11 Best Gaming Headset For Glasses Wearers 2023 [Rated]

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A good gaming headset is like that exact spice that will act as a catalyst in the recipe for having tactical prowess while gaming.

But as a glass wearer myself, I often find it difficult to find that exact gaming headset that won’t mess with glasses. I guess, you also feel the same.

In a hurry? Here’s our recommended Overall Best Headset.


Don’t you want to know about the most suitable glasses friendly headset?

I know you want it; that’s why you are still with me.


I am here to provide you the list of 11 most awesome headset for glasses; plus there is also a buyer’s guide for you which I think you would love to have.

Best Headset for Glasses Wearers

Headset NameFrequency RangeWeight
HyperX Cloud II15 - 25,000Hz0.52 lbs
HyperX Cloud Flight20-20000 Hz0.63 lbs
SteelSeries Arctis Pro10-40,000Hz0.94 lbs
Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless20-20000 Hz1.28  lbs
Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X5 – 25,000 Hz0.52 lbs

It is a tricky task for any gamer who wears glasses to find the best headset. You might be clueless about which brand to choose or what can be the best deal within a budget.

Don’t worry. I have compiled a comprehensive list of 11 gaming headsets considering every important aspects.

Here are the best gaming headset for glasses wearers:

1. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

The idea of gaming headset only good for gaming doesn’t go with HyperX Cloud II. From being a perfect ingredient for a gamer to being a premium headphone, HyperX Cloud II has it all.

As a hardcore gamer:

You would love to know that this headphone is made for people like you.

The design that this headset has to offer is super cool. It comes up with a closed cup design which is a must for enhanced noise cancellation.


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The headband in it is made of leather-like material along with foam-like substance in it which creates much ease around your ears.

The best part is:

Despite looking like a heavy structure, you won’t feel its weight. Rather its very light to use, offering almost no tightness.

Along with that:

You don’t have to worry about the mic getting too close to your mouth. It is placed in the right position and you won’t face any problem in delivering what you want to say.

Want to know the coolest thing?

The mic in this headset is detachable.

You would also find the USB card having the audio and sound controlling buttons that you can use to maintain sound levels.

To be honest, it has one of the best outlooks with superb ergonomics. The sporty design adds a new level of charm to it.

The sound quality is top-notch, very clear, and audible; plus it is useable for many gaming platforms.

It’s a great option that too at a very much affordable price. It can be a great gaming headset for glasses considering very aspects.

  • »Affordable
  • »Superb design and aesthetics
  • »Comfortable to use
  • »Won’t mess with your glasses
  • »Top-notch sound quality
  • »The mic is okay but not that good compared to other features
  • »Cables may mess up

2. HyperX Cloud Flight Gaming Headset

I have another one for you from HyperX. It is their HyperX Cloud Flight gaming headset.

HyperX has been producing quality gaming headsets for quite a long time. The HyperX Cloud Flight is the first-ever wireless headset that they have included in their lineup.

When it is about design:

The HyperX cloud flight has a typical traditional outlook.


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If you’re not a very big fan of flashy and over the moon type of aesthetics; then I got to tell you that this is the headset you are looking for.

Like most of its products:

HyperX has emphasized much on this product so that it matches customer’s comfortability.

As a headset, it will give a congenial feel to your ears and around. The headset is too light which is also a reason behind such comfort.

Apart from comfort levels and design, you may question the performance level of this headset.

You may ask:

What makes HyperX Cloud flight different from other headsets?

The answer is its excellent battery life.

The HyperX Cloud Flight has a battery life 30 hours which makes it a stand out among its competitors.

If you are a gamer who likes to have extended gaming sessions, then buy this headset over any other one.

About the controls of the headset, you can do it quite easily through the buttons available on the left ear-cup.

There is a power button along with a mute button. On the right one, you will find a knob with which you can adjust volume levels.

To sum up:

  • »Comfortable to use
  • »Long battery life
  • »Wireless
  • »Easily adjustable
  • »Expensive
  • »Not a good option if you are looking for RGB

3. Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headset

The next top pick that I am going to talk about is widely acclaimed for its premium quality of build and sound levels.

If you are seeking a headset that will provide you the clearest possible sound, then the Superlux HD668B is a must buy.


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To be precise:

The sound quality of this headset is such that you will be awestricken. The neatness of the sound is such that it will make you fall for this headset.

This semi-open headset has a very lightweight build-up which also makes it less sturdy. So, you do get how comfortable it is to use.

