6 Best Corsair Mousepads For Ultimate Gaming in [2022]

Written By Steven Arends

Cannot decide which Corsair mouse pad to buy?

Well, you have come to the right place. As a gamer who owns many mousepads, I will guide you through the top 5 best mousepads from Corsair.

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I understand that finding the best Corsair mouse pad can be a lot of confusion. So I have gathered the best gaming mousepads from Corsair after a lot of testing so that you get a first-hand idea.

After reading this post thoroughly, you will get a clear idea of the different mousepads and differentiate between them.

I will also summarize the benefits and the best mousepad to buy considering different aspects.

So let’s start the exploration.

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Top 6 Best Corsair Mousepads

1Corsair MM800 Polaris RGBBest RGB mousepad
2Corsair MM1000 Qi Wireless ChargingBest wireless charging mousepad
3Corsair MM500Best durable mousepad
4Corsair MM350Best extended mousepad
5Corsair MM300 ProBest medium size mousepad
6Corsair MM200Best affordable mousepad

If you’re thinking, whether owning a gaming mousepad will help you or not, trust me when I say it’s worth it. Gaming mousepads have finely tuned surfaces, keeping gaming mouse sensors like optical or laser sensors in mind.

As a result, they perform considerably better and give pixel-perfect precision compared to a standard mousepad.

They also possess some other helpful features which work together to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Hence, here is the list of the top 6 best Corsair mouse pads:

1.   Corsair MM800 Polaris

The Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB is the best RGB gaming mousepad you can buy.

Some of the key features of Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB:

  • large surface area
  • hard and low friction micro-textured surface
  • 15 zone customizable PWM RGB
  • a built-in USB pass-through port
  • nonslip rubber base
  • precision tracking

corsair-mm800-polarisCheck Today's Price of Corsair MM800 Polaris ➜➜

The Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB is finely curated for pro gamers with its unique feature sets. The build quality is excellent here. There is no place where it feels less durable or cheap.

The surface is micro-textured that allows for superior precision tracking. It is on the stiffer side, which is suitable both for durability and smooth movement. The low friction surface here also helps in the smooth mouse movement. The surface area is also large enough to have free mouse movement.

The surface is tuned specially for gaming mouse sensors, so you get the best out of your expensive gaming mouse. The base is made of rubber which provides enough grip for it to not slip during gameplay. The surface offers flexibility for all sorts of mouse grips and gameplays.

The attached cable is braided and feels extremely durable. The length of the cable is a standard 1.8m.

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Now let’s talk about RGB.

The RGB lighting in the Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB is jaw-dropping. It features 15 zone RGB PWM lighting. The 15 zones help you finely customize your RGB lighting, while the PWM technology allows for accurate color reproduction. You can control it via the iCUE software. You can have your Corsair mouse, keyboard, or other peripherals sync with the mousepad using this software.

There is also the facility of using the built-in USB passthrough that lets you connect your mouse or other peripherals. It is a very convenient feature in my opinion, which provides a lot of flexibility.

Overall, the Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB is one heck of a mousepad that delivers in all the key areas and goes beyond providing a premium gaming experience.

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  • »precise tracking
  • »smooth mouse movement
  • »large surface area
  • »durable
  • »great RGB implementation
  • »slightly on the pricier side

2.   Corsair MM1000 Qi

The Corsair MM1000 is one of the best Qi charging mousepads out there.

Top highlights of the Corsair MM1000:

  • Qi wireless charging enabled
  • USB passthrough with type-C and micro USB adapters
  • braided cable
  • micro-textured hard surface

corsair-mm1000-qiCheck Today's Price of Corsair MM1000 Qi ➜➜

The Corsair MM1000 does an excellent job of being a hub for charging devices. Industry-standard Qi wireless charging technology is present here. It works without a hiccup if you place your gadget over the coil.

Apart from that,

It also got ports and adapters for charging a whole array of devices. From micro USB to USB Type-C, you get all the adapters in the box.

Coming to the build quality, it is pretty sturdy and feels premium. I found no issues with the cables too. It’s all well made.

The surface is hard and micro-textured. The surface is tuned for all types of gaming mice, whether it’s laser or optical. Precision is excellent here. It gives an outstanding gaming experience for different kinds of gamers.

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The hard surface makes it not flex a lot which is quite good. However, it might not please everyone. I found it very comfortable.

The smoothness of the surface is also up to the mark. The mousepad has rubber padding below, making it grip very tightly with the surface it lies on.

Lastly, I would say that the Corsair MM1000 is a worthy purchase if you want a gaming mousepad that can also wirelessly charge your devices.

  • »durable
  • »convenient Qi wireless charging
  • »USB passthrough
  • »smooth surface for precise tracking
  • »the hard surface might not suit everyone

3.   Corsair MM500

If you are looking for a durable mousepad that can cover your whole desk, the Corsair MM500 would be an outstanding choice.

Top Features of the Corsair MM500:

  • mousepad with anti-fray cloth
  • extended 3XL size (48” x 24”)
  • enough room to cover the whole desk
  • surface texture optimized for optical and laser sensors
  • 3mm thick rubber with skid protection

corsair-mm500Check Today's Price of Corsair MM500 ➜➜

The Corsair MM500 has a massive surface of 48″ x 24″, making it cover the whole desk. This extended 3XL size allows you to put your keyboard, mouse, and even the monitor on the mousepad. It is a benefit that I like to have as it provides a uniform surface for all the stuff on my desk.

The mousepad itself is made of anti-fray cloth. It is pretty durable and won’t wear out quickly over time. The surface is optimized for the flagship gaming mice, giving you a superb gaming experience with laser or optical gaming mice.

