okay to be short of budget.


In this blog, I am going to provide a comprehensive list of 6 best PSU under $50 available in the market. Along with this, as a bonus there's a buyer's guide for you.

So, what are you waiting for; let's jump right into it.

Why a Good PSU is Important for Your PC?

A PSU is something without which you can't even start your computer. It converts the AC voltage from the plug-in into low DC voltage, as your computer parts like motherboard, processor, adapters, etc. need low DC voltage to operate.

Another reason:

One main function of PSU is to facilitate airflow and cooling of the PC case. The fan in the power supply unit is the reason behind the air circulation throughout the system.

If you don't know anything about your current PSU then check out our post on what is my PSU.

Top 6 Best PSU Under $50

Like in the previous part you did know why PSU in essential in your system. That is why, you need the best available PSU for your gaming rig.

But your budget is just $50. In this case, you might be wondering about which brands you can opt for.

Or else, whether these cheap PSU’s will be good for your system or not.

Chill, I have got the best available PSU’s from the reputed brands under this price tag.

Here are the 6 best PSU under $50 that you will have a value for your money.

1. Thermaltake Smart 500W

Thermaltake is quite known for producing accessories for building gaming rigs. Among all those products that they have been producing, their PSU's have made a great name.

The Thermaltake Smart 500W is such a power supply unit that you use in some high-end gaming rigs.


It is a budget PSU and it is rated 80+ inefficiency.

As non-modular PSU:

It has an impressive build. The RGB effects in it make it more than just a normal PSU.

The smart RGB design patterns enable you to customize the lighting of your power supply. There are altogether 256 colors in which you can use 14 different patterns to enhance the aesthetics of your system.

When it comes to overpowering protection, the performance of this PSU is decent. You might see that the fan speed can get a bit higher than what you anticipated.

Though it isn't bronze rated, still the efficiency it will provide is a bargain within this price. That is why:

The expectation that you should have about performance should be up to certain levels.

The Thermaltake Smart 500w is a decent budget PSU with the excellent build quality and design.

I would recommend you buy this one, as it can be the best PSU under $50 which you can use in your gaming rig.


  • Very compact build
  • Good for computers requiring low output
  • Fans aren't that noisy
  • Customizable RGB


  • Non-modular
  • Cables aren't lengthy

2. EVGA 500 W1

EVGA 500 W1 by EVGA is a great power supply when you are looking for options under $50.

They have been producing PSU's for quite a long time and their EVGA 500W1 is one of the best budget PSU in the market.


This is 80+ white PSU that will ensure you that it can undertake loads and still provide you an efficiency of 80%.

It's a mid-ranged PSU, still, it has got some features that you would mostly find in high-end PSU's.

This PSU is non-modular.

The voltage regulation is somewhat decent if not the best. You can't expect the regulation of a $120 PSU in a under $50 PSU.

It is what it is. Besides, in this PSU you will be getting +12V rail which is for giving you the best output.

For building a budget gaming rig and also expecting the maximum amount of output, this can be your best PSU under $50.

I would highly suggest you buy this given the output level it has.


  • Efficiency level is decent
  • Built-in quality is good enough to keep components safe.
  • Cables are fully sleeved


  • Not modular
  • The heatsink is absent on bridge rectifier

3. Corsair VS450

If you are having a budget deficit then like most other brands Corsair also has a solution for you.

That solution is the Corsair VS450, which is a budget PSU with a reliable performance level.

It is a very good choice for mainstream users and it has satisfactory efficiency levels.


Talking about efficiency:

It is 80+ white standard that is you would get an efficiency of at least 80% on the performance.

It isn't a modular PSU which is justifiable given the price tag it has. You would also see a 120 mm fan in it that functions with a sleeve bearing.

The wires are long enough and also fixed; plus the peripheral connectors are enough in number.

The build-up quality of this power supply unit is top-notch. The exterior looks are elegant with back coating.

It's compatible with all the latest motherboards available.

You also don't need to worry about its size as it is quite small and can be fit into any decent mid-tower ATX PC case.

It does have good protective features like control over short voltage, under-voltage, or even short circuit and will take necessary actions in case of any mishaps.

It is a decent PSU from Corsair that you can opt to buy. I would say it can be the best PSU under $50 for you if you are looking for an option with a good number of specs.


  • Excellent performance level
  • Warranty of 3 years
  • Voltage levels are steady
  • Compact build-up


  • Cables aren't modular
  • Capacitors aren't of a quality

4. Apevia ATX PR600W Prestige

Looking for a budget 600W power supply unit?

The Apevia ATX PR600W Prestige is the PSU you should go for.

