Best 3600 MHz RAMs : 7 Options Tested & Reviewed [2022]

Written By Steven Arends

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Most gamers have a thing for RAMs with higher frequency. Even if it doesn’t contribute much, some will still go for higher MHz.

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Or take your time to go through my entire review.

Not every module out there is competent enough.

So, In this post, I came up with the seven best RAMs under the 3600 MHz category for making your job easy.

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Best 3600 MHz RAM Reviewed

1Corsair Dominator Platinum RGBOverall Best
2G.Skill Trident Z NeoRunner-Up
3Thermaltake Tough Ram RGBBest budget RGB
4Crucial Ballistix RGBBest budget

A top-end gaming rig is incomplete without a high-end RAM module. With this view, I have compiled some of the best RAM kits considering different aspects.

All you need to do is, set your priorities right and choose the option that fits your needs.

I won’t waste your time, so let’s get this straight.

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Here are the seven best 3600 MHz RAMs kits for your gaming build:

1. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

When it comes to gaming RAMs, Corsair is one of the top brands to go for. The Dominator Platinum RGB from them is one of their flagship products.

This model comes with the following specs:

  • Capacity: 16 GB
  • CAS Latency of 18
  • Dual-Channel DHX cooling technology

corsair-dominator-platinum-rgbCheck Today's Price of Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB ➜➜

This memory module comes with a blackish stealth-like texture with a sleek design. Such design will attract any gamer with good taste in aesthetics.

Also, the patented DHX cooling technology it possesses makes it a formidable option.

Now, the version of the RAM I am talking about comes in two modules. Each of these modules possesses 12 ultra-bright LEDs. And to control them, the iCUE software is there from Corsair.

You’ll be able to control and customize the lighting. And also be able to gain some stunning lighting effects by setting up different presets.

The best part about its lighting is that it uses the Capellix LED package, one of the prime reasons behind such a great glow.

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Apart from such gorgeous lighting schemes, this RAM kit has much to offer. Especially if you are into overclocking, this RAM can be the right choice.

I tested it on my Ryzen 3800xt, and it fared well. You can breach the rated 3600 MHz with ease and reach beyond 4000 MHz without any complications.

But the problem with this RAM module might prove to be its price. It’s high-end, so the price is also on the higher side. Also, few clearance issues may occur due to its tall size.

However, let’s take nothing away from this memory kit. With great RGB implementation and top-notch overclocking performance, this is undoubtedly one of the best 3600 MHz gaming RAM out there.

2. G.Skill Trident Z Neo

The second best RAM I have tested is the Trident Z Neo from G.Skill. It is one hell of a kit and is suitable enough to meet all sorts of gaming needs.

This model attributes the following specs:

  • Capacity: 16 GB
  • CAS Latency of 18
  • 8-zone RGB lighting

gskill-trident-z-neoCheck Today's Price of G.Skill Trident Z Neo ➜➜

This RAM is a great choice, especially for the Ryzen builds. Coming with a dual-tone design, there is a lot to talk about this memory kit’s aesthetics.

In my opinion, this RAM kit is eye-candy, thanks mostly to its tri-fin design. Don’t forget to check out some of the best 3200 MHz RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

The best part is the edges of the modules, which have a sports car-like theme and stripes. This stripe-like theme looks absolutely stunning.

As for RGB lighting, the RAM has eight different zones. You can customize the lighting in these zones using the Trident software. When I did it, I felt that the software was easy to use and quite responsive. After customisation, the lighting scheme that I observed looked mesmerising.

Performance-wise, this RAM from G.Skill is awesome. Though it is rated 3600 MHz, you will be able to go beyond it. I myself clocked 4100 MHz, which speaks a lot about this RAM’s performance.

Overall, for enthusiast-class performance and top-notch RGB implementation, this 3600 MHz RAM is worth buying.

3. Thermaltake Toughram RGB

If you are looking for an affordable RGB memory kit, this model from Thermaltake can be a good option for you.

This DDR4 memory comes with some fantastic specs:

  • 8 million RGB colors
  • 10-layered PCB
  • Limited lifetime warranty

thermaltake-toughram-rgb-ddr4Check Today's Price of Thermaltake Toughram RGB ➜➜

To tell you the truth, you can’t find a better 3600 MHz RGB RAM than this.

The RAM possesses five different RGB lighting zones along with a total of 10 addressable LEDs.

In these zones, through any RGB software, you can customize the LEDs using a pool of 16.8 million colors. Check out some of the best 2666 MHz RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

Isn’t that incredible?

Apart from the lighting, this kit also offers the utmost stability to the system. The ten-layer PCB construction helps to provide the stabilization any gamer would want.

Now, if you want to go overclocking, this RAM is a good option. In my testing, it clocked decent speeds. However, I won’t suggest you try tweaking at extreme levels with this kit. There might be few complications involved.