Coming to the performance,

The precision is top-notch, and the gliding is very smooth. It would be an excellent choice for FPS or MOBA players for its smooth drive and fast accuracy surface.

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The mousepad is relatively thick, 3mm, to be precise. It helps you to smooth out uneven surfaces. The grip is also there, and it doesn’t move around while having intense gameplay.

The Corsair MM500 is a top-of-the-line extended mousepad designed to keep durability and performance in mind in a nutshell.

  • »durable
  • »smooth surface
  • »high precision gaming mouse tracking
  • »none

4.   Corsair MM350

The Corsair MM350 is a smaller size version of the Corsair MM500.

Key highlights of the Corsair MM350:

  • anti-fray cloth mousepad
  • surface texture optimized for gaming sensors
  • 5mm thick plush rubber with anti-skid feature
  • extended XL size (36.6” x 15.7”)
  • enough room to keep keyboard, mouse, and other devices

corsair-mm350Check Today's Price of Corsair MM350 ➜➜

The Corsair MM350 shares some of the features with the Corsair MM500. For starters, you get the same anti-fray cloth that boasts durability. The precision stitched anti-fray edge helps the mousepad to last longer against rugged daily use.

Compared to the extended 3XL size of the Corsair MM500, this one comes at an extended XL size. The 36.6” x 15.7” surface gives you enough room to put your keyboard, mouse, and other gadgets over the mousepad. If you have a smaller desk, it can even cover the entire desk.

The cloth surface gives a smooth plain ground to operate your mouse. It pairs nicely with the top gaming mice. A surface like this will go a long way if you want to have an immersive FPS or MOBA gaming experience.

We’re not done here.

The precision is spot on with this mousepad. It gives pixel-perfect accuracy to the mouse so that you can get a perfect headshot.

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The mousepad is extra thick to smooth out uneven surfaces. The 5mm plush rubber helps in this aspect. The rubber also has an anti-skid texture so that it doesn’t move around during intense gaming.

The Corsair MM350 has a graphic design on it which is painted with wear-resistant dye so that it remains intact over months of use. It’s a personal choice whether one likes it or not. I don’t have any issues with it.

Both the Corsair MM350 and the Corsair MM500 offer almost the same benefits. So if you want to buy between them, the only deciding factor will be the size you want.

  • »large surface area
  • »smooth cloth surface
  • »thickness smooths out uneven surfaces
  • »some might not like the graphic design

5.   Corsair MM300 Pro

The Corsair MM300 Pro is a serious contender in the medium-sized mousepad segment.

Top highlights of the Corsair MM300 Pro:

  • spill-proof surface made of cloth
  • medium size (14.1″ x 11.8″)
  • micro woven texture
  • 3mm thick anti-skid rubber base
  • anti-fray stitch on the sides

corsair-mm300-proCheck Today's Price of Corsair MM300 Pro ➜➜

The Corsair MM300 Pro is a cloth mousepad that has a spill-proof coating. It doesn’t let any liquid or stain sustain the surface. The surface is micro weaved, which provides a dense plain to move your mouse.

The mouse is very smooth to glide and operate over this surface. The surface measures 14.1″ x 11.8″, which is a lot of room for using a mouse. It gives you more than enough free space to navigate the mouse with precision.

Anti-fray stitches protect the sides, which makes it a durable and long-lasting mousepad. The entire mousepad is 3mm thick with an anti-skid rubber base. The mousepad can’t move around while using the mousepad.

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The surface can be a little too short if you want to place your keyboard too. So, if you’re going to put in keyboards or other gadgets, I would recommend going for the models mentioned above.

The multicolor design is one of the most fantastic mousepad designs I have seen. Whether it’s gaming performance and precision, everything is spot on here.

If you are looking for a medium-sized mousepad for your gaming mouse, the Corsair MM300 Pro is the one to get.

  • »precise tracking
  • »nice-looking
  • »durable
  • »not enough space for both keyboard and mouse

6.   Corsair MM200

The Corsair MM200 is a high-performance cloth mousepad that offers precise control for your mouse.

Some key features of the Corsair MM200:

  • cloth mousepad
  • 3mm thickness
  • surface texture optimized for gaming mice
  • extended size (36.6″ x 11.8″)
  • anti-skid base

corsair-mm200Check Today's Price of Corsair MM200 ➜➜

The mousepad has a solid construction and doesn’t feel flimsy. The cloth is nicely woven so that it lasts longer.

Corsair highly optimized the surface texture for the different types of gaming sensors. Whether it’s an optical sensor or a laser one, the mousepad will surely make a difference while gaming.

It will offer precise tracking with a low friction surface that will help you to get a smooth and accurate FPS gameplay.

The extended size of the Corsair MM200 helps you keep both the keyboard and mouse on top. It gives a uniformly smooth surface to rest your palm and use the input devices with ease. The 36.6″ x 11.8″ surface will provide you with ample room to keep the keyboard and the mouse.

The design is also modern with a black color and yellow stripes, which gives it an aggressive vibe.

The mousepad is 3mm thick, and it helps to smooth out uneven surfaces of your desk. The base is also anti-skid, so it doesn’t move around like some other basic mousepads while gaming.

Overall, the Corsair MM200 is a pretty solid choice for anyone looking to get into the gaming mousepad area.

  • »affordable
  • »anti-skid base
  • »high precision
  • »none

Final Thoughts

So which Corsair gaming mouse pad attracts you?

I find the Corsair MM500 compelling due to its extended 3XL size and high precision tracking surface. It makes for an excellent mat that I can put over my whole tabletop and enjoy a fantastic gaming experience.

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