Due to semi-open design most of the potential might think that the sound isolation level isn’t up to the mark. But in case of this headset, it’s good if not the best.

The good part is:

The sound isolation level is that good that you can also use it in your office environment.

That is you will find the cable in this headset to be detachable.

The Earcups in it is padded with soft materials that prove my point about its highest level of ease.

  • »The sound quality of the highest level
  • »Affordable
  • »Lightweight
  • »Good build quality
  • »Sound isolation could’ve been bit better
  • »Not a good choice if you are treble sensitive

4. Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Now having cables in the headset can be a troubling situation sometimes. As a glass wearer, you might often find the cables tangling with your glasses.

You can always opt for wireless headsets.

Among the wireless headsets, you will find in the market, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is one of the best available ones.


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It has a plastic built body. It seems to have the vibe that suits extreme gaming.

It has a boom microphone that is angled paralleled to the ear cup. The ear cups are decent enough and fit comfortably.

The left ear cup has both the volume controller along with the chat-volume button. The charging port is also present here.

The headband is also fully padded up with foam which provides much ease to the user.

The best part is:

In this headset you will find a feature named “Prospecs” that will help you to have an easy-going while wearing glasses.

Coming to audio, this headset provides excellent sound clarity.

This headset is compatible with both PS4 and PS4 pro. So, if you are a PS4 user and looking for a wireless headset, it can be a great choice for you.

  • »Top-notch sound quality
  • »Comfortable to use
  • »Wireless
  • »Left ear cup is overcrowded
  • »May fit awkwardly

5. Steelseries Arctis Pro

If you are a gamer who wears glasses and prefers to have a wireless headset then Steelseries Arctis Pro is there for you.

The headsets produced by Steelseries are always of great quality and this Arctis 7 is another example of that.


Check Today's Price of Steelseries Arctis Pro ➜➜

What differentiates the Arctis Pro from most other headsets is the design of its headband.

The entire headband is made up of an elastic fabric frame that provides an ease to your skull at the highest level.

The headband is padded with soft-like foam and the finishing that is given on it is remarkable.

The Airweave cushions in the ear cup adapt to the glasses you wear perfectly and provide great comfort to ears.

Talking about the build-up:

The total construction is decent. Instead of going after a flashy outlook, Steelseries opted for a standard outlook with ear cups having great touch of finishing.

What about battery life?

Well the battery life of this headset is about 24 hours. It does enable you to have extended gaming sessions.

You might also be confused about sound quality. Isn’t it?

Well, the Steelseries Arctis Pro has that level of clarity and crispness in sound that enables anyone to have their perfect gamer moment.

The sound is distortion-free and even when it is too loud; don’t worry it wont to be a torture to your ears.

It gets the job well done but might crackle up few times.

To conclude:

The Steelseries Arctis Pro is one of the best professional gaming headsets for glasses wearers that you might find. I would suggest you buy this considering overall specs and performance.

  • »Excellent Battery life
  • »Top-notch sound quality
  • »Highly comfortable
  • »The mic can be problematic sometimes

6. Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II)

If you are an audiophile and seeking a quality headset then Bose has something to offer for you. It is their Quiet Comfort 35 which is one of the best wireless headsets available.

As a glass wearer:

It can be the top choice for you given the comfort level it provides along with it being an amazing fit to your skull.

The materials in the ear cup are so delicate that you would feel like that of a pillow.


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The coolest part about this headset is:

The noise cancellation it provides. You would hear no sounds from the surroundings while gaming or listening to your favorite artists.

It is a plastic structure that makes it a light weighted headset. The design is simple yet good enough to not mess with your glasses.

You would also love to know:

The battery life of this wireless headphone is of 20 hours. This enables you to have a mammoth gaming session without disrupt.

The mixture of deep bass and exquisite treble levels makes the sound quality very unique and smooth. The overall balanced sound levels make this headset a treat for your ears.

The mic provided in this headset doesn’t complement its other features, still, it’s a good option to buy.

I would suggest you keep it in the list of best wireless gaming headsets for those who wear glasses like you; while making a buying decision.

  • »Lightweight
  • »Superb noise cancellation ability
  • »Ear Cups are tender soft
  • »Long battery life
  • »Excellent sound quality
  • »The mic isn’t of top quality
  • »Design and aesthetics are simple

7. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

Here I have another headset from Turtle Beach which is a budget headset. This is their Elite Atlas which is well-known as a mid-range gaming headset.

Being a new entrant in the market it is always difficult to have an edge over your competitors. Turtle Beach has done that successfully and their Elite Atlas is a great buy within a budget.