Other than this, as a 3600 MHz DDR4 kit, it’s an outstanding prospect.

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4. Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

This is the second RAM from Corsair that made it to my list. It is their vengeance RGB Pro, which is one of their top products.

This model from Corsair comes with the following specs:

  • Capacity: 16 GB
  • CAS Latency of 18
  • Wire-free design

corsair-vengeance-rgb-proCheck Today's Price of Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro ➜➜

This RAM kit is well known for its top-notch RGB lighting. As a DDR4 memory kit, it offers everything that any top-end gaming build would require.

My first impression of this RAM module was that it would only emphasize the lighting and aesthetics. And why wouldn’t it be?

It has a nice blackish texture, which looks sleek. Also, the subtle implementation of RGB lighting is top-notch. Don’t forget to check out some of the best 3000 MHz RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

A total of 10 RGB LEDs are there that provide vibrant lighting full of crisp. You can customize these LEDs using the Corsair iCUE software the way you want using a vast pool of patterns.

Now, if its performance and aesthetics are compared side-by-side, I would say they complement each other very well. I tried it on my Intel build and clocked over the rated speed quite quickly. The system was stable during this process, with no issues of ripple.

Besides, the wire-free design will enable a hassle-free installation.

To sum up, if you want the finest combination of aesthetics and performance, this RAM is a top buy.

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5. Crucial Ballistix RGB

As a budget option, the Crucial Ballistix RGB is worthy of the money willing to spend.

This model attributes the following specs:

  • Capacity: 16 GB
  • CAS Latency of 16
  • 8-RGB zones on each module

crucial-ballistix-rgb-ddr4-ramCheck Today's Price of Crucial Ballistix RGB ➜➜

For gamers and enthusiasts, who are short of budget, this RAM module is an excellent choice. It is a package in which you will find almost everything. Aluminum-made heat-spreaders look top-tier. That said, the reddish texture all over is pretty unique.

Also, nothing to worry about the build quality. Like other RAM kits from the same brand, it’s robust enough.

Now, there isn’t much to fancy about the RGB. There is a discreet light bar on the top of the modules. Also, you will have the option of your own 3D printed custom light bar.

Each of the modules comes up with 16 LEDs divided into eight lighting zones. These zones show some of the bold lighting effects. Don’t forget to check out some of the best 4000 MHz RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

As for performance, you can quickly push this memory kit beyond its limits. Especially in the case of overclocking, its performance is commendable. It provides tremendous overclocking headroom.

Overall, all I can say about this RAM is that it comes with an affordable tag good performance.

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6. Corsair Dominator Platinum

For any type of gaming build, the Corsair Dominator Platinum is the most suitable memory kit to get the best out of it.

That said, this DDR4 RAM comes up with the following specifications:

  • Capacity: 16 GB
  • DHX cooling technology
  • Specialized for Intel 100 series

corsair-dominator-platinumCheck Today's Price of Corsair Dominator Platinum ➜➜

This is the third 3600 MHz RAM from Corsair that has made it to my list. You may ask why?

It’s simple. Not many brands out there in the market are as reliable as Corsair. This DDR4 kit is primarily one of their flagship products that have gathered immense popularity among the gaming community. The design of this RAM kit isn’t that extravagant. The heat spreaders look simplistic, lovely nice blackish accents.

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Now, let’s talk business.

In my testing, the RAM proved to be potent enough for high-end gaming. Especially for overclocking, this RAM module is very well suited. I bet, breaching the rated speed won’t be that challenging task for you.

Overall, a perfect good DDR4 RAM kit from Corsair would nicely fit in your gaming rig. Check out some of the best 4400 MHz RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

7. Adata XPG Spectrix D60G

This is my last recommendation for DDR4 3600 MHz memory modules and, yet it’s one of the best looking that made it to my list.

This model from Adata has the following specs:

  • Capacity: 16 GB
  • CAS Latency of 18
  • Limited lifetime warranty

xpg-ddr4-d60gCheck Today's Price of Adata XPG Spectrix D60G ➜➜

What makes this RAM better is its extended RGB lighting surface. This surface comes with a diamond-cut design, which plays a very big part in the diffusion of the lights.

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The dual RGB heatsink is the unique element of this RAM kit as it will allow a sheer amount of customization, enabling the glow to spread all over the rig.

As for the performance, my testing showed that it could fare up well in any kind of high-end rig. For overclocking, I would say that there is decent headroom. You can push it to limits with no issues.

Overall, the kit might seem a bit pricey, still a terrific bargain. Don’t forget to check out some of the best 4800 MHz RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

So. for DDR4 RAMs under the 3600 MHz category, these are the best ones you can find. In this comprehensive list that I have prepared, you’ll find memory kits of every type. Just your job is to get it right about what your gaming rig actually needs.

Therefore, that’s all for me. If you have any queries, do drop those in the comments.

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