[Latest Version 2023] Download Asuswrt Merlin in 1 Click

Written By Steven Arends

The Asus wrt Merlin is a third-party firmware developed for enhancing the AsusWRT firmware features. The developers made Merlin firmware to use on all current Asus routers. The firmware’s primary goal is to provide improved performance and a better user experience for the consumers.

I have used the Asuswrt Merlin firmware, and I have found it to be quite useful. You can have the best performances from your Asus routers with the help of the Merlin firmware.

Keep reading, As this page is all about providing you with the direct one-click link for Downloading asuswrt merlin on PC. Additionally, you will get a quick user guide to help you utilize the firmware.

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What is Asuswrt Merlin?

Asus wrt Merlin is a third-party app that is an alternative for the AsusWRT firmware. The firmware works on all the current routers of Asus. The goal of the Merlin firmware is to enhance the features of the AsusWRT firmware. Download Fan Xpert 4 to customize and monitor the aspects of your fans very smoothly.

Some of the features of Asuswrt Merlin includes:

  • Bugfixes
  • Performance Optimizations
  • User scripts
  • TLS support for FTP servers
  • Allow or disable FTP servers
  • Usage of shorter share names
  • Performance improvements
  • Enhanced traffic monitoring
  • Wireless site survey
  • LED control

Download Asus wrt Merlin Firmware for Windows


Download Asuswrt Merlin All Models ➜➜

All the file/s mentioned above are hosted on ASUS’S server. We don’t host or modify any file whatsoever. Asus Merlin is the proprietary software of Asus.
Name Asuswrt-Merlin
Latest Version RT-AX58U 384.18
Compatibility Windows 10/8/7

How to install Asuswrt- Merlin firmware

The Firmware contains all of the past aspects of the original firmware from Asus. Also, it improves the quality usage of the firmware itself. You can easily use the Merlin firmware to have new and improved features.

While the Asus wrt-Merlin contains new features, It also has an improved portion of the original firmware aspects. Many bug fixes, system improvements, and networking improvements are in the Asus-merlin firmware. Check out how to Download Ai Suite to integrate several ASUS utilities together.

There are fixes on the networking and system-related issues on the Merlin firmware. These caused problems or errors on the Asus WRT. The improved features on the firmware help you to have an enhanced performance from your router.

Here are the steps to install Asus Merlin:

  1. Click the download link given above.
  2. Download and extract the file.
  3. Move the file to the desired location.
  4. Open the Router homepage.
  5. Click on the Administration options.
  6. Click on the Firmware upgrade options.
  7. Choose the file to replace the previous firmware.
  8. Connect and restart your router.

You can easily use the firmware after installing it properly. Follow the steps to ensure the correct installation of your firmware.

How to use Asuswrt- Merlin Firmware

Asus wrt-Merlin has a unique set of features that makes it worth the try. The features of the firmware help you to have enhanced performance on your router. Except for the new parts, The firmware also contains the previous aspects of the original firmware.

The Asus-wrt- merlin is very easy to use and an efficient way to ensure your router’s performance.

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Here are the steps to use Asus wrt Merlin software:

  1. Select the VPN options to control VPN settings. Control VPN clients by choosing the clients quickly. You can select the clients who will have access to the VPN server.
  2. Analyze your network traffic by clicking on the traffic analyzer options. You can monitor and disable unknown trafficking of your network.
  3. Click the Aiprotection to set up Aiprotection. Start from the network protection and enable Aiprotection to make it work. Run the scan and allow other useful features of the firmware.
  4. Click on the user scripts and set up the custom settings. Go to the custom firewall settings and put a custom firewall. Custom the port forwarding rules if necessary as well.
  5. Use the Cron jobs to have scheduled customizations. You can go through the Cron jobs from the settings to enable custom LED lights and custom-designed reboots of the router. You can also have random passwords for guest wifi.

Why use the Asus-Merlin firmware?

The purpose of the merlin firmware is to provide enhanced performances of the original firmware. It can benefit you by giving improved quality services for your network setup and a better experience from the firmware regarding your router’s network and system management.

The firmware allows you new features that will help you have a better performance. You can manage your network and system setting with the firmware. The management of components, as well as new additions of aspects, are effortless to conduct.

You may ask:

Does the Asus Merlin run on All current Asus routers?

Yes, The Asus Merlin runs on all the current routers of Asus. You can easily install and run the firmware for your Asus routers. There will be no problem with connections or any other side.

The Merlin firmware helps you to custom your VPN settings and clients. You can change and maintain the clients using your VPN to ensure adequate data roaming. Download MSI Afterburner to easily manage your CPU settings and change different aspects like fan speed, voltage output, overclocking, auto-tuning, memory clock, etc.

The Aiprotection can help you with setting up the protection of your network. Also, the Configurable firewall is a useful thing to have in the firmware. You can monitor your network traffic with the help of Asus-merlin and disable any unnecessary data usage.

I have used the firmware for a certain amount of time, and I have been pleased with its features. It is firmware worth using for better performance and experience. The new and improved aspects backed up by the last parts make it suitable firmware.

Is Asus Merlin safe to use?

The firmware designed to enhance the performances and add new aspects to the previous firmware. It is mainly firmware used to control your router and does not require any data. So it is safe to use.

The firmware has no malware-related problems. Your PC will be safe from any malware-related issues. And, it does not have any requirements which will hamper your data or PC. Download TT RGB Plus Software to manage the lighting modes, track CPU temperature, & sync lights with in-game actions.

I used the firmware for a hefty amount of time. I can confirm that Asuswrt is very secure to use. You can download and use the app without hesitation.

Final Thoughts

The software to enhance your system and network interface and experience. It has an excellent improved list of features which help you with the efficiency you want.

The firmware helps you with many aspects, which are a good addition for you. The custom reboot and LED lighting settings enable you to fulfill your visual aesthetics. The Custom features are an exemplary aspect of the firmware.

The Aiprotection and custom firewall help you with the overall protection of your network. Also, the user scripts and Cron jobs are helpful to set up and manage your firmware.

Since the firmware is compatible with all the current Asus routers, it is easy for you to choose your router quickly. The firmware also provides safe and secure usage, which makes it safe.

I have used this firmware and found it to be beneficial and efficient. I would suggest the merlin software for any consumer to use with their Asus routers.

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