Check Today's Price of Turtle Beach Elite Atlas ➜➜

Buying this headset will cost you less than $100.

The minimalistic design that this headset has, may not give you that “gamey” vibe. But given the price tag it has, the black texture looks quite better than any flashy outlook.

This headset has to offer is the sublime comfort level, when you are wearing glasses while gaming. In the earcups you will get a glasses relief system which makes the headset compatible with glasses.

To be precise:

The design and structure are quite handy. It will do wonders for you as a budget gaming headset.

You might ask:

What about sound quality?

A very common trait of audiophiles is that they always look for options that provide clearest possible sound.

Surprisingly the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas does meet the demand. The sound might not be as crisp as that you may get in a high-end headset.

The output is decent enough for you as a gamer. You can feel the smoothness of gunshots, the clarity of footsteps at the utmost level.

The mic it has is also of a decent quality. It can be detached and is a good addition given to the price range.

  • »Not Expensive
  • »Comfortable with glasses
  • »Great sound quality
  • »No RBG or flashy aesthetics
  • »The USB connection isn’t possible

8. HyperX Cloud Stinger

Being a budget-oriented headset the HyperX Cloud Stinger is doing wonders.

The reason is the number of features it has to offer at such a low price tag.

This headset is predominantly made of plastic with a black texture all over it. The two earcups it has can be rotated by 90 degrees.


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There is a steel slider in the headset which helps in sizing to your comfort level.

Both the ear cups are padded up with delicate foams to ensure your comfort. The microphone is present there on the left earcup and it mutes itself when dragged upward.

This is something that you won’t find in most high-end headsets.

The audio levels are finely tuned keeping in mind that this designed for gamers. You will find the sound to be very clear while gaming and hear almost no sound in the background.

This headset doesn’t fancy much about aesthetics; the comfort it provides along with the superb performance makes it a great deal.

I would tell that it’s rare to find such headsets at this price. It’s a great option within a budget.

  • »Budget Headset
  • »Superb noise cancellation
  • »Mic is adjustable
  • »Good built quality
  • »The mic isn’t detachable
  • »Can get heated while extended gaming hours

9. Audio Technica AUD ATH-AD500X

If you are looking for a headset that fits rightly to your skull that too in an affordable price;

The Audio Technica AUD ATH-AD500X is here for you.

You would find that:

Most budget headphones come up with such a rigid construction that gamers often feel pressure around their head while gaming.


Check Today's Price of Audio Technica AUD ATH-AD500X ➜➜

The Audio Technica AUD ATH-AD500X is there to provide the comfort of the highest level. It is a superb glasses wearer’s headset if you consider the ease that it provides.

The earcups are padded up with soft-like fabrics. The headset is extremely light in weight also proves a point for such an ecstatic feeling of users.

About sound quality:

It is amazing. The crystal clear audio along with deep bass levels makes the output of headset much admirable.

It doesn’t matter whether you are into gaming or want to use headsets for other purposes. This headset is for all given the quality and the price it has.

I would suggest into to you consider this headset only if you are thinking of buying a decent budget headset.

  • »Comfortable to use
  • »Price isn’t high
  • »The clearness in audio levels
  • »Very light in weight
  • »Good for people with a large head
  • »Limited color availability

10. Onikuma K5-N Gaming Headset

It is a rarity that none of the above gaming headsets will be a choice as a glasses friendly headset.

If it happens, then the Onikuma Gaming headset can be the best alternative.

Onikuma as a brand isn’t that popular for its gadgets compared to the above ones we have discussed.


Check Today's Price of Onikuma K5-N ➜➜

The lineup of headsets from this brand is quite underrated given the performance they have to offer.

It is a decent looking headset that too within a price tag under $50. Therefore, if your budget is too short then the Onikuma K5-M is an option to choose.

This headset comes up with a mic that has noise cancellation capabilities. The 7.1 surround bass is also another additional feature it has to offer.

The bass levels that this headset has to offer are a bit on the heavy side. So, if you’re looking for such headsets then it’s a must buy.

Talking about comfort:

The earcups of this headphone are equipped with a soft leather-like material. Those leather-like cushions can be removed if you want it to.

The headband is decently padded up and the weight of the headset is also on the lighter side.

As a game enthusiast, you can buy this headset if you are too short of money. It is okay to be broke sometimes and in such a situation buying this headset can be a great alternative.