The PSU comes up with a very efficient design and a compact structure. The components are well placed inside the PSU.


Unlike most budget PSU's it isn't of bronze or white standard. It is PSU under $50 which comes with an 80+ gold rating, which gives it an edge over other competitors.

For a PSU priced under $50, it's a rarity. In my opinion, it's a win for you if you buy this one.

The Apevia ATX PR600W has a single 12V output; adding to that the PCIe connectors present in it compatible with dual GPU.

There are also 4 SATA and 4 peripheral ports available.

Protection standards like OVP, UVP, etc. are decent here, you don't need to worry about that.

This PSU isn't a modular one, but the price tag and other specs being considered to make it worth buying.

I would recommend buying this if you are searching for 600W PSU. It is the best PSU under $50 and might be the only option for 600W PSU.


  • Decent protection standards
  • Gold standard rating
  • Easy installation
  • Possible to run 2 GPU's


  • Not a modular PSU
  • The fan might be noisy

5. Antec Earthwatts EA-380D

When it comes to brands producing quality PSU's, Antec is a top choice for most gamers.

The EarthWatts EA-380D by Antec can be the best PSU under $50 for your gaming rig.

The Earthwatts line of PSU's has a unique trait of having dark green texture in the exterior. Going by the model name you might have understood by now that its environment friendly.


It's a decent option to buy for building a mid-range gaming rig.

It has an 80+ bronze certification.

The PSU comes up with dual 12V rails. The number of PCIe connectors in this PSU is 6.

Antec has also included active PFC and best available protection options which are rare among most PSU's under $50.

In this model Antec opted for ADDA-fan which is composed of a ball bearing, which helps in flowing out air from the system.

The noise level is also satisfactory.

As a mid-range PSU with a lower consumption-ability the Earthwatts EA-380D by Antec is a great choice to make for a price tag of under $50.


  • The fan isn't noisy
  • Consumes less power
  • Long-lasting
  • Long cables


  • Too many power connectors
  • Not a modular PSU

6. EVGA 400 N1

As a budget PSU under $50 I have got another option for you from EVGA. It is their EVGA 400 N1 model which can be the best PSU under $50 for you.

This model from EVGA has a durable structure. The exterior is completely coated with black texture. The build quality is also remarkable.


This PSU is competent enough to power a mid-range GPU like GTX 1050Ti. For the graphics card, it has 6 pins and 8 pin PCIe connectors.

The PSU is also equipped with a 120 mm fan which does a decent job in cooling the system.

The fan in this PSU is ultra-quite. That means, there is no chance for you to complain about it to be a noisy one.

As far as the performance is concerned it's an 80+ standard PSU, so you can be assured that it has an efficiency of at least 80%.

The PSU comes with enough protection standards like- OVP, OCP, and SCP.

It's another model from EVGA that can be your choice as best PSU under $50. Considering the specs and the price it can be a killer deal.


  • Enough protection standards available
  • Fan is ultra-quite
  • Durable and compact structure


  • May have heating problems
  • I/O switch is absent

Buying guide: How to Buy the Best PSU under $50

Buying a budget PSU that too of a price under $50 can prove to be tricky for you. But you need not worry.

I have compiled a few important factors that you need to consider while buying the best PSU under $50.

Here are those factors that you should keep in mind while buying best PSU under $50:

Size of the PSU

This is an important factor to consider as most buyers tend to make the mistake of buying oversized PSUs.

You are already short of money. Now, buying an over or undersized PSU will only make the situation worse.

Check the specs and dimensions of the CPU while buying. Observe how many connectors or pins are available to connect your GPU.

Along with that, consider the weight and structure. Bigger PSU's tend to be more reliable in managing the components.

Efficiency Level of PSU

80+ efficiency rating is the basic criterion in labeling a PSU as a good PSU. This 80+ rating can be of different categories, such as- bronze, white, gold, etc.

The 80+ rating means the PSU has am efficiency of at least 80% given the loads it undertakes. So, do consider the efficiency before making the buying decision.


Question: What is the best 400 W PSU under $50?

Answer: There are a few PSU's of 400W in the market which is under $50. Among the EVGA 400, N1 is the best option as under $50 PSU.

Question: What are the factors to consider while buying the best PSU under $50?

Answer: Predominantly two factors should be in your consideration while buying the PSU. The first one is its size and the second one is the efficiency it provides.

Final Thoughts

Buying a thing on a certain budget is always a hassle. It's more when the budget is specific like $50.

In case of, buying the best PSU under $50 you don't need to worry at all. I have listed all the best available PSUs in the market in this article along with a buying guide.

I hope you get your desired PSU. Nonetheless, if any issue arises; feel free to drop a comment.

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