  • »Very cheap
  • »Decent microphone
  • »Sound quality is okay considering the price
  • »Comfort level not like mid-ranged headsets
  • »Not a well-known brand

11. OneOdio A70 Fusion

The Oneodio A70 fusion is an over-ear headphone that was designed to keep the comfort level in mind.

Now this is another alternative that you can choose to buy as your headset.

This the pads covering the earcups are soft enough to ensure your comfort; plus you will feel almost no pressure to your ears while using thing headset.


Check Today's Price of OneOdio A70 Fusion ➜➜

Want to know the best part?

This headphone is both wired and wireless. That means you can use it both as a Bluetooth headphone and also as a typically wired headphone when required.

About the battery life:

It is enough long-lasting. You can put it on charge once a day and then use it for the whole without any issues.

It might be not as good as that of higher-end models but whatever it has, the overall sound quality is decent enough.

It does a remarkable job in noise cancellation.

As a budget headphone it is a very good alternative given its unique feature of both wired and wireless options. I recommend you to buy this only if alternatives are your only choice.

  • »Inexpensive
  • »Sound quality is okay
  • »Large ear cups
  • »Both wired and wireless option available
  • »The mic isn’t of the best quality
  • »A bit bulky

How to Wear Glasses with Gaming Headsets?

This is a very big and troublesome issue for gamers who are glass wearers. Components of the headset might end up being an obstacle to your glasses.

You won’t compromise with your glasses; that isn’t a viable solution.

Well, I have a solution for you. You just need to follow the steps I mention in the solution very carefully.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to wear glasses with your gaming headsets.

  1. Try to wear glasses which have thinner frames
  2. Choose headsets with thicker ear paddings.
  3. Extend your headsets to lessen the pressure around your ears due to clamping; this enables you to wear glasses perfectly.

Buying Module: How to Select a Gaming Headsets for Glasses Wearers

Till now, you did get to know about the coolest gaming headsets made for the glasses wearing  people.

What about buying it?

Relax…I have compiled a complete guideline that will work as a buying module for you. This module consists of all the factors you should consider while making a buying decision

Here are those factors that you should consider to buy the desired gaming headset.

Comfortability of the headsets

You should use such a headset that ensures your comfort of the highest level. It is one of the most prominent factors to consider while buying the a suitable gaming headset.

You don’t want your headset to be the reason behind your headache. Right?

That’s why comfort level matters. Check what type of padding is provided on the earcups.

Along with that:

Ensure that the headband isn’t too rigid as it may cause an uneasy situation while gaming.

Wired/Wireless Connection

Before selecting your glasses friendly headset, do set your priorities regarding what you are looking for.

Whether you will opt for a wired headset or settle with a wireless option, is always a matter of consideration while buying.

There are both wired and wireless headphones available which are especially suited for glasses wearers. You need to choose what you prefer the most.

If you feel that wires might tangle with your glasses then go wireless options. If that is not the case, both options are open for you to choose from.

Cost of the Headset

Money can be an issue while buying the headset of your desire.

It can prove to be the most prominent one.

But you don’t have to worry about your budget. There are numerous headsets available in the market of different price ranges.

Like in the blog, I have mentioned about the best budget glasses wearer’s headset, you can choose to buy those.

There are a variety of options to choose from be it high end, mid-range or low-budget headphones.

Audio Quality of the Headset

You are adding a headset to your gaming setup because you want to feel the atmosphere while gaming.

You need a headset of the highest sound quality.

Gaming headsets come up with different levels of audio quality based on their market price.

Mostly the high-end headsets have the best sound quality that you can experience. Though the performance of a few budget and mid-ranged headsets are also remarkable.

Some people don’t like deep levels of bass or thick treble levels. If such is the case you should consider the specs and audio control levels of the headset.

The headset is all about hearing the sound. You need to choose wisely while buying a headset which will be comfortable with your glasses.

Battery life of the Headset

If you are a gamer who likes extended hours of gaming sessions, then you do need to consider the battery life of the headset while buying.

Most headsets come up with decent battery life ranging from 15-30 hours. If you are looking for extreme gaming options then it’s better to have the headset with the longest possible battery life.

Other than that, you can opt for a headset with decent battery life.

Final Thoughts

Being a gamer as well as a glass wearer you may think it’s tough to find the right headset for you. But no, it is quite easy as there various headsets of different brands that are designed especially for users like you.

In this article, I have compiled 11 best headsets for spectacles wearers based on few parameters and also included a buying module for your assistance

I hope that the guide helps you to buy the best headset for you. Still, if there is anything that is an issue to you, do let me know through comments